3 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

In the bloodstream, a very small quantity of cholesterol travels called lipoproteins which are made up of fat and liver plays an important role in removing these fats from the human body.

There are two kinds of lipoproteins one is low density and the other is high-density lipoproteins. As for being healthy both the lipoproteins are important, but more of LDL is bad as it leads to building up more cholesterol in the arteries.

Cholesterol is actually a fat-like substance found in all the cells of an individual body and when its LDL level increases it leads to bad health. So for maintaining the cholesterol level in your body good diet and exercise are compulsory, but people try the unsuccessful things and complain about their health

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onion extract is a good way to reduce cholesterol

Whether Onion extract can lower the cholesterol was a big question a few time ago, but the researchers had found the answer to this question by doing research on the rats.

Onions are high in polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids which is supposed to have characteristics like anticancer abilities, antiproliferative abilities, or the ability to stop cell growth or antioxidants etc. which are also helpful in improving the cholesterol.

The Onions reduces the LDL in the person’s body which are bad and also leads to cardiovascular diseases. After many types of research and examination we the researchers found that Onion can be tremendously beneficial in reducing the bad cholesterol and also blood sugar and as this a very common vegetable ingredient one can use onion to maintain the cholesterol level in their body.

Onion Extract

orange reduces cholesterol

Orange is also told to the world healthiest fruit which is tasty as well has lots of advantages relating to the human body. The orange has the antioxidant substance and has Vitamin C which is supposed to lower the cardiovascular disease.

It has the pectin that is contained in the white rind of orange and lowers the LDL cholesterol up to 7-10%. It is said that most of the citrus fruit are supposed to have pectin in them which is a good drug for cholesterol

red wine increses HDL

I am, really not going to advise you something bad for your health, but if you are a little addicted towards drinking then try this tip for keeping healthy side by side.

Do go for other unhealthy edible substances or hard drinks, but try the a glass of red wine that will actually not do anything to your LDL, but will help increase the HDL in your body to remain healthy.

However, this is not an advice to take drinks and lose your presence of mind or just start from today as this will not help you. Only if you are addicted then this is a positivity on your habit and you can try our advice, but if you do not try wine then please stay out of it.

Moreover, you must consult for every thing to your doctor who will help you know more good about this.

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