Top Marketo Marketing Automation Features Users Love

Launched in 2006, Marketo has already emerged as one of the most preferred marketing automation platforms in the world. It is especially popular with players in the B2B space due to its ability to simplify the process of marketing by streamlining the numerous tasks related to marketing that result in the improvement of efficiency and boosts the business’s ability to generate more sales revenue. Adding to its already considerable attraction is Marketo’s flexibility and sophistication that enables its users to do whatever they want and achieve really outstanding results. Marketo has the capability of being scaled up to grow with the changing needs of the business. According to, a dedicated content marketing network is the heart of all marketing campaigns conducted over various online channels, including the web and email. Beyond just marketing automation, Marketo can be very effectively used in other areas of marketing such as marketing management and marketing of customer engagement. Helping it to win many more fans is its 550-partner LaunchPoint ecosystem that facilitates integration with other SaaS providers. There are so many features that most users are not familiar with most of them. Some of the more advanced capabilities are:

Robust Mobile Tools 

The growing penetration and rapidly changing trends of mobile usage have spurred Marketo to introduce a new set of mobile features that can assist modern marketers to stay on top of customer preferences. Typically, marketers nowadays use more than just one device to reach out to customers. This makes it necessary for campaign assets created within the Marketo environment to be optimized for mobile devices. While communication can extend to SMS, the application can be accessed on a variety of devices, including mobile and tablets. Marketo Moments, an app available on both android and iOS serves as a brilliant example of Marketo’s mobile competency that can act to replace the confusion created by mail messaging and obtaining an overall view of the campaigns as they are implemented.

Precision A/B Email Testing

The capability of conducting detailed A/B testing on different parts of marketing emails is generally considered as one of the most useful Marketo features. According to experts, Marketo allows testing of several subject lines, the “from” address of the email, and even the date and time of sending the email. It is possible to perform tests on the full versions of the email communication and discover which mail variant or combination achieves more success with your target audience. This kind of testing is known to have a significant impact on the efficacy of marketing campaigns and help marketers to improve the results and drive ROI. The time of transmission of the mail can be a critical factor when a business has a global footprint as the best results are usually obtained when the recipient is awake and active. Emails that are sent too soon usually get buried under a mountain of other messages and can be easily ignored. Marketo allows recipient segmentation by geographical location so that the emails can be sent at the most optimum times. While ‘flight” segmentation, as the technique is called, is not unique to Marketo; the platform makes it very simple to undertake the process of lead segmentation, and perform the tagging of the locations. With this feature, marketers no longer have to create separate campaigns for each of the time zones they want to address emails.

Power-Packed Engagement Engine 

Using the engagement engine that is built within the Marketo platform, Marketo users can learn the behavior of the prospect by observing what the prospect is doing. If a customer is not engaging to the desired extent, the frequency of the communication addressed to him can be increased. You could also create a specific campaign that is intended to address customers operating in a particular industry or have the same sort of personas that have been identified from within the stream. The good thing is that Marketo allows multiple engagement programs to work simultaneously which gives marketers the flexibility to move potential customers to a different stream so that he can be delivered better or more relevant content. Since it is normal for the typical B2B Marketo customer to have hundreds of thousands of leads in the system at any given point in time with long campaigns often extending to beyond a year, the absence of the system with the right capability can lead to campaigns going off-track in a very big way. Marketo’s Engagement Engine ensures that your marketing campaigns are managed well for optimal results.

Micro Targeting of Website Visitors

Among the biggest advantages of using Marketo is that it permits businesses the opportunity to personalize their websites based on factors like user location, user experience, and special promotions. This delivers the kind of custom experience that discerning customers have come to expect from online marketers. According to marketing experts, this also boils down to the fact that it is possible to reduce the inefficiency of targeting customers the traditional way and ensure that you are addressing your target audience with messages that customize the user experience at the level of the individual user, also referred to as micro-targeting. Marketo creates cookies to track the actions of online users to gather information constantly to help build customer profiles that are current and active. By doing this, they can address very specific target audiences, down to the individual level exclusively.

Smart Lists 

Marketo’s Smart Lists feature is designed to assist marketers to discover groups within the target audience that are using filters so that they can very easily develop programs based on the persona or other individual attributes for managing even very complex campaigns easily. Large users of Marketo have appreciated that even if huge prospecting campaigns are being conducted, the Marketo platform makes it very easy to build and run email campaigns; the level of experience is superior to other marketing platforms. It is even possible to export a Smart List and email it to partners who are not Marketo users.


Even though the features of Marketo are extremely advanced and using it is usually a dream come true for online marketing managers, they also need to figure out whether it suits their kind of organization or even the industry. Since Marketo is not exactly cheap, it can help to do some reading of the reviews or even ask a consultant to evaluate your requirements and suggest the best option.

Apple iPad Review

The much-awaited sequel to the phenomenal and market-defining device – iPad – has finally made its way to the shelves. But is the hue and cry about the iPad worth? Let us find out in this latest review of the device.


The iPad is almost identical to its predecessor in both the software and hardware front. It seems Apple didn’t think it to be wise to alter the dimensions of the iPad follow-up Myhrconnectionand the result is that the iPad measures 9.7 inches in thickness and sports 1024 x 768 display. Among the numerous cosmetic changes that the iPad exhibits, the dual-core A5 processor, expanded memory, and new camera pair are the more noticeable changes on the hardware front. The iPad does not seem to promise huge turnovers like that by its predecessor. But one thing is for sure that users will be stunned at its thin profile, sleek design, and blazing speed.


To state that Apple has not cast a keen eye on the hardware specs of the iPad will not be entirely accurate. The sleek computer hardware and the sexy look owing to the tapered edges are the two most selling points in the iPad. As compared to the half-an-inch thick iPad, the iPad is merely 0.34 inches thick. It is not only shorter than the iPad but also is less extensive (7.3 inches) than the 7.47-inch full iPad. If the results for ‘the thinnest Apple device’ used to be the iPhone 4 than the iPad will change the scene. Well, the sleek design and thin profile of the iPad is quite commendable, considering the amount of stuff packed inside. Besides, as compared to the one-and-half pounds weighing iPad, the iPad weighs just 1.33 pounds (1.34 – 1.35 pounds in case of 3G versions).

What does not change in the iPad is the smooth aluminum back cover (slightly quieter this time). Also, the front of iPad is all screen, like the previous version, but less broad.


The A4 processor of the iPad has been replaced with the dual-core 1GHz processor named as A5 processor. What is disappointing is the 512RAM in the device. Well, at least 1GB RAM should have been offered with a tool if such magnificence.


The 9.7-inch display with IPS technology and 1024 x 768 pixels resolution in the iPad seems like a story retold. An upgrade to the decision on the iPad was highly expected. However, the display is flawless as far as color balance is concerned.


The iPad comes in three variants: WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n) only version, Verizon 3G variant, and AT&T/GSM version. The iPad comes equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and the 3G versions sport an AGPS chip. All three models wear the brand new 3-axis gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer and light sensor.


With the relocation of the single speaker to the back on iPad, the audio quality seems to have improved. Although substantial work has been done to make the sound quieter and more precise, with apps such as GarageBand, a good pair of headphones is a must.


The A5 processor with a clocking speed of 800MHz makes the iPad incredibly fast. The performance of the processor, as well as GPU, remained intact irrespective of how intensive the run programs were.

Battery life

Well, this is one area where the promises made by Apple are sound. The iPad maintains the kind of battery longevity found in the previous version or any other Apple devices despite the reduction in size. The iPad does not ask for the juice to three days of heavy use. This means that you need not bother about the battery of the iPad running out for at least three days Pubg pceven when the WiFi or 3G is on or during Web browsing, video shoot, and continuous audio playback. The iPad delivers above 10 hours of constant playback.


It seems Apple did not work as much on this front. The iPad was expected to have high-end sensors. There is no tangible difference between the camera of an iPod Touch and that of the iPad. The iPad sports an HD lens at the back and a front-facing VGA camera. Both these cameras fail miserably when it comes to still shots. The iPad will have a tough time against its competitor Motorola XOOM in terms of camera performance. The FaceTime app and Photo Booth are the only saving grace on this front.


In keeping with the tradition of launching every new Apple device with an iOS update, the iPad is based on iOS 4.3, which can be considered a little upgrade over its predecessor iPad with iOS 4.2. What this update promise is a better and faster browsing experience. Thanks to the debut-making Nitro JavaScript engine that the iPad offers an applauding performance of the iOS browser backed up by incredible speed. The iPad offers the same level of fluidity as well as the rate concerning browsing, as would have been found on your desktop PC. But Apple didn’t take care of the absence of Flash even on the iPad. As more and more sites utilize HTML5 for video elements, the accommodation of Flash into iPad would have been a welcome change.


With a slightly different layout, the FaceTime app on iPad delivers more or less the same result as on an iPhone or iPod touch 4G. Also, the presence of a WiFi connection is still mandatory here.


AirPlay on iPad is compatible with many more apps. Users will be in a position to stream any H.264 videos from any website.

Other multimedia

Apps such as the GarageBand and the iMovie bring in unmatched multimedia capabilities to the iPad. The iMovie enables the users to chop video clips and add spotlight effect. The only drawback of this app is that it does not allow adding texts. The GarageBand vumoo, on the other hand, presents a recording studio with numerous musical instruments such as the guitar, the piano, and the likes. Playing the devices such as the drums and keyboard is as easy as a soft touch on the tablet or a hard finger press. The exceptional built-in microphone in iPad offers rich acoustic sounds, and the A5 processor offers a seamless recording experience.


For people crazy about enjoying their videos and photos on the bigger screen, Apple iPad has the HDMI Dongle to offer at $39. The HDMI dongle enables you to plug in the iPad to the HDTV.

Smart Covers protect the screen of the iPad in a ‘smart’ way. Priced at $39 for polyurethane variety and $69 for leather variety, the Smart Covers are little flaps that come with a set of magnets that saves the iPad from the ugly look of wrap-around or hooks or straps. These Smart Covers fold up in the desired way to make a stand for your iPad.


At the same price that of the previous iPad, the iPad has little new to offer. So, if your iPad is just a year or two old, then there is no substantial reason that you should upgrade to the new iPad for its sleek design, slimmer profile, and faster apps. And if you haven’t yet owned one, you can surely go for the iPad starting at $499.

Problems Plaguing The Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone is, no doubt, a great invention. It is one of the most versatile, feature-rich phone, and its vast sales is testimony to the fact. However, the wonder device is not without problems. Several iPhone users have been complaining about issues they have experienced with their iPhones.

If Apple wants to save its reputation, it must take care of the problems plaguing the iPhone.


Antenna Reception Problem

The Apple iPhone suffers from antenna problems. The iPhone has an external metal antenna around it. The purpose of the external antenna was to improve the signal strength of the phone. However, it seems to be doing the opposite. When the iPhone is held in the left-hand gogoanime, with the fingers touching the gap in the antenna band, signal strength reduces. This problem occurs when the finger makes contact with certain parts of the antenna band. When the phone is held in the right hand, the problem ceases to exist, and the signal strength remained constant.

This is a rather strange problem. As the signal strength affects call quality, it is essential to take care of this problem and get it fixed through a firmware update.


Signal Bar Glitch

With reports of the antenna reception problem pouring in from all quarters, the signal bar glitch is a slightly awkward confession made by Apple. According to Apple, the drop in signal strength represented by reducing signal bars is a software glitch and not an actual problem. The formula used for expressing the number of signal bars was incorrect, and that was the root cause of the problem. This is rather strange as it is difficult to understand how Apple programmers messed up this simple thing.


Screen Issues

The iPhone screen has been giving a lot of trouble to users. Several users have complained that the screen often gets frozen and refuses to respond to touch. Sometimes only a specific part of the screen-either the top or the bottom-becomes unresponsive. Often users also find some yellowish spots appearing on the screen.

 Power Button Not Working

The iPhone Power button often becomes non-functional. Even if the button is pressed hard, it refuses to work.

For some users, this problem occurred after they dropped their iPhone. There wasn’t any problem with the button itself, as the click sound of the switch could be heard on pressing it, but it did not manage to turn the iPhone on or off.

 Glass Vulnerability

The glass casing over the iPhone is something that makes the device highly vulnerable. It is susceptible to scratching and breakage spydialer. Although Apple had claimed that the glass used was chemically treated to make it stronger and harder. However, there have been too many users who have broken the glass after dropping their phones.

 Proximity Sensor Problem

The iPhone comes with a proximity sensor that detects when the phone is held close to the ear. The purpose of this sensor is to shut off the screen when the iPhone is being used to make or receive a call. This prevents you from accidentally selecting any option that could disrupt the call. However, users complain that the proximity sensor is malfunctioning, and it often drops calls or dials numbers when users are in the middle of a conversation.

Alarm Not Working

The alarm is a useful and straightforward function on any phone. Surprisingly, Apple seemed to have messed up the alarm functioning too. Users who entirely depended on the alarm to wake them up found themselves in an embarrassing situation where they were unable to meet their commitments or perform their pre-scheduled tasks.

 Camera Trouble

The iPhone camera has also been giving users a lot of trouble. It has been found that the screen goes black when the camera is clicked, and after that, the Apple logo appears on the screen. It is only when the power button is held for some time that the unlock screen appears.

It is also seen that after clicking pictures, the images do not get saved in the camera roll. Instead of the film, a gray outlined box appears I place of the picture. On clicking on that picture, the program crashes and brings up the home screen.

The worst part is that FaceTime is not functioning correctly for some users. This is a severe issue as FaceTime is a prime feature of the iPhone 4. If it causes problems, Apple’s reputation is sure to go for a toss. Users complained that the photos of the caller or receiver often do not appear during video calling.


Email Problems

Email problems are not uncommon in the iPhone. It is often seen that users face trouble in syncing their emails with their iPhones. Also, users are often unable to send or receive emails, which creates a lot of unnecessary problems. Sometimes when a new mail enters the inbox, the mailbox freezes. As a result, users cannot check their letters.

 Dictionary Problem

The autocorrect option that corrects the spellings of words while you type text messages is high. However, there could be times when you want to use some slang or naughty words. The iPhone often ends up correcting those words to the wrong terms. Thus, the iPhone dictionary is a little averse to accepting new terms.

 Battery Issues

The iPhone has impoverished battery life. Even with moderate usage of the phone, the battery power seems to drain very quickly. Now, this can get rather annoying as you would require charging the phone oftener.

If you use the WiFi, Bluetooth, or 3G often, be prepared to lose battery power game Pubg pc. Turning these off when not required can help save some battery power.

WiFi Concerns

Complaints regarding the iPhone’s WiFi not working correctly has been received from all corners. Some users had problems connecting to the WiFi network while others had trouble retaining the system.

This problem mainly occurs due to the inability of the device to locate a WiFi network close by or due to the weak signal strength. Henceforth keeping these things at the back of your mind may help you to get a resolution if you any iPhone issues.


iPhone problems, problems in iPhone, challenges plaguing the iPhone,


Have you ever received a call that displays a strange number with all zeros in it? Do you really know the meaning of a phone call from 0000000000?

Do you hear some eerie noise coming from the other end or do you actually hear the voice of a human being? Well to solve this strange mystery we have come up with a lot of answers. 


If there are some disturbing or eerie noises coming from the other end of the call, then it can be assured that there is some network or communication problem. But in case if you hear some human voice or if someone answers you call, then this can be a problematic and mysterious issue.

This blog is going to be all about what does incoming calls from number 0000000000 means. 


 The telephone number 000 000 0000 is considered to be a mysterious number. Although we have got no proof about it, many people have been claiming that they have been receiving a call from 000-000-0000.

Few of them have even claimed that these calls were generated by some spirits or ghosts.

Often it is believed that a missed call from all zeros has something to do with paranormal activities. They believe that some metaphysical energy is responsible for making the phone call.

While some of the psychics say that the network towers are responsible for directing these calls to our phones from some otherworld. 

The phone call from 0000000000 is a live electronic phenomenon through which the spirits try to communicate with their beloved and loved ones.

In some cases, these calls might be directed to the person who had tried to harm that spirit or the ghost. Through this phone call, the spirit might want to convey his vengeful anger towards that person who harmed him. 

There are also many cases where you do not hear any voice from the call. This means that there is some glitch in the communication system. Sometimes these calls can be generated through internet-based calls and also by some smartphone apps. Sometimes the calls can be encrypted and connected by the government, corporations or by some dangerous hackers.

These hackers come in the way of your personal life and get information about you through phone number all zeros. 

Are the phone calls coming from all zero number ghostly?

It’s a very important question that arises in our mind. Are the spirits able to manipulate electronic devices? Are they able to reach back through the fabric of space and time from wherever they are right now, to influence the communication system through phone calls? 

It seems very fantastic because a call coming from a ghost is not a common one. Researchers who have researched on this topic have determined that these calls usually occur during the next 24 hours when someone dies.

But there are cases when the calls have been received even after or within the two years of someone’s death. This call is usually filled with heavy statics and the caller’s voice is faint as if he is talking from far away. 

The mystery of phone call from 0000000000 can indeed be ghostly. The paranormal Defense agency widely believes that this number means a call coming from some other world or dimension. This is often believed to have contact with otherworldly aliens, ghosts and spirits. 

However, according to the belief of some psychics, seers and mystics, the internet and the telephone towers are responsible for making these calls more rapid. From the beginning of the time, our network has been always connected to our eternity and our future. 

But if you are a person who does not believe in ghosts, then this phone call will not make any sense to you. Usually and most of the time, these phone calls are glitches that occur in the network or the communication system.

Also, as we already discussed these phone calls are often made by hackers who want to gain your personal information. So, it depends upon you how wise you are to skip or attend the call. 

In today’s era, it very easy to detect someone’s number through a lot of apps such as the Truecaller. This app will help you to find the identity of the caller irrespective of the location and time in which the phone call is made.

So what is the conclusion behind all that we discussed above? 

By now we have come to know what all are the possible reasons behind the calls coming from all zeros. So, whenever you receive a call from such a number then it is better to avoid the call or don’t pick up the call. A spirit or the hacker, whoever is there on the other side, may intend to harm you. 

In case you have been receiving such calls for a long time, then it is better to report about it to the police or security offices.

 phone calls coming from all zero number

But if you still keep on receiving such calls, then you can change your number in that extreme case. 

The reason behind these calls is still mysterious. Most of the scientists and the communication officers say that these calls occur generally due to the disturbance or some issues in the network and the communication system. In harsh climates, these glitches are more likely to occur rather than on normal days. 

Top 10 Best Carbon Fiber Longboards

Carbon fiber Longboards have been very popular among the people who love to seek some adventure by riding a very thrilling gadget. Carbon fiber is a very advanced material in itself which is very versatile and has some amazing personal qualities that make it so much expensive.

This is the reason why carbon fiber Longboards are generally used by professional skaters or hoverboard drivers. But what are the major reasons that make carbon fiber such an amazing material to choose to build a longboard? Here are some of the important reasons.

Top 10 Best Carbon Fiber Longboards
    • Carbon fiber is lightweight and attracts speed very well. The lightweight nature promotes even more speed and therefore the material is used to make good professional longboards.
    • Carbon fiber may be lightweight, but it is one of the strongest and good quality material that you will ever find. It has an amazing tensile strength which allows it to absorb shocks very easily.
    • Using carbon fiber for the building of the longboard increases the overall looks and versatility of the longboard by a significant margin. The amazing qualities that carbon fiber has, gives the rider and good and confident experience.

Top 10 Best Carbon Fiber Longboards :

Here are some of the best carbon fiber Longboards that you can consider buying.

Atom Drop Through Longboard – 40 Inch

One of the best Longboard for beginners, the Atom Drop Through has been a versatile and good longboard that has pretty amazing speed and quality enabling the amateur to understand the basics.

The carbon fiber longboard deck has multiple maple wood layering and 50° angled trucks with aluminum hangers. The board is not extraordinary but good as a basic model.

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard

If you are want to get your hands on a good carbon fiber longboard but running short on money, then this is the best budget longboard that will make you fall in love with it.

It can easily infuse a lot of speed because of its design and the wheels are of great quality as well. It will cost you less than $100.

 Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout

This 9.6 inches carbon fiber cruiser board is one of the most popular in our list.

The design has been infused to maintain a good balance between control, speed and durability making the longboard a great value for money.

It has a good turning ability and the deck can take heavyweight as well.

Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

This carbon fiber longboard is slightly on the shorter side with 36 inches of length but has some amazing features like square lipped wheels and ABEC 5 bearing.

The amazing turning quality and good comfort because of the well-built deck, are two of the most important selling point. The deck has been built pretty nice and because of it, the overall riding experience increases.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

As the name suggests this longboard can be easily used on almost all ground surfaces and has amazing weather-resistant power.

The balance between the wheels and deck promotes better control and grip over the surface making it favorable for rough or slippery surfaces.

This longboard is the only all-terrain longboard and has greater capability to withstand harsh weather conditions than the rest.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

This is one of the best product among the other top 10 longboards and is made for those who want to have the best experience.

The amazing design and build quality make it very preferable for riding through any surface and it’s versatile qualities make it a good downhill longboard.

This longboard can be used by both beginners but some of them can face issues to control the speed at the very beginning while riding it.


This is a classic carbon fiber cruiser board that has been popular for some time now and has been safely used by many people.

It has the bamboo finish and tribal design which makes it look like a Hawaiian surfboard. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the bamboo also promotes flexibility and helps to gain overall strength.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

One of the longest cruiser board in the list at 44 inches, is on the heavier side but still has amazing flexibility and durable nature.

The board has ABEC 7 bearings and is pretty much fast, thanks to its good quality wheels that promote speed. Even though the board is better for beginners, it can garner a lot of speed making it easy to go unstable.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

This is another cruiser board that is made out of the combination of bamboo and maple. This board has amazing control ane strength on any surface.

The carbon fiber skateboard deck easily helps to put on weight and promotes a much better speed.

However, the turning ability of this board is not much on the better side and requires an effort to turn it smoothly. The wheels are of a nice quality which gives a better tactile and sturdy feel

White Wave Bamboo Longboards

Pretty interesting to look at because of the white bamboo finish the board has carbon fiber bearings making helping it to gather speed and quality while riding.

The wide deck and 41 inches longboard do not face any issues in bringing control and stability to the overall experience. However, beginners may find it difficult to control and therefore it is recommended for professional carbon fiber longboard users.


So here are the top 10 carbon fiber longboards that you can get. All the products are available readily in the online market and can also be acquired offline. All of them are made out of specific materials and have been given special designs and therefore you will need to choose the one that suits you according to your own needs and experience.

Best Fountain Pens under $50

If you are a calligraphy artist, a scholar, a writer or just a student- a signature fountain pen is a suitable companion to sharpen your performances. So if you are looking for the best fountain pen to possess, when the budget is a concern, you are just on the right page. Here we are to help you out.

Best Fountain Pens

So without further spending much time, let’s move further to know the best fountain pens under $50 of 2019.

The pens under $50 are the best for you, as they are easy to buy and have all the features necessary for an excellent job. Here we have compiled the best 7 fountain pens under $50, and have also highlighted some of their factors that you can consider before buying one.


If you are using fountain pens for long, then you might have noticed a common feature in all of them, and that is excessive smoothness and extraordinarily designed nibs. You can treasure them as they are the best gift to mankind after the quill era. Quill pens used to be a writing instrument in the old days and were made using the birds’ feathers. 

So if you are looking to sharpen your writing skill or carry a fountain pen for your status quo here are the best ones you can possess. 

Sr. No.


Check Price


Lamy Safari Charcoal Black ABS Fountain Pen


Pilot Gold Barrel Metropolitan Fountain Pen


Dryden Luxury Red Luxury Modern Classic Fountain Pen


Nemosine Fission Gunmetal Fountain Pen


Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen


Duke Ruby Business Signature and Collection Fountain Pen


Luxury Handcrafted Rosewood Fountain Writing Pen

We Have Reviewed Each of Them Individually


If you worry about performance more, than any other feature then this is the pen for you. This company is in the market for more than the last 50 years and is famous for creating durable, timeless pieces of all time, using quality materials. 

This pen is not only the one which is smoothest in writing, but it is functional and value for money assets in the best pen under $50 list.


    • Smoothly polished steel nib to give shiny contrast to the all-black body
    • Corrosion-free steel nib 
    • ABS plastic body
    • Shiny and Flexible Chrome Clip for greater control
    • Comes with a T10 cartridge can also be used with an external cartridge like Z24.



    • The ink doesn’t bleed, so it is perfect for carrying in your pocket
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Ink never overflows
    • Smooth writing style
    • The converter doesn’t come with the pack
    • Need to get proper hold to use it smoothly


Even though you need to get a converter, this pen is the best fountain pen under $50 and enjoyable for calligraphy artists.


This elegant pen looks way too expensive, but the amount you pay against it is trivial. The pen is for those who love good handwriting. The pen has an excellent and sleek grip for those who are crazy for good calligraphy. 


    • Durable Brass metal body, matte finish

    • Scratch Resistant Material
    • Nib made of stainless steel and has reasonable control on ink flow
    • Comes with single ink cartridge and converter can be used for other cartridges



    • Healthy build body to endure any wear and tear
    • Impressive and comfortable grip for great handwriting
    • Well contoured and sturdy shape for balanced writing
    • No risk of overflowing ink and has excellent control over ink flow
    • Easy to disassemble cleaning
    • Well fitted cap
    • Delicate nib and can break down in excessive pressure
    • Need to care regularly for long durability
    • Heavier than ABS body


This durable pen is a blend of elegance, style, and durability and is the best pen under $50.


Some pens are too good to give you the feel of the wings. They are so smooth that you don’t want to stop writing ever. Dryden is such a pen that runs like butter on paper. Made with the ergo-comfort technology, this pen is lightweight and can write for longer without straining your fingers.


    • The luxury red color is very eye-catchy and classy and can grab attention easily

    • There are many color options including purple, black, green, pink, metallic silver and ocean blue
    • The pen is designed with innovative and aesthetic functionality to work best for left and right-handed writers
    • The smooth metallic finish and good grip
    • Handcrafted and stylish nib, which runs smoothly without any breakage. Also, the nib is helpful for a clean and quiet writing
    • Apart from the cartridge comes along the pen, there are 24 more cartridges come with the pack



    • The pack comes up with one pen, 24 ink cartridges, and one ink converter
    • Well designed and sturdy fountain pen
    • Rich look 
    • Ink doesn’t bleed
    • Smooth and high-quality writing
    • Comfortable grip
    • No scratch on paper
    • Lifetime money-back warranty
    • The surface is a bit slippery than other fountain pens


This pen is an emblem of sophistication and class. The color, design, and comfort make this pen a great buy.


The German Technology used while building this pen makes sure that this pen is nothing but charm. This pen is crafted with high-quality material and is a good competitor of many other expensive fountain pens in the market. The pen is elegant and durable at the same time.


    • The pen is made of heavy metal and also dense. The Gunmetal chrome-look of this pen makes it appear with elegance and style and create great calligraphy with every stroke of it.

    • Comes with 6 disposable ink cartridges an]part from the one that comes up with the pen.
    • Free converter and an empty ink bottle is packed with the entire packaging
    • The pen is lengthier than any other fountain pen in the list and has a long nib too. The rounded point tip is best for smooth writing



    • Double Screw cap to get fit easily and welly
    • Reasonable control over the ink flow and doesn’t get overflowed
    • Three-year warranty
    • German Technology
    • Round nib to write on paper without scratching
    • The pen is heavy and is made of heavy metal


This pen is a value for money and is slightly larger than any other pen in the Best Fountain Pens under $50 list.


This is another one from the pilot collection and is a good pen for good handwriting. If you are looking for an ideal pen that can serve all the purposes of getting a fountain pen, this pen can be yours.


    • 12 packs of cartridges come along with this pen 

    • Sleek and ergonomic design with high contour, so that your fingers get perfectly fitted and enhance your experience in every move you make
    • Premium Material
    • The high-quality metal nib on an excellent glide on paper



    • Strong built
    • High Performance
    • Controlled ink flow
    • Cap to secure well
    • Sturdy pocket clip
    • Slim for people who use thick build
    • Nib is fragile


The detailing contour of this pen makes it look elegant, and the grip fits excellent in the fingers.


This elegant pen comes with embossing on the cap. The pen is black, and the silver nib makes it look stylish and classy. But as the name implies, where is the ruby? It is at the top of the cap. If you think that nothing comes in the budget, then this pen is here to prove you wrong.


    • Beautiful Detailing and lightweight pen

    • Stainless steel polished nib
    • Comes with removable converter and can be filled after use



    • Sleek pen for great calligraphy
    • Converter comes along
    • Good grip strength
    • Comfortable size
    • Value for money
    • The cap can be better fitted


This pen looks the most expensive on the list. If you are looking for a pen which looks excellent, it is a low price, then this is the one.


This rosewood vintage fountain pen comes with an elegant rosewood case. The open is not only best for use but can be the best gift for its overall look and performance.


    • The pen is of class and style

    • The handcrafted case is equally beautiful
    • Gold plated stainless steel nib makes it look elegant
    • Comes with free converter



    • Smooth, soft and elegant
    • Money-back guarantee and warranty for one year
    • Work with the blue and black cartridge
    • Sturdy and Durable
    • Not Found


  The pen is eco-friendly and handcrafted. The case that comes along makes it a great gift under $50. 


Fountain pens are the masterpieces in creating sophistication and class. While choosing the best one for you to be sure to know your purpose. If you want to use it for the regular writing task, use the one with least weight yet durable. If you are an autograph personality, you better know which one is for you. 

Night Vision Camera apps that are perfect for your smartphone

In earlier days, shooting during the night was a real headache. If you wanted to click a decent photo, you would have to bring flashlights from getting one in the dark. But things have changed now.

The night vision mode in cameras have been in existence for the past decade, but now smartphones have multiple night vision camera app that makes clicking pictures in the dark tremendously easy.

You might have already seen these apps available for download, but aren’t you curious which apps are the best?

In this article, you will get the comprehensive details of the top ten free apps for your smartphone that is perfect for night time pictures.

10 night-vision apps that will change your smartphone

Though numerous free apps claim to be flawless in offering night vision, there is only a handful that does so. The following apps are some of the best night vision apps that work. They are:

Night camera photo and video

Night camera photo and video app is not only a night vision application, but it is capable of taking high-quality videos at night too.

You will be able to shoot flawlessly in pitch darkness without any support. The application is quite easy to download also. With 8x zooming, the app lets you click pictures from a great distance too.

Most apps that claim to get you clear images during the night mainly require high-quality and expensive phones, but this app is compatible with most smartphones that are of low price.

You will also be able to click pictures in dimly lit areas during the day. Night camera photo and video app are one of the best android apps that you could get for free because of the reasons mentioned above.

Night vision flashlight thermo

If you often travel during the night and you have to walk sometimes in the darkness, then this app is for you. Through Night vision flashlight thermo, you will be able to have a clear vision even during pitch-black darkness.

This is not only a night vision app for android, but it works for smartphones with iOS too. If you are not comfortable walking with a flashlight, you can always turn on the camera of your smartphone with the night-vision mode and can walk with complete knowledge of your surroundings in the dark. 

Not only can you use the app for viewing the surroundings, but you can alter the brightness and change the color settings. After clicking a picture, you will be able to add filters and effects in the photo.

Night vision cam

If you click pictures by using this app, your friends will not be able to differentiate your image with that of a professional. The photos clicked by Night vision cam is one of a kind because it can turn any ordinary phone into a professional camera with night vision.

Not only does it take brilliant photos in the dark, it offers multiple modes of color as well. The app lets you click pictures in green, blue, and red patterns. When you take a walk at the park during the night, this app will be pretty useful because you will be able to view the surroundings correctly by using the app.

You can use the app during the day, too, if you cannot get optimum sunlight. This app is specially designed for android smartphones. 

NightVision Light

NightVision Light is not only a night vision app iPhone, but for Android phones as well. The app converts the home screen of your smartphone into a red dot. The red sign helps you in making accurate observations at night.

You will not even have to use the camera or flashlight app of your phone to view the surrounding in the dark. By only opening the home screen of your phone, you will be able to get your job done.

There is no requirement of any light source for this app to do its job. You will be able to change the brightness of the app and can alter your view in the dark. 

Color night vision camera

There are several moments in people’s lives when they cannot take pictures of important moments due to a lack of brightness. Through the color night vision camera app, you will be able to capture every moment of your life even during the worst lighting.

Not only this app lets you capture pictures in the dark, but it becomes your helping hand when you cannot navigate your way through the dark. The app also comes with customized effects and different color modes like black, white, red, and green. You will be able to play funny pranks on your friends through the help of this app.

The app allows you to capture videos during the night with excellent quality. This app is specially designed for android devices. 

Night vision camera simulation

If you want to play a real-life spy, this app is for you. Through the night vision camera simulation app, you will be able to locate the slightest disturbance in your house during the night.

The app is noticing the change because it is built through several complex algorithms that can detect the color of the surrounding. With different color filters and live night vision power amplifier, this is a night vision app that really works.

The app can function minutely and discreetly. It offers camera rotations at 0,90,180,270 and automatic degrees. If you want to do surveillance around your house, you can do it through this app. Put the phone near your window and sleep peacefully. You can check any discrepancies in the morning in the app. This app is built for Android devices. 

Night eyes lite

If you hate clicking images using a flashlight, then this app is for you. Night eyes lite allows you to capture fantastic photos in complete darkness without the use of a flashlight. This is one of the best iOS apps for the night vision you will get on the internet.

Not only can you click photos by your rear camera, but you will be able to capture selfies in complete darkness too. There are multiple color filters available with this app, namely, red, green, blue, black and white, sepia, and many more.

It is one of the few apps that lets you capture photos in darkness in both portraits as well as landscape modes.

You will get up to 10x zooming through this app. The quality of the image produced is astounding in the case of night eye lite application. 

Thermal night vision color filter effect camera

If you want to capture perfect night-time pictures with beautiful filters, then this app is for you. Night mode camera is an app that turns ordinary night-time pictures into colorful and happy photos by instigating bright pixels colors in them.

The app mostly uses red and yellow tones when the image is hot in comparatively gorgeous surroundings and uses blue and lilac color modes when the photo is shot in complete darkness. You can avail of the thermal effect by pressing the night vision goggles button.

The app is not an ordinary night vision app, but it is a night vision goggles app. Hence you will be able to get beautiful pictures through this app on your smartphone. The app is built explicitly for Android devices. 

Night camera lite

If you have an iOS device and you want to capture moments during the night, then this app is for you. The app has a brilliant user interface, and hence, anyone with the least knowledge of smartphones will be able to operate the app.

While using the app, you will not be required to use the flashlight of your phone to shoot in the dark.

With extraordinary features like real-time luminance histogram, residual light enhancement, and digital zoom with 6x zoom, this is a great cell phone night vision app; you will get for free. 

Night vision video recorder

In case you want to record HD quality videos at night, this app might be pretty helpful to you. The quality of the footage captured by the app is of professional quality.

Not only will you be able to capture videos through your rear camera, but you will be able to take videos through your front camera also. The app adjusts according to the light available in the surrounding.

You will be able to capture videos with zoom as well as a flash while using the app. The app is specially built for Android devices. 

To Conclude..

There are many moments in people’s lives when, due to bad lighting, they are not able to capture a single photo. Especially during outdoor activities that occur mainly during the night, a good photo is a rare commodity.

Not everyone can afford expensive cameras with night vision, but with the real night vision app android and iOS, clicking pictures at night is not a dream. The apps mentioned above are each uniquely good on their own.

Any of them can accommodate you perfectly by letting your flawless capture picture in darkness. 


Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

It is very important to advertise your service or requirements to get the attention of the targeted audience. The times are changing where the importance of offline ads is declining. Online ads have taken over and everyone is now opting for the same mode to advertise.

When it comes to posting multiple ads, it’s best to have some software that works in collaboration with posting companies. The name that automatically comes up when we talk about ads is Craigslist.

There are many Craigslist posting software for you to pick and start posting your ads.

What is Craigslist?

Founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, the service is an ad posting platform where you can post in any category like jobs, resumes, house, sale/purchase of any item, etc.

There are numerous categories from where you can choose. The service is now available for people to use in almost 70 countries. 

The service is useful for everyone who is selling a service and the one who is ready to pay for a certain service. You can contact directly through the email provided along with the ad.

The site is also very much aware of removing any and all bot activity. You will need to sign-in to the website using a valid email to see or interact with any ad. There is also a Craigslist app for PC which you can install on your computer. 

Top 10 Windows software to post ads

The site doesn’t require any money from you to view the ads but in case you want to post one, you have to make little payment. Here are some of the software/apps that you may like to automatically post the ads.

ESC AdPoster

This tool is a feature-rich and comes with multiple functions and is available to download on Craigslist Windows device.

The tool lets you create an ad with the option to edit the font and size of text and also you can add any information that is relevant to the topic.

Once you are done with the design and hit Post Ad, ESC AdPoster will post the ad on Craigslist all by itself. 

CL Ad Blaster

This software lets you post the same ad in various cities at once. You should also not worry about the expiring of the time frame.

If you have given all the appropriate permissions, this tool will repost your ad as soon as it expires. It is one of the best Craigslist ad posting software where any ad can be renewed in only 48 hours. 

Developers also provide you a trial version to download and check if it’s any good for you. If you like it, you can make the payment and get yourself the full version of the software.

Auto Posting Software

This tool is a combination of multiple ad posting platforms. It allows you to post classified ads on Craigslist, Facebook, and Fiverr as well.

The ad that you want to be posted is designed by the tool present at

The ad is designed in a very attractive design and will go in top classifieds. Craigslist Auto Posting Software is a tool that will also renew your ad without giving you any stress of remembering the expiry date or anything.

After posting the ad, you will witness significant growth in your business and it will reach the targeted audience in case you are trying to sell a house or a car. 

Clad Genius

The software isn’t free but the amount that it requires is totally worth it. It bypasses all the security checks and logins that are needed if you are going to post an ad on the Craigslist website itself.

It also doesn’t need you to create and log in with an email address. The tool also creates an account that will post the ads on social media platforms like Facebook. 

There are two versions available of the software, pro and lite. The Craigslist pro for PC offers multiple functionalities like social media posting whereas lite is the one you can use to post on Craigslist itself. 

Ad Missile

The name says it all. This software lets you post the ad on multiple platforms at once. It is able to post on social media and also to sites like eBay and OLX.

As soon as you post an ad, there are chances that you start getting calls from your potential audience. As the software is in its beta version, you can get it for absolutely free. In the future, it will be a paid one. 

The software has already cemented its place in automated Craigslist posting and it will actually help you in posting the ad and forget about it. 

Bot Pro 2.3

The software lets you get all the solutions for your ad posting, be it professional or personal. You can make use of this software to reach your potential customers with just some simple clicks.

The software is also capable of posting multiple ads at once without creating a different email ID or even signing in to Craigslist.

All you need to do is download this software and enter the details of your ad, choose the design, select the platforms where you would like to post your ads and you are done. 


The best automated Craigslist poster among many which a business can choose to make sure that the business is present online and people know about it.

This tool will list all the sites that receive high traffic and will let you post the ad. You have to create just one ad, AdPlotter will customize it according to the site and platform. 

The software is integrated with more than 400 classified ad-posting sites and the business will be able to witness some dramatic growth.


A feature-rich tool that includes ad spin service, renewing and scheduling the ad, creating an account on Craigslist, is one of the best software that lets users post automated ads to multiple platforms.

The software is equipped with OCR tech that is able to read and fill captchas for you. Basically, it nullifies the Craigslist bot claim.

There are two versions of the software, trial version, and pro version. In the trial version, you will be able to create an ad and schedule it. You will also get standard tech support if you want.

Whereas in the pro version, that is $100/month, you will be able to post unlimited ads and the customer support is also enhanced and much quicker.

Craigslister eAssistant

One of the quickest tools that you can get to post your ads, eAssistant will only need the details of your ad and will give you an attractive ad within seconds that will be ready to be posted.

The tool also helps you in creating ads to be posted on Youtube. There are multiple services offered by this tool and due to its feature-richness, it is considered as one of the best Craigslist software to post automated ads.

Quick Poster

The tool is used by a wide range of businesses to make their online presence.

The best use of this tool is done by the startup companies that need to start their business by having a good presence in the online audience.

The designing and creating of an ad are much simpler and anyone can get hold of it very easily.

Benefits of Online Ad posting

Here are some of the benefits that are very evident and are enough to convince you why online ads are the better option.


Classified advertising is way cheaper than traditional advertising techniques. The cost-effective nature of online advertising helps a lot to many small businesses. 

Bigger Audience

Online advertising gives you the option of letting your ad reach a much bigger audience.

The ads can reach a global audience and it actually impacts your overseas business significantly. Craigslist post tool is a great tool that helps you in achieving that.

Content Updating

The biggest advantage is online advertising lets you update/change the content anytime you like. This feature could never be an option if you go for advertisements in print media. 

On the finishing line…

These software/tools are the best option to start campaigning for your business to the online audience. You can choose one from the aforementioned list and start working to take your business to new heights. However, there is a drawback of ad posting on Craigslist. It tends to delete the ads without providing any good reason. Free Craigslist posting software might be the reason behind it but the site will never tell you the genuine reason why the post got deleted. 

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

Even though it has this drawback, the site works as a wonder when it comes to delivering the ad to the masses. More people are opting for it and it’s actually a great tool to help you reach the target audience.

Rom Download Sites- Every Avid Gamer Must Access Right Now

If you are someone who is an avid gamer but want to visit your past by playing the good old-fashioned computer games, then this article is for you.

In the modern era of technological advancement, computer games have changed a lot. Now with the involvement of Playstation and Xbox, old arcade games similar to Mario, Dendi or Atari have become almost obsolete.

Nowadays, every game designer is obsessed with making their games perfect in every sense. But do you sometimes feel like playing the nostalgic games of the past? Then, do not worry with the help of some rom sites, you too will be able to play some of the most popular games in the world.

The following websites are some of the safest websites where you will be able to install the games you are looking for. 

 15 rom websites that you need to know right now

 Several websites offer you rom without any cost but remember they may infect your laptop or PC with a virus. Therefore, in the following segment, you will find the 15 safest sites for downloading. They are: 

Vim’s Lair

 Vim’s Lair is one of the top rom sites currently available on the internet. If you want to experience your childhood once again, then this site is for you. Here, you will find many legendary games in the world.

With safe ROMs and nostalgic emulators, this site will not disappoint you. You will be able to use the website easily due to the alphabetically-arranged games.

The only drawback of the site is that the games available here are made only in the US. As you know, Japanese games were quite a hit in the past. Despite the small glitch, you should access this site to download ROMs most safely. 


 Romania ROMs is one of the best websites for downloading from in 2019. With numerous emulators and thousands of ROMs, this site is jam-packed with a wide array of options. At the homepage, you will find a search bar where you will be able to enter keywords to find your desired ROMs.

After searching for a particular ROM, you will find a list of downloadable links for your usage. The site lets you avoid pop-up advertisements, malware, and virus.


Not only will you receive every nostalgic gaming ROM, but you will get a summary of the games too. It is the best site to visit your childhood games. 


 This site is one of the best places to download ROMs for all your retro consoles. Not only does this site allows you to play video games, but it lets you play backups also.

With a thorough game list and links for direct-download, the website keeps you safe from outside threats like malware and viruses.

Some of the popular ROMs and emulators like NDS, SNES, GBA, N64, Atari and much more available in the site. You will find almost every favorite game of yours through this site. You will have to install your desired console and start playing the game you always wanted to play.

Not only does it function as a console, but it works as an emulator as well. 


 This website is one of the safest places to download ROMs on the internet right now. Not only can you download ROMs but you will be able to download video games, ISOs, music and many more as well.

It is one of the most reputable site available sites in the market right now. The best thing about the site is that; you do not have to download different applications to play several games, you can play them directly on the internet if you have an internet connection.

The site not only contains games or ROMs but it has a vast collection of movies, music, and videos. The site also has an exhaustive collection of comics. 


 Gamulator is one of the most trustworthy sites in the world. It is a comparatively new ROM download site. Through this site, you will not even need to search the internet for the required game. You will find your desired match along with the ROM on the website.

Here, you will find specific games that are quite uncommon to see on the internet. No matter how rare the game is, if that has ever been released on any console, Xbox, PC, then you will find that in Gamulator.

Navigating the site is quite accessible since it is neatly categorized under different genres. You will be able to download the said games on your smartphones, tablet, PC. 

 The Eye

 The Eye is one of the safest from download sites available in 2019. Apart from letting you download ROM, this website enables you to acquire several backup services and data storage for your electronic devices.

The site has archive ROMs for almost any consoles available in the world. You will be available to download the ROMs or emulators because they are categorically arranged on the site. One major positive thing about the site is that it is entirely devoid of pop-up advertisements, malware, virus, and other outside threats.

The site expects payment from its users through PayPal or Bitcoins or any different modes.

The site is equipped with discord, where you can clear all your doubts regarding the website. 


If you are a fan of one of the famous archaic games which were a massive part of your childhood, then this site is for you. classic games are one of the best places to download ROMs currently in the world.

Here you will find all the old games that were once immensely popular in pop-culture. classic contain famous games like Mario Coning Edition or Brutal Mario or Pokemon and many more.

The fact that you can play the games directly on the browser without downloading is another added advantage of the site.

Here you can play games on the GBA, SEGA and many others without wasting your storage on your laptop or personal computer. 

 Nice blog

 A nice blog is quite different than other sites for ROM. Here you will find the links where to get ROMs now through several downloadable links. Since the site itself does not host any console or games.

The site has been previously blocked several times, and that is the reason you might not find it at one go. But by searching the name Nicoblog, you will be able to find the site.

Through the website, you will be able to download old games like Legend of Zelda, Fable and many others. Though this site is a pirated site, it is quite popular among gamers.

It offers a wide variety of emulators and ROM games free of cost.  


This site is one of the safest from sites that you will find for accessing old arcade games. RomUlation is quite advanced and sophisticated than any other website for downloading past games.

But the site does not let the users access the site free of cost. You will have to use a point system. After registering on RomUlation, you will be provided with 10,000 points. You will be able to access points to spend on the site.

But after the 10,000 points get used entirely, you will be required to upload a new game on the site in exchange for an old game. If you participate regularly, you get 500 points.

In case you want to become a premium participant, you will have to invest in the site. 


 WoWroms is one of the most reputable rom sites that is perfect for you if you are a fan of nostalgic video games. The site is available to users at no cost at all.

The founders of the site always wanted to preserve old video games that have been currently obsolete from the current gaming consoles.

WoWroms is primarily an open library, and you can not only save past games but upload any other games as well. The site has over 30 ROM emulators and games for different old PCs like Acorn, Apple, Ideos and many more.

You will be able to play some games directly online on the site.


EmulatorZone is for you if you are a fan of old games for emulators like Xbox, Playstation, Sega, MAME and others, then this website is for you. This site is one of the safest emulator sites for you if you are interested in download links for old games for your console.

A fun fact about the site is that there is no registration fee for the site. You would be able to download Rom and emulators as a guest through this website. Since the database of the site is updated regularly.

The site is comparatively simple and presented in a user-friendly manner. It is devoid of any technical aspects of the latest technologies. 


 If you are looking for a website that is simple yet fully functional, then CoolRoom is one of the most reliable rom sites for you. This site is filled with numerous games, gaming images, emulators and gameplays.

You will also find multiple screenshots of variable games and preview videos, walkthroughs of the games that will give you the idea of the game. The sidebar of the site consists of different categories of Rom that will help you find the perfect room for your game.

There are 25 various ROMs available on the website. You will have no problem in installing the emulators since a detailed instruction has been provided to guide you through the process. 

Rom Hustler

Do not get deceived by the simple look of this site, because it is one of the best places for ROMs download you could get. The site has unique features that make up for its simple appearances.

You will find any from you through this site since it has a massive collection of the best emulator on the internet. You will also be able to rate the applications and the emulators to increase their site’s credibility.

Rom Hustler also keeps you safe from outside threats, malware, viruses or any other discrepancies. You can also use the site through your smartphone because it is available in a mobile version as well.


You will be able to download both ROM and the ISO version of the files for your gaming consoles. The site is complete roms safe since it focuses mainly on DVD and CD versions of the games. You will get to play all the games in the PS2, PSP, PlayStation, GameCube, and others. You will also find the description along with the files.

You can also play all the games online without downloading any of the games. Through the site, you will be able to change the language of the website to make it easy for you.

Downloading games through the site is quite accessible since they are categorized under date, time, genres and other segments. 


 This site is a comparatively new website for downloading ROM and emulators. The site has complete roms safe files with over more than 100,000 games.

But one drawback of the website is that you will be able to play only small games through the site.

You will be able to download several short games that were part and parcel of your childhood through the website.

Moreover, it is entirely devoid of malware, outside threats and viruses. 

 To sum it up

In this article, you have been provided with the best, good, good site for ROMs and emulators that are not only efficient but incredibly safe. Some of the websites mentioned above can be accessed at no cost at all. 

Everyone loves childhood memories, and those who are avid gamers have a soft corner for the old games that despite the imperfections were fabulous to play.

If you are one of them, in the sites that are mentioned above, you will be able to relive your memories. The room and emulators will help you in accessing the said games without any problem. 

Top 10 Best Future Baby Face Generator Apps

There is no need to fight the urge to know how your future child is going to look like. Every individual gets curious at one point in time to know about it. 

Though there is a stereotype associated with this urge, that only women feel the need to discover this truth, it is not valid. Men, get equally curious to know how their future generation will look like, and that is alright! 

However, this curiosity can get heightened when a couple is expecting. Though they will be meeting their offspring pretty soon, they still like to take a sneak peek in the future. 

But is it even possible? 

Well, peeps, we live in the 21st century, and all is possible here, even knowing your future baby’s appearance!

There are quite a few baby face generator or babyface predictor apps that will help you see your future baby’s face! 

Top 10 Best Future Baby Face Generator Apps

These apps are super fun, and you can also use them to pull out the future baby for your friends just for fun’s sake. These apps come in really handy if you are getting serious about someone. 

No matter how much your fling around with a person, when you get serious, starting a family is the first thing that will pop up in your mind! There is no need to wait anymore to discover the truth now, people!  

All you need to do is download a few of these apps, feed in your pictures, and you are ready to go!

There is no need to mention that there is a vast gamut of these baby picture maker apps available in the market. It is natural for one to get confused, and a lot of time is lost while selecting any one of these apps.  So much to select from!! But no more worries! Here are a few handpicked baby creator apps that you can give a try!

Best future baby generator apps:

 Baby Maker:

This is one of the best baby maker app. The user interface is very friendly, all you need to do is upload a good quality photo of you and your partner, then select the heart-shaped button, select the age and skin tone of your future child and that’s it!

The best advantage of this app is that one can choose colorful backgrounds, frames, and layout! Don’t forget to save the photo and share it with your friends!

The app has both free and paid versions. 

However, there is a catch! The results will not be exact if you or your partner have a beard or glasses. 

Make a Baby: Future Face Maker:

This app is also considered one of the best baby picture maker apps. Would you not like to know how your baby would look like if you pair up with an object of your choice or affection?

There is a scope for you to do this now! Begin by downloading this app, swipe the pictures of two and blend that into one photo, then admire the results! 


There is no doubt about the fact that the baby will have the best features of both. 

Baby Maker for iOS:

Another cool baby picture maker for iOS. This app is perfect if you wish to give a slight hint to your partner that you are expecting or planning to have a baby sometime soon. 

The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is download the app, upload two photos from the gallery, or use your camera to click one.

The app uses Luxand biometric identification and will thus show you your future baby’s face. Then create a collage of the baby’s photo with your couple shots and then send it off to your partner! 

Your Future Baby Generator:

Another baby face generator app that is ideal if you are going to have a baby. No need to wait for nine long months to see what your baby is going to look like! 

Just download this app and find out what your future child will look like in just a few seconds!

Though the results will not be precise it will give you a close idea about what your baby is going to look like. 

More and more people are finding this app is terrific! It’s time for you to join them. 

Baby Predictor:

Are you pregnant? Or is your wife expecting? Then this is the ideal baby face generator app for you to try!

Baby Predictor can raise admiration for a lot of reasons! Using this app, it is possible to learn about gender, eye color, weight, height, and blood type of your future child. 

Unlike the other apps, this app is not as such for fun. This is apt, to an extent, precise. All you need to do is feed in the information. 

This app generates your future baby as per the laws of genetics and the traditional China calendar. 


This website is straightforward to use. All you need to do is pick up the gender of your future baby,

select the skin tone, and then style the photo as per your likes. 


You can also select the auto generator for fast detection and then upload the two pictures, which then mixes yours and your partner’s face.

All you need is a few seconds in your hands, and you are set! 

Future Baby Generator:

Young couples or the lovebirds often ask this question, what will our future babies look like? This one question haunts all, and they wish to know about it as soon as possible!

To end their woes, this baby face predictor has come up. Using sophisticated algorithms and by connecting facial characteristics, it’s now possible to know the probable results for sure!


You just need to follow a few simple instructions, select the photos of yours and your partner’s, and you are all set! Behold your future baby! 

This app has become extremely popular, and you can now use it to catch a glimpse of your future baby. 

What will our child look like:

Curiosity is what makes us human. Think out it, would it have been possible for us to discover a fire or the cartwheel if we were not curious? Perhaps not!

So if you are curious to know what your child is going to look like, then this app is for you! There are just a few simple steps that you can take to discover what your future child is going to look like.

Like all the other future baby generator apps, you need to select your picture and the picture of your partner. Click on the button “start prediction,” and the get started!

You are sure to be amazed at the predictions made! Save the photo and share it with your loved ones! Let the fun begin! 

Future Baby:

Curious to meet your future baby? Well, you are not the only one feeling that way!

Tons of people are out there who would love to steal a glimpse at their future baby! This is yet another future baby generator that can satisfy your curiosity.

The functionality of all baby picture maker apps is the same. You select your picture and the picture of your partner and then select the start button.

Within minutes, your baby will be there in front of you! 

Oh, what joy! Looking at his/her face, you can determine how amazing will it be to hold that little bundle of joy in your arms! So let’s get planning now!


This is the final baby picture maker on our list for today! The functionality remains the same! You choose the photos and upload them, click on the start button and have a good laugh. Feel that volcano of joy bubbling within you! 

Of course, the future holds a lot of treasure for you! There is just so much joy that you are yet to experience in the days to come!

But of all this, your future baby is the best. Bringing life into the world is a big deal, and some couples are ready to go to any lengths for that!


But this is your chance to catch a glimpse of your lovely baby. There is no need to wait up for ages anymore! You can predict the looks of your future baby right now if you wish to!

All you need is a smartphone and a gallery full of pictures with your partner! Download these apps and have fun!