6 Things You Need to Know about Free Manga Sites

Free Manga sites are often misunderstood, and they don’t have such a good reputation in the manga readers community. And there are some things about these sites that support these points of view, but free manga sites are not all bad. There are some amazing benefits that come with using a free manga site like mainstream, that you need to be aware of.

So, to break it down for you, here are 6 good and bad things about free manga sites that you need to know

  1. Scanned Copies of Original Manga

Free manga sites don’t offer the original manga content. What these websites do is, they take the manga from the original source, create its digital copies and distribute it via their free platform. So, if you are looking for original quality manga content, free manga sites might not be the best choice for you. Although the scanned copies that you get on these sites are identical to the original thing, they are still not the same. 

  • Free Manga Sites are not Legal

Free manga sites are not exactly legal. As we mentioned before, free manga sites like mangastream and mangafox offer scanned copies of the original content and the websites that don’t ask the permission of the original creators, they are doing illegal distribution of manga content. This is what most free manga sites are doing. Although there is not going to be any kind of legal implication for you for reading manga content free from these sites, the free sites can get taken down anytime because of the copyright violation.         

  • Free Manga Sites Have a lot of Ads

Since free manga sites are offering you manga content without charging you any kind of fees for their services, they make up for it with ads on the site. These ads can get a lot sometimes and can affect your manga reading experience. Most free manga sites have irrelevant ads on them that greatly affect the user experience on the site. Still, there are certain free manga sites that offer decent manga reading experience with no ads at all.    

  • Free Manga Sites offer Adequate User Experience

Free Manga sites are not directly taking money from you by asking you to pay for the manga, so they don’t really care about user experience. These websites have a lot of ads and redirects that affect your user experience on the site. But all these interruptions seem reasonable considering the free manga that these sites have to offer. So, you can bear the ads and redirects. Still, if you want a trouble-free experience, you can go on and use a paid manga service instead. 

  • Free Manga Sites are not a Privacy Threat

Unlike the popular opinion, free manga sites are not a threat to your privacy. These websites are totally safe to use. In fact, you can read their privacy policy on their site. Manga sites like mangastream offer complete transparency with their quality of services. You won’t have to worry about anything at all when reading manga on free sites.   

  • Free Manga Sites are Updated on a Regular Basis

It is not just the paid manga sites that have all the latest manga content, free manga sites are also updated on a regular basis with the updates of your favorite content. You can visit these sites to catch up to the latest releases of your favorite manga online. Whether you want to read old manga or the latest releases, you can find all kinds of manga on the free manga sites.   

Final Words  

Although we highly recommend supporting original content and reading manga from official paid services, if you feel like you don’t have enough money to spend on paid manga services, going for free ones would not be such a bad choice. You can find information about the free, quality manga sites on Past News. Free manga sites might not offer excellent user experience, but still they offer an ease of access that is hard to find in paid manga services. So, make sure to check out free manga websites for reading your favorite manga online.


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