Best CPU/GPR Overclocking Software To Look For In 2019

To enhance the performance of your PC, it is essential to obtain the best Best CPU/GPR overclocking software. In this context, we have included the major overclocking software for Windows 7, 8 as well as 10 with the major features.

As a result, if you are not used to the concept of overclocking then you have arrived at the right place. Your weariness for the slow functioning of Windows PC will get over. Here’s what you need to read about the best CPU overclocking software to get your job done.

Most Notable Overclocking Software for Windows

Free Overclocking software is readily available. So here is the best among the overclocking software which you can use to optimize the PC performance. Let’s keep a bird’s eye view on this.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner helps you to get good control on the Graphics card. This will present to you the entire hardware list along with the fan profile customization. If you are not that much acquainted with overclocking then it’s ideal, to begin with, MSI Afterburner since the interface is quite easy to operate.

It is available readily and you will get to know the mechanism of MSI overclocking CPU. This will optimize the performance of the hardware. Moreover, you will also understand the central memory controller using the Afterburner. Along with this, you will get an FPS counter in-game which will tell you about the entire information about this system along with the performance.

With the help of the Afterburner, you can easily examine the stability and the workability of the graphic cards.

MSI Afterburner Software

EVGA Precision X

This is one of the best GPU overclocking software that you will find today and surely this will get your hands on. It is quite useful for gamers and it supports almost 10 user profiles. It is more or less comparable with Afterburner. But the only difference is that it only supports Nvidia Graphics Cards.

Similar to the top quality overclocking software, this Nvidia overclocking software comes with control of fan speed voltage, user profiles and many more. Apart from this, you can easily modify the memory clock offset of the system as well as the GPU clock offset with the help of EVGA Precision X.

EVGA Precision X Software

AMD Overdrive GPU

AMD Overdrive is one of the notable overclocking software if the AMD processor is equipped with it. If you are using the Windows version, you can easily download it. You can easily take control of the speed as well as the voltage of the CPU.

Also, the real-time overview of the CPU is under control. So, you can execute a stability test easily to track the performance of the PC. A minimalistic design and a user-friendly interface make it quite familiar software for overclocking. Now you know how to overclock CPU AMD.

AMD Overdrive GPU

Intel XTU

Intel XTU is a simple Intel CPU overclocking software and is suitable for both amateurs and advanced users. Moreover, it can count the best if your PC is equipped with intel hardware as well as a processor. Moreover, it supports the Intel-Core processors of the next-generation systems.

It provides monitoring of the system seamlessly, optimizes the workability of the processor, tracks the temperature, and monitors the slight change in CPU with the progress of time after overclocking.

Similar to the Windows overclocking software, you have the absolute liberty to modify the voltage anytime. Also, you have the provision to modify the memory, graphics, along with the processor as per your choice. But you need to ensure that your system is stable enough.

Also, please make sure that you don’t compromise with your PC as you start overclocking it. This is because it might cause serious damage.

Intel XTU Software


For those who are looking forward to overclocking the system, processor as well as the graphics card, these overclocking tool is a mandate. These tools can provide the best mechanism to monitor the system analytics, as well as the performance of the system before and after overclocking, is done.

With the usage of CPU, you will obtain the entire report of the GPU, motherboard as well as the processor. CPU Z will give you the complete information about the processor which will cover packages, voltage as well as cache levels. GPU Z is concentrated more on getting information about the graphics card, memory cards, temperature, GPU clocks, and many more.

CPU Z and GPU Z Software

CPU Tweaker

These advanced overclocking programs mainly built for those users who are quite acquainted with overclocking and they know what they will do next. CPU tweaker is restricted to those processors which are available with inbuilt memory controllers. This can be AMD Phenom, Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and many more.

These processors are compatible with CPU Tweakers. However, it doesn’t work you can look for Memset. This is more advanced as well as powerful. These are not at all user-friendly and appears to be cumbersome for some users. It is one of that advanced software that is readily available in the software market.

CPU Tweaker Software


This is one of the free GPU overclocking software that goes well with the AMD GPU overclocking software. It also supports several ranges of graphics cards starting from Radeon Graphic Cards to Radeon R9 Fury series. Similar to the other overclocking software, this software helps you to modify the central GPU clock, memory clock, voltage, as well as enhance the performance.

To ensure the stability of your system, it comes with real-time monitoring for your hardware. If your system is equipped with hardware then it is a portable tool and so you give this a try.

SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility Software


Set FSB is a distinct tool that segregates the Front Side Bus (FSB) of your system. It keeps aside the other RAM overclocking software. It associates the CPU with the central memory. As a result, making the right settings is the ultimate way to optimize the performance of the PC. So you can use this to boost up the performance of your PC and this can be done by enhancing the FSB speed.

Set FSB Tool

Nvidia Inspector

The main intention of this overclocking tool is to put up the graphic’s card information of the user. Therefore, it is widely regarded as one of the best overclocking software for GPU. Although, it comes with certain restrictions. It is unable to keep track of the temperature or the stability of the system. So, you can go for other tools such as HWMonitor or 3DMark. It uses a simple UI and due to this overclocking using the NVIDIA Inspector won’t be a hefty task.

Nvidia Inspector Software


ASUS GPU Tweak is the simplest form of Windows software which comes with a mind-boggling interface and minimalistic design. Therefore, you have the option to modify the voltage, GPU core clock, as well as GPU memory clock. To record the temperature and the stability of your PC, we advise you to use another tool.

ASUS GPU Tweak Software

How to Overclock GPU?

Most of the people don’t have the idea about how to overclock graphics card and so, they don’t even try with the fear of getting messed up with this if they are unable to configure it correctly. It is a simple process and if you stick to the generic guideline, you won’t find it difficult. So read this guide to know the exact steps to overclock your graphics card.

Kickstart with Overclocking Software

  • To begin, you need to open the MSI Afterburner. After that, you have to stress test the GPU.
  • Now, you need to open the UNiGiNE Heaven stress testing software. When it displays, you need to execute the base test with the intent of finding out the graphic card platforms based on default clock settings.
  • After that, you have to install the UNiGiNE Heaven software. Thereafter, you have to execute the Heaven Benchmark 4.0 present in the Start Menu.
  • Then, click on Run when you get inside the UNiGiNE software.
  • Now a 3D screen appears in front of you and you will find some buttons at the peak. So, you need to press the Benchmark button available at the top left. This will initiate the benchmark process.
  • It will now undergo an array of tests. While this test is underway, temperature, frames, memory clock, as well as the graphics card is visible in front of you.
  • Now, you need to run through each of the 26 scenes. This will take mostly 5 to10 minutes. When the test is going on, you need to take a closer look at the stats available at the top right corner of the screen.
  • You will find that the GPU will attain the temperature and it will remain constant for the rest of the day. This information is quite vital since you will get a thorough idea about the space required for overclocking.
  • After that, you will see a score and the average FPS statistics. So we advise you to save the results so that you can go through that in the future as a reference.

Preparing the Graphics Card for Overclocking

When the testing gets over and you know the score, you have a fair idea of how things work. So it’s the ideal time to overclock the graphics card. For that retrace back to the MSI Afterburner and press the Settings option.

Thereafter, you have to reboot the system in a jiffy. Therefore, please bookmark this page so that you can see this later.

After that, hover on to the General tab available in the Afterburner. Then, you have to tick on the Unlock voltage monitoring, Unlock voltage control, as well as the Force constant voltage. After implementing all the above settings, you need to press OK. Now, it’s time to reboot the PC and hit OK.

When you complete the restart process, you have to open the MSI Afterburner as well as the Unigine Heaven. You need to perform the following functions.


  • First of all, you need to restrict the temperature limit to 87-degree centigrade.
  • After that, please take care of the power limit. It will automatically surge up.
  • Now, it’s time to place the core voltage % slider on the right side. The percentage now obtained is solely dependent on the type of graphics card.
  • Last but not least, press the Check button present below the sliders.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you are well acquainted with the best GPU overclocking software now. If you follow these steps mentioned above thoroughly, your PC will behave the same as before and you will experience the best in due course.

Nevertheless, the methodology mentioned for overclocking GPU will also answer the question of how to overclock GPU laptops. However, if you have any questions, you can write your feedback in the comment box.


Mission Motors Drops The Tesla Of Street Bikes

  • An SF startup, Mission Motors, just came out of serious stealth mode at TED 2009.  We’ve already heard about affordable electric bike announcements from HondaVectrix, and Toshiba, however, MM looks to be setting its sites on the high-end cleantech consumer with its new luxury electric bike prototype – much like what Tesla and Fisker are attempting to do with EV’s.
  • With claims of a 150 mile range, a top speed of 150 mph, and a 2-hour recharge, this no gears, all green performance bike might just be the next big thing……oh, wait….nevermind, the price tag is $68,995.
  • CEO and former Tesla Engineer, Forrest North, had this to say:

“With the Mission One, we’re writing the next chapter in motorcycle design, delivering a new riding experience without sacrificing performance or design in a zero emissions vehicle.”

Palm Pre Officially Delayed

Just received an inside tip from a Palm design employee stating the Pre is officially delayed from it’s previous leaked launch date published by BGR. It’s no wonder there is a scheduled Sprint and Palm webcast on Thursday, March 12, centered around the Pre. The Webcast starts at 11 a.m. PST on March 12 with 20 minutes scheduled for the presentation and 20 minutes allowed for Q&A. Wonder what ingenuity Dan Hesse will drop on us this time?

BREAKING: Apple’s Tablet Is For The Healthcare Industry

  • I know, I’m sick of the Apple tablet rumor mill as well, but I couldn’t let this story slide by. It even brought me back to blog for a day, breaking my 3 month blog hiatus while I work on my Y Combinator startup.
  • While the whole tech news world sits around waiting to see what the official deal with the Apple tablet is and if anyone is going to buy this thing, Apple has been quietly ensuring the instant success of their tablet device. How? Apple has been going around targeting their first major paying customer for the device, which is not the average consumer, but the Healthcare industry (sorry fan bois, you’re not first priority here). This is a move widely overlooked by the media, since Apple has generally tried to own the consumer arena, and besides the film industry, hasn’t dominated enterprise. Well, now that they own the music, mobile, laptop and every teenager market, the medical industry is the next up to take over. [What’s my intel? My Dad plays golf with Cedas-Sanai hospital execs, who say they have been getting frequent visits from Apple about a new device in the last 6 weeks].
  • Let’s talk this out. First, this makes perfect sense. The iPhone has already served as a great platform for medical applications. Companies like LifeScan have an app for users with Diabetes. Epocrates is another medical app which  let’s doctors view continually updated clinical data, check for drug-drug interaction, identify pills by physical characteristics and perform medical calculations such as BMI and GRF (pictured*). Then we have iChart, a “personal medical assistant,” which stores everything from patient data to charts and lists of medications in a streamlined, organized fashion (oh, and it regularly updates with new medical data pulled from healthcare networks).  The problem with the iPhone is that it is too small to handle all of this data, not from a processor standpoint but just overall screen size. The tablet can pave a whole new way for medical applications and the way we interact with our doctors. You can certainly bet the iPhone will interact very well with the tablet, so syncing information back and forth with your doctor via both devices should be a breeze.
  • Second, there is already a huge market here with real competitors (not just a Microsoft Courier). In 2007, a company called Motion Computing Inc. launched a product called C5, a tablet computer for doctors that claimed to eliminate the clipboard, scanner and cart-mounted computer on wheels often used in hospitals today. The product is widely used today, but it’s dated, weighs over 3 pounds and sells for $2199. Even at the highest speculated price, Apple’s tablet will cost only $1000.
  • Third, Obama. The President is on Apple’s side here with this one. He has made electronic record-keeping a key feature of his health-care reform effort (hint hint). Electronic records available through Apple’s tablet will save time, mistakes and lives.
  • Come on. Did you really think Steve Jobs was going to make a grand comeback just so you could play Doodle Jump on a 10 inch screen? Also, Joe Wilcox of Beta News, yes the world IS ready for a tablet.

Spotted: First In Line for The Pre

Spotted: First In Line for The Pre

  • Damn, I’m impressed. One of our readers just sent over some photos showing what is now being confirmed as the first person in line for the Palm Pre (and no, it’s not Greg Packer). The line sitter, who did not provide a name, said “I’ve been so disappointed with Sprint since my parents got me a plan three years ago. I hear there is only going to be 4 phones at each spot, and I’m GETTING MINE!”. Does this guy realize it’s Monday and the phone doesn’t go on sale until Saturday? 
  • If anyone else sees Pre lines beginning to build, send over some shots!

RIM To Launch Front Facing Camera On Blackberry Lineup Early Next Year


Following last week’s Fortune Brainstorm event in Pasadena, CA, I got into an interesting 10-minute convo with a RIM executive. What were the topics of discussion? Apps, TelCo Reliability, iPhone and Hardware. This executive had the following to say: (this was not to be shared, but after numerous failed attempts to continue a conversation via email, I decided to post the main points of the convo. I will at least honor his anonymity)


While RIM has been trying to find a way to stay competitive, he admitted that Blackberry App World has not been a rocketing success in terms of app volume and developer popularity. “It’s tough when you are going up against a company operating one platform and perfecting a single piece of hardware”.

TelCo Reliability

RIM is fortunate to have so many solid relationships with the best Telcos globally. “It’s been a strong advantage in the market, especially the US, to offer devices across more than just one network”. When I asked him about AT&T, he said that it hasn’t been near the nightmare for them that Apple has seen with the iPhone/AT&T.


 iPhone is a great phone, but he thinks Blackberry will continue to have strong growth. “They’re different phones”. He specifically pointed out the heavy adoption rates for 18-25-year-olds this past year. “All of their friends are on BBM, and it’s addicting”. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. In Los Angeles, I am still heavily outnumbered in my group of friends and 95% of them say they will never give up their Blackberry because of all their friends on BBM (Blackberry Messenger).


This is where things got interesting. I asked him what RIM planned to do if the iPhone were to have upgraded their hardware to include a front-facing camera. His response was “as I said before, we are fortunate to have our relationships with many different carriers, some of which can handle something like live video-conferencing”. In other words, he and his team weren’t worried about the iPhone launching front-facing video-chat so long as they are with AT&T. The last thing he said to me was “video conferencing is something that could completely change the mobile landscape and it is something we have been thinking about and working on for quite some time. You will start seeing something early next year”.

Apple Store Bans Facebook For Life

  • In an effort to thwart off time-theft and loiterers, Apple has decided to add Facebook to the list of banned websites at retail locations nationwide. When I asked some of the genius’ today whether or not anyone noticed the change, they all said that Facebook stopped working sometime in the past week. One of the genius’ said  “Apple Stores have become a regular Internet Cafe, so placing the most popular time-killer [Facebook] of them all on the banned-list will certainly help everyone get a chance to test out the computers”.
  • As you may have heard, MySpace was banned in May of 2007 from all Apple Stores. When asked why, Apple said “Nearly 2 million people visit Apple Stores every week. We want to provide everyone a chance to test-drive a Mac, so we are no longer offering access to MySpace in our stores.” Apple Stores, which now total 251 worldwide, see an average of 15,744 visitors weekly per store (Q4, 2008). So, currently about 16 million people per month are now denied the right to jump on for a minute (or an hour) to update their status or do their daily stalking. It will be interesting if Facebook will see a slight dip in traffic this month due to the change.

10 Rules To Follow For Mark Cuban To Invest In Your Company

Billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is an extremely intelligent individual and a savvy investor. Believe it or not, in his busy schedule he still finds time to read all of his emails. In his own words, here are the 10 rules Mark suggests you follow when emailing him about investing in your company.

  1. Email Mark Cuban at or
  2. Explain your business in 3 short paragraphs or less
  3. Say why your business is a real business that can make money.
  4. Describe how you met the people you founded the company with and what your skill sets are briefly.
  5. Tell Mark why he or his money would add value to the company.
  6. Include a link to your website.
  7. Don’t ask him to sign an NDA. Let him understand the business. He is a savvy billionaire who does not need to steal your idea.
  8. Don’t try to arrange a phone call or a meeting. Most of the companies Mark invests in, he does not talk to on the phone or ever see in person before investing.
  9. Do not email him more than once. Mark respond to about 5% of the pitches since he only likes about 5% of what he sees.
  10. Wait about 10 minutes and if he loves it, he will write you back shortly to get more info.

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