10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Though love is the foundation of any happy relationship, love alone is not sufficient. To have a healthy, strong relationship, you must adopt different ways to keep your relationship strong. Dissertationexpert.com prepared ten different ways on how you can keep your relationship strong. 

Use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’

Different researches have shown that when people in a relationship use the word ‘we’, they tend to be happier and have more closure between each other. Using the word ‘we’ means that they both are doing something together as one. 

Keep the playfulness alive

It is important that no matter what age group you are in, you love to play with each other. Have some fun together, joke around and do some rather ridiculous things together. Here are some prank ideas that will definitely fill the room with burst of laughers. This way, you both will be happier and find a good friend within a companion.

Make sure to give some space to your partner

You must give some space to your partner. This way, he or she will feel more relaxed about their relationship and would not be pressurized to something. Not giving space to your partner will make them think that you are dictating their lives, and this way, they will get frustrated. 

Show daily physical affection daily

You must hold your partner’s hand, hug them, and kiss them often. By showing your physical affections daily, your partner will find both love and comfort in you. It also helps both parties lower their stress, improve their mood, and have a better relationship satisfaction.

Focus on the positives

Though there might be some negatives between you and your partner, it is important that you focus more on the positives rather than focusing only on the negatives. This way, you can maintain a healthy relationship and move over the negative aspects of your relationship. 

Fight fair

Many researchers believe that it is not the disagreements that destroy relationships, but it is how we tackle with them. By arguing and fighting aggressively on something can harm your relationship more than the actual reason why the disagreement happened in the first place. 

Have goals as a couple

Couples that have goals together tend to stay together. It is because when couples have goals together, they tend to move towards a common goal and stick together. If individuals in a couple tend to have different goals, then it is highly likely that they will split as they are not working towards their goals as one. 

Be supportive to each other

You must be supportive to each other. By supporting each other through every thin and thick, your relationship grows stronger. When you have a feeling that your partner will always support you no matter what, then you feel more comfortable and attached to your partner. 

All relationships have their ups and downs

It is important to understand that all relationships have their ups and downs. By realizing this, you will not continuously expect your relationship to be happy and good all the time. This will also help you tackle the negatives of your relationship easily.

Keep the novelty alive

People often get bored with each other since every day in their lives is same with their partner. It would help if you kept the novelty alive with your partner. Try new things and experiment with new ideas. This way, you will never get bored with each other and maintain a healthy strong relationship between each other. 

Strong relationships do not just happen automatically, and you must work hard on them. We hope the ten ways mentioned above helps you achieve a better relationship with your partner. 


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