5 Things You Should Know About Your Earmuffs

When you see earmuffs, you may think of it as a part of a winter outfit. But more than being an accessory, ear muffs also provide the comfort and protection that our ears need. You may picture ear muffs being worn by workers on a construction site as they use their heavy equipment. This comfort and protection are usually much appreciated especially from a noisy or cold environment.

Earmuffs are usually identified by the two cup-like materials that cover the ear,  and a headband that binds them together. These cups usually use very secure and cushion-like materials to ensure that the wearer is comfortable, and their ears are protected. But more than this technical description of earmuffs, here are some additional details that you should know about them.

There are Incorrect Ways to Wear Them

How you wear your earmuffs depends on the other gears that you also have to wear. If you are wearing a hard hat, it is best to wear a back-banded ear muff. You have to ensure that the headband properly fits your head. Therefore, it is improper to wear earmuffs on top of hoodies since it compromises the ear muff’s seal and noise reduction ability.

Some are Created For Specific Purposes

Some occupations provide ear muffs that have different styles. The most common style is the overhead ear muffs, while some industries have ear muffs that are directly attached to hard hats or have bands that go at the back of the head. These different styles allow the worker to work in comfort while still maintaining the ear muff’s hearing protection integrity.  

  1. Clean Them

Some occupations tend to be in environments that have high amounts of dust and soot. It may also be the case that some workplaces allow their employees to have personal protective equipment. It is best to clean the earmuffs to ensure proper hygiene. It is also recommended to only wipe the ear muff’s outer area with water since some chemicals may compromise the ear muff’s noise reduction ability.

They Do Not Last Forever

Please take a good look at your earmuffs and carefully assess its parts. If you’ve had them for quite some time, you may notice that it can look quite beaten. The cushions might be less bouncy, the cups might have some cracks or scratches, and the foam seals might look worn-out. If they look in that manner, it is best to change them already since worn-out ear muffs do not provide the same hearing protection as new earmuffs.

You May Need More Than Just Earmuffs

There are some cases where an environment is very high in noise, and a single earmuff may not be enough. As such, workers are required to practice dual protection to maximise noise reduction and protect hearing. Dual protection is done using well-fitting protective earplugs and a thin ear muff that properly seals the ears and does not disturb the placement of the earplugs.

Earmuffs may be one of your best friends, especially in a high noise environment. However, it is important to realise how they are properly worn and taken care of to maximise their protecting capacity.

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