3 Ways to Make Your Cheap Apartment Look Less Terrible

People who are just out of college often rent a cheap apartment once they land a full-time job. The cost of the apartment may be affordable, but don’t let cheapness take over the inside. You may be hesitant to have people over if you have a terrible looking apartment. Many cheap apartments are often small to fit one person. However, there are creative ways to make areas in a cheap apartment look less terrible.

The Kitchen

Kitchens in a one-person apartment are often have very little extra space. This means drawer space may be at a premium. If you are low on drawers in your kitchen, then consolidation is one option. There is a second option that involves the use of adhesive hooks and magnets. Make use of empty wall space with hooks to keep various utensils, kitchen towels, and pot holders. If you are allowed to put nails into your walls, then consider adding a peg board with a variety of hooks. You can also put small appliances in high places, such as the top of cabinets or the refrigerator.

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The Bathroom

Many tubs and showers in an apartment do not have any place for soaps and supplies. One way for you to solve this problem is to use a storage rack that fits over your shower head. You can easily store soaps and containers of shampoo or other items used when taking a shower. Another option for extra space to use for storage in your bathroom is to place a plant stand next to the toilet. This is a great place to keep an extra roll of toilet paper or items that cannot fit into a drawer. If you have a hook on the back of your bathroom door, then hang a basket to keep a few hand towels.


This is all the technology that is set up in the apartment. This will include a TV, cable box or a satellite receiver, DVD player, and home theater receiver. Individuals may also have a computer set up that has a printer and other types of peripherals. The one thing that technology has in common is the increasing mess of cords that are often unsightly. One way to keep cords organized and looking neat is to tie them up with zip ties. A zip tie will keep cords together and are easy to keep hidden.

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Additional Information

Finding extra storage space in an apartment can be a challenging task. However, there are many places where you can obtain extra storage and keep much of it out of view. One way to do this is to utilize the space available on various doors. You can easily attach an over-the-door shoe rack to a bedroom or to a bathroom door. The pockets can be used to keep shoes or any other items. Another option is to find one or more plastic drawers. These are great to keep in various rooms to store odds and ends to keep off the tables or counters in your apartment.


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