7 Startup Names with Cool Backstories

Have you ever wondered how successful startup companies came up with their name? It seems like a difficult task to find a great name that hasn’t already been taken. We’ve dug around a bit and learned how these successful startups have all managed to find unique names.


Many think the digital music service Spotify started as a portmanteau of “spot and “identify” but CEO Daniel Ek cleared up this misconception over at Quora. Referring to a brainstorming session he was having with co-founder Martin Lorentzon, Ek explains how it all went down.

“Martin and I were sitting in different rooms shouting ideas back and forth of company names. We were even using jargon generators and stuff. Out of the blue Martin shouted a name that I misheard as Spotify – We were a bit embarrassed to admit that’s how the name came up so our afterconstruction was to say that Spotify stems from SPOT and IDENTIFY.”

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When does the fun usually happen? According to the founders of the photo sharing site Eeve, the good times are most prevalent at “events” and in the “evening”. After pulling the “eve” out of both words, they still needed a way to distinguish themselves from the everyday run of the mill eve, so they added a second ‘e’ at the beginning, and thus the fun-loving, photo sharing Eeve was born.


Back when Zygna was still operating under the name Presidio Media, CEO Mark Pincus needed to come up with a name for his burgeoning social network game empire. Like most pet owners, the name of his beloved dog held special meaning to him. So it was a no brainer that Zinga, the name of his American Bulldog, was under consideration. Unfortunately, Zinga.com was already registered to someone else. Thanks to a quick thinking employee who had the idea to change the spelling from Zinga to Zynga (which was available), Pincus’s four-footed companion was able to go down in addictive gaming history.


You can’t help but smile when you say the word lollihop. It’s not surprising that a company known for their tasty, healthy snacks would have such an upbeat name. Combining health and happiness, the name evokes all the good parts from a successful visit to the doctor’s office – especially the lollipop treat at the end.

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There’s a nice little back story on how the San Francisco-based software company Xobni, chose its name. And when we say “back story”, we mean it literally. Xobni’s first product was software created to search through email archives, in other words, search back through your inbox. Xobni (pronounced zob- nee) is inbox spelled backwards. Very clever, Xobni. Or should we say,”Yrev, revelc?”


Hounds are the “go to” resource when you are looking for something difficult to find. As a company that searches for the best insurance coverage, CoverHound paired the searching prowess of a “hound” with their dedication to “cover” all the ground when selecting their name.


Mozy is a cloud-based online backup service that allows users to back up data continuously, manually or schedule updates. Known for offering backup storage space for home as well as business users, Mozy gets its name from the words “More Zettabytes for Your Mom” and mixing them around a bit. It was initially named “Breakaway Data Services for Your Mom,” or BDSM. Cute, but we think Mozy is a bit catchier.


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