26 Unique and Amazing Blogging Ideas

How busy you are posting your blog posts and updating new content in your blogs, there sometimes comes a time when you’re out of ideas to post content in your blog. You want to write a new blog post for your blog but you have no idea what to write about, where to start, and on what topics to write. Well, this is completely normal for how sometimes bloggers feel and this article will help you providing you with various interesting and amazing topics and ideas for your blog which will keep new and updated blog posts coming every time.

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  These are few blog posts ideas you can inculcate to keep your ideas on blog topics coming and your blog never running out of posts and articles.
  1. Travel articles work really well so if you’ve visited any new places recently then write a travel article about it, like description about the place, how you visited, budget, places of interest, your personal experience and opinions, etc.
  2. Review restaurants and places you go out to eat.
  3. Trying making an interesting blog post arguing or in an opposite context to what’s in trend. For instance, after an actor wins an award, you can write a blog post about why he shouldn’t have won the award.
  4. Write about products that you use and even give recommendations to your readers why you use it and why they should use it.
  5. Make a blog post about the weirdest incidents that has happened to you. For instance, even missed a flight or been stuck somewhere? Write all about it.
  6. Interview someone popular or famous. Do you know anyone who is a local singer or a well-known figure or a blogger or a mini-celebrity? Have a small chat like an interview with them and post it in your blog.
  7. Feature someone’s blog and write about it. Write what you like about and what you don’t. Basically review a blog you follow.
  8. Share lessons you’ve learnt in life in your blog, whether it be about looking for a job in a place or moving in to a city, these tips will always help your potential readers.
  9. Been blogging since a long while? Write blog posts on blogging, audience building, SEO, etc which gets a lot of viewers to search and read for it.
  10. An expert on something? Get your expertise on your blog and share the knowledge you have with your audience.
  11. ‘How To’ articles work really well and you could share someone of the ‘How To’s’ that you know with your readers in your blog.
  12. Another blog writing idea would be writing about funny and humorous events that happened to you in your life.
  13. Attended a major event? Write everything about it as they may likely be people looking for information about it.
  14. Been in a great relationship or a horrible breakup? All the experience you’ve had, make up great relationship blog post where you could write anything and everything you’ve learnt from a relationship.
  15. So you know yourself and you find a lot of things you can relate to yourself. Well, there may be a lot of people who are like you and can relate to those things as well so write articles describing posts which you can relate to.
  16. Listened to a single music number that released recently? Write a music review about how you felt about it, good, bad, great, horrible, anything you feel.
  17. Share your music playlist. Make a blog post like 10 Pop Songs of 2015 You Must Listen To.
  18. You love eating and you have a lot of favorite dishes. Get ideas to write a blog post from them. Make up an article like 12 Home-Made Easy Snacks You Should Definitely Try.
  19. Had a really bad time on a flight or a horrible experience purchasing a product or the service in a hotel drove you crazy? Take off all your frustration write about those horrible experiences on your blog and publish it so that your readers may also be able to read about it.
  20. Write something quite opposite to the stereotype. You can see a lot of weight loss articles on the internet so why not try writing a blog post something really opposite like, How to Get Really Fat in 2 Weeks.
  21. You always have opinions about what’s wrong with the world and how one can make our society a better place to live. Share your opinions on the world, politics and social issues on your blog.
  22. You have a rough idea about what you want to do in life in the next 10 years or you’ve made a bucket list? Well, share that in your blog as well.
  23. Saw something on the tv or heard a news and that made you thinking. Time to write it down about what you thought in your blog which could be a great blog idea.
  24. Share information in your blog about your culture, your town, your neighbourhood which you think is interesting and which your readers may probably find interesting as well.
  25. Debate, counter question and oppose to various opinions and state your personal opinions about various things in your blog.
  26. Read an inspiring book or met an inspiring person? Write every detail what your inspiration in life in a new blog post.

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