7 Major Benefits of Playing Tennis

What’s your main reason for playing tennis or your main reason for considering playing tennis? Is it the rush of adrenaline you get while playing? Is it the excitement of playing a new sport? 

There are several great reasons why someone might want to start playing, but have you thought about the health benefits of playing tennis? That’s right! There are several health reasons to play tennis. 

In the guide below, you’ll discover a few reasons why tennis is beneficial to your health. Continue reading below to get started!

1. It’s a Great Workout

When you can’t find the time to make it to the gym every night, or simply don’t want to get your daily workout in by lift weights, or running the track, you can choose to play tennis instead. Playing tennis is a great workout for your body. Tennis is considered an aerobic exercise. 

If you participate in the sport at least five times a week, then you’ll most likely see some weight loss. How is this possible? There’s much more to playing tennis than simply standing in one spot and hitting the ball with your racket. 

To play tennis, you have to move around, run, swing your arms, reach, and more. While playing, you’re constantly moving. The sport requires you to use your entire body to play.

Because of this, you burn calories and because you’re having fun, you might not even realize how intense the game’s getting or how long you’ve been playing (working out). 

2. It Strengthens Your Heart

As mentioned before, tennis is an aerobic exercise. This means you’ll strengthen your heart while playing. What makes tennis an aerobic exercise? 

Running to chase tennis balls, jumping high to get your perfect swing, and running around the tennis court are all ways you’re strengthening your heart while playing. As you do these things, you’re also breathing deeper and faster. The increase in breathing allows more oxygen to enter your body, which also helps improve heart health. 

3. It Helps Improve Your Balance 

Imagine the tennis ball flying quickly to the opposite side of the court from where you’re standing. You must quickly reach the other side and hit the ball with your racket to send it back over the net to the other player’s court. All of this movement takes control and balance. 

If you’re not too quick or steady on your feet, then you’ll learn how to improve both when playing tennis. You’ll become more coordinated and ready to react quickly without tripping or falling. 

4. It Increases Your Motor Control

How can tennis increase your motor control? You need the ability to control your body and hold it steady while another part of your body is moving if you want to play. For example, keeping a steady and strong position with your feet while you put effort into a nice swing takes practice. 

Although it might seem easy enough, if you’re a beginner, then you’ll soon learn how tempting it is to move your feet while putting a lot of force behind your swing. Don’t forget, your legs and arms aren’t the only parts of your body you need control of. As you try to quickly stop or turn while running, twist your hips, and rotate your body, you’ll need motor control over your core as well. 

5. It Gives You a Reason to Be Outdoors

Spending time outdoors isn’t only a great way to soak up some vitamin D. It’s also beneficial for your mental health. When you can’t find any other reason to head outside, let tennis be the only reason you need. 

Being around nature allows your mind to relax and find peace. Soaking up the sun can improve your immune system and your heart health. Just make sure to wear the right SPF of sunscreen and reapply as directed on the label. 

As long as you practice safe sun time, you’ll enjoy the benefits without the disadvantages of a sunburn. 

6. It’s a Great Opportunity for Social Interaction

Some people find new friends in a book club. Others might find new friends in an actual club. Why not find new friends while playing tennis? 

Tennis is a wonderful opportunity for social interaction. If you visit your local tennis courts, then be sure to introduce yourself to some of the other players. You might find a new component and friend all in one person. 

You can also consider hiring a trainer to help you practice your tennis skills and teach you how to complete a slice serve and other techniques. Even if you convince a friend or family member to play with you, these are all good ways to fit in some social interaction into your schedule, which can also improve mental health.

7. It’s a Good Stress Reliever 

There are many amazing ways to relieve stress. Playing tennis is one of them. Imagine being able to get out all the built-up frustration inside you each time you swing your racket and hit the ball. 

Rather than taking out your frustrations on your boss or your family, you can take it out on the court. While you play, your mind will become focused on the task at hand. Which direction is the ball headed?

How do you need to position yourself to ensure a good swing? As your mind becomes flooded with all these questions, you won’t have time to think about anything else. 

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Playing Tennis?

Are you ready to play tennis and reap all the wonderful benefits that come along with the sport? Use the information about the benefits of playing tennis given in the guide above to persuade yourself and your loved ones to play. Tennis is a great way to have lots of fun while keeping your body and mind healthy!

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