10 Best Software’s to track your Marketing goals

In this age of digital marketing, competition among businesses is increasing enormously. Several software and tools are available to monitor and track marketing campaigns and strategies. Some programs help to execute marketing strategies appropriately. They allow organizations to manage, assess, control, analyze, and bring about the maximum advantage from its marketing campaign by measuring its performance. In other words, there are tons of apps available to ensure efficiency and optimize marketing strategies for various businesses. 

Marketing Analytics is a necessary tool to track marketing goals because it takes into consideration all marketing efforts across all channels and audiences and provides an understanding of customer history and preferences. 

There are various kinds of tools, which are used for different purposes. Some tools are foundational and used by all or most businesses such as web forms, analytics, email marketing, customer relationship management CRM, etc. However, there are tools used to perform more specialized functions such as keyword, rank trackers, design tools, and more. Google Analytics, which include AdWords and other analytical tools, are used explicitly for Google marketing. These analytics track and report website traffic and it’s rank within Google search engine. 

To achieve your business targets, you need to imply strategies effectively, and the following tools are best for digital marketing that every business should use.

Creating a website for your brand is an effective way to bag the traffic. You need web hosting for your site, either you can spend money on it, for which you can either buy a hosting service through a web hosting discounts or use free temporary hosting services. 


HubSpot is a software used for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. It helps businesses grow by providing effective inbound marketing services. The main goal of their software is to change the way companies attract, engage, and help customers. Their service aims to provide efficient tracking tools for customer relationship management CRM, social media marketing, content management, web analytics, search engine optimization SEO, live chat, and customer support. This marketing software allows businesses to magnetize the audience and produce delighted customers by providing inbound marketing strategies.

Some useful tools are available for free such as web forms, live chat, email marketing campaigns, CRM, and tools that analyze the behaviour of the audience visiting the site. The paid tools are much more proficient. They manage social media content, keep track of emails, connect with leads, etc. In short, it helps increase the traffic and prove return on investment ROI for inbound marketing campaigns.


Socialbakers is a widely known social media marketing partner of various businesses around the globe. 

According to its website, the software leverages the largest social media data-set in the industry and machine learning. The main goal is to provide solutions to businesses to attain maximum benefits from their investments in social media and helps in delivering measurable business outcomes.

The main tools that it includes are Analytical tools for tracking competitive insights and standards, Ad tools that enhance and manage advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Listening tools that allow the businesses to know the discussion related to their brand, Publishing tools, and professional services.

The analytics are highly useful for brands because social media is the key platform for marketing campaigns. 

Since the tools help to measure audience interaction and growth, track major influencers, examine engagements, align competitors, increase social media presence and provide reports on all of these, it becomes all-in-one marketing software to track and achieve goals for marketing campaigns.


Hootsuite is another social media management software. It is a well-known software that works like a cloud, storing content for social media posting that is accessible by the team all the time. The main feature of Hootsuite is that it allows several posts to be scheduled at the same time with tags and keywords. It also keeps track of how the posts are performing on different platforms. Moreover, it can compute return on investment ROI, conversions, and has listening tools to track conversations around the brand or a topic. All these tools are helpful to increase the traffic and engagement on social media posts on various platforms applying different strategies according to the need of that platform.


The Proof is a marketing tool that is linked to companies’ CRM or website and using its analytical tools, and it increases the conversations on companies’ sites. They utilize social Proof messaging, which gives the data on how many people are available or looking at the post at the moment, reviews, and videos designed for targeted customers after they visit their website.

The prominent feature of Proof is social Proof messaging, meaning it provides live count on visitors/viewers, which can pump up the brand image in front of the customers. It helps examine the audience and their interactions and activities on the site, which allows businesses to improve their website in various ways.

Google AdWords

As mentioned above, Google AdWords is highly useful marketing software for advertising business on Google’s search engine. It is one of the most effective marketing tools since it allows your page to pop up on the top results on Google. So if you do not use AdWords, your page will not show up in Google results in front pages even though your website may be the most useful one for the customer.

AdWords entertains the Google Keyword Planner, which allows the businesses to find the most relevant and useful keywords to include in their ad and other content. The tool filters future probabilities for your site. AdWords is a paid software. Hence, it increases the engagement and visibility of your product as compared to organic SEO. It helps place your ad in the limelight, and there are high chances that people will click and use the product that is boosted up by AdWords than those who use organic reach through SEO.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a standard tool in the realm of digital marketing. It is expected of a marketer to have proficiency in Google Analytics. The tools allow you to monitor the traffic on your website and also manage it. It tracks the behaviour of your audience, such as where they are coming from, what pages they spend the most time on, the duration they spent on a site, bounce rate, etc. It also helps businesses in setting up goals for their site, track conversions, events, customer engagement, and more. The data generated by Google Analytics allows brands to recognize pages whose performance is inadequate.

It also has advance features of e-commerce reporting, tracking sales activities, revenues, etc. that are related to e-commerce. Real-time data is also provided by this software, which keeps track of viewers available on site at the moment.

It is the most essential and fundamental tool that is used by almost every business to keep track of data on their website and work on future marketing strategies in accordance with that data.


BuzzSumo is a useful tool to search content ideas, give insights on different platforms, identify famous influencers, and also helps the businesses to connect with them. 

The content research tool is a unique tool to find out the trending topics which help to produce content for the preferred audience resulting in a competent marketing campaign. The tool also allows you to define the scope of your search so that it can be lasting as well. Using the contents’ analytical tools and social mentions, the businesses calculate their performance in the market.

Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is another Analytics software that allows businesses to track the performance of their apps. Flurry is a user-friendly tool that analyzes the usage of the app, notifies when there are changes in the performance, and also keeps track of desirable products.

It is a platform that gives an overall view on the performance of the app, their marketing efforts, provide insight on customer and audience response. The software itself is also available for mobile applications, which makes it easier to access.


Buffer is another social media posting software. It is designed for the web as well as mobile to manage social media accounts by scheduling posts efficiently. It also provides analytics on posts such as views, interactions, engagement, etc.  

There are plenty of features in this software. The free features are essential and allow the businesses to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms according to the traffic on the specific platform to a particular time of the day. It also enables users to choose the desirable time of their choice. The free version has a limit of 10 posts allowed at a given time. However, the paid features permit 100 posts at any given time. It also has advance features, which adds an RSS feed to the users’ profile etc.


Klout is also social media analytics and management software useful for tracking marketing campaigns and goals. It allows you to track and share content that is relevant to your audience and analyze likes and engagement on your shares. Since it helps you find out appropriate content for your audience, this optimizes the interaction and marketing efforts.

Klout is a helpful tool for attracting and engaging the audience towards a specific brand or product using interesting content. It keeps checking on the progress of the businesses. Moreover, it highlights the popularity of various posts by giving them a score called the Klout Score.


With the rise in competition between the brands and businesses, these marketing tools are emerging to not only help the companies keep track of their progress but also positions their growth in the market. It helps the brand to work on their marketing goals more efficiently and optimize their results.

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