6 Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Ideas

So, dude, you are getting married, huh? Well, the sh*t just got real!

Being a guy who’s already had his bachelor party two years ago and is happily married for a while now, I got to tell you – if planned right, this bachelor party can be the best night out you’ve ever had in your entire life!

Sure, the moment someone says a “bachelor party” us guys immediately (mentally) go to Hangover scenarios, tripping out we’ll end up doing the same or similar things, with just as plenty of excitement. But let me tell you this – it ain’t happening! Why? Well, first – we are not in a movie. Second, you would never have the budget for all of those things to happen (unless you are super, super rich) and third – there is no way your life is THAT cool (neither is mine, but that’s okay).

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Still, the fact you won’t be able to copy Hangover out doesn’t mean you won’t be hangover for a week after your bachelor party nor that you won’t have a blast! Taught by my personal experience and some of my friends’ recent experiences, I’m listing out some awesome ideas you may consider for your big male bash!
Ok, here we go:

  1. Flying out to a another/neighboring country

Bachelor parties are your one chance to splurge on yourself and your friends once before you get married, ‘cos once you do – joint accounts simply won’t tolerate such stuff.

You can find pretty cheap tickets if you purchase in time. Gathering a few of your best friends and flying out to any of the countries you’ve always wanted to visit is an amazing way to a) explore something new b) have to fun their way (when I say ‘their’, I mean the way people from the country you are going to party). For instance, totally trending for the last few years are the Balkans, Serbia with their capital Belgrade being an absolute must to visit. Their nightlife is sick!!!

  1. Paintball fights and tequila shots

Nope, it can’t go without alcohol and why should it! Organize a drunken paintball activity with all of you guys taking a tequila shot (or any other drink your like) each time you get hit. Or, even cooler – get drunk and then play paintball! I promise, when drunk – it doesn’t even hurt as much! Oh, and – don’t forget to take pictures… you’ll laugh your as* off tomorrow!

  1. Man up before you say “yes”

A huge trend that’s now dominating the bachelor arena is hiring escorts for a fun and memorable bachelor night. When you think about it, there’s probably nothing as cool as that, and the wife to be doesn’t really need to know. At first, it didn’t seem like a huge deal (it’s not like nobody before hired escorts for a fun night) but Red Door escort agency from Sydney noticed that it’s becoming way bigger a deal than before so they made sure they provide properly. Ah, I know, I am being disgusting but I am a man and so what. If you are man enough to try something like this, go for it! My buddy Mike (got married like six months ago) tried it – he’s still talking about when it’s just us guys!

  1. Sports night for your favorite boys

If you are sports fanatic, organizing a bachelor sports night may be just the thing for you. Arrange to have your big bachelor party on the night of a big game: baseball, basketball, water polo, hockey, or whatever’s on. your local sports bar. You’ll be ordering loads of alcohol and spicy chicken wings, obviously!

  1. Bowling for bachelors Nope, you don’t remember it well – it’s not boring and it’s waaaaay more fun than you remember. Divide the guys into two teams to spice things up. Losers pay for drinks! For the perfect gift, order a bowling ball with the bachelor’s initials on it.
  2. Karaoke humiliation like no other Have an awesome time by getting mildly smashed with your buddies, then make sure each and every one of you performs. If you are reading this and you are the best man, tell your bachelor buddy he sounds amazing singing his own extended version of “Desert rose.” For extra points, get the performance on video and watch it all together when you get sober. It’ll be amazing!

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