Transcribing audio and video content can be a dauntless task. It does not come off as a very entertaining topic for the majority of the people out there. But various research studies suggest that websites with transcription features earn 16% more revenue on average as compared to websites that do not. Not to mention, there are many other benefits to YouTube transcriptions as well. According to several studies transcribing your video for podcasts or audio content greatly benefits your overall engagement and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) alongside generating increased revenue.

What Is Transcribing?

To put it in simpler words, transcribing is the process of converting a recorded section of video or audio into text. As easy as it may sound, people that are new to the transcription process often get overwhelmed by the tedium nature of the process. Transcribing a video is without a doubt, a boring and time-consuming process, but before adequate research about transcribing software and preparation can greatly assist in its simplification.

Why Should You Transcribe?

Apart from marketing-related benefits, one of the main incentives you get for transcribing videos is easy content accessibility. A transcribed video is more accessible to your audience than a non-transcribed one. It is also very user-friendly towards people with handicaps such as those who find it hard to hear the audio or see the video. Postings transcripts, in conjunction with your audio or video, make it easier for disabled users to understand your content. Transcripts can also be used as subtitles or captions and with proper synchronization can greatly provide a better user experience. The only downside we can think of transcribing videos is that it can be a time-consuming process.

So, without any further ado, here are some tools and tips that can greatly assist you in making the transcription process faster and seamless. If you are new to transcribing videos, this guide will make you transcribe videos like a pro.

How to Boost Transcription Productivity?

It is nigh impossible to reach expert typing speeds if you are new to the transcription process. A lot of typing practice or courses can only help you to a certain extent. But with the help of modern transcription tools, you can greatly enhance your transcription productivity.

Here are some tools that can assist you in making the transcription process faster.

  1. The Right Transcription Software

Good transcription software is essential if you want the transcribing process to be as fast as possible. Even if you are transcribing videos yourself, you will at the very least need some special transcribing software that allows you to playback audio just by using your keyboard or foot pedal; This minimizes the frustration caused by using a mouse for starting and stopping audios. There are numerous free and paid transcriptions software available. With some prior research, you can determine which software best suits your needs. Below we have listed some transcription services that have trial versions alongside reasonable premium upgrades.

  • FTW Transcriber
  • Inscribe
  • Express Scribe
  • Go transcript


Foot Pedals As mentioned previously, controlling audio via a mouse is very time consuming and tedious. To overcome this dilemma, utilize a transcription foot pedal. A foot pedal is the quickest way to increase your transcription efficiency. Ask any expert transcriber, and they will tell you a foot pedal is a significant upgrade, and they cannot manage without one. However, if you do not feel like investing money into a foot pedal, you can configure your transcription software to adjust the audio playback using your keyboard. Both options are way more efficient than using mouse hands down.

  1. Headphones with Built-in Noise Cancellation

If high levels of white noise are giving you issues, we advise you to get a decent pair of noise cancellation headphones. There are quite a few out there, and with some research, you can find the one that suits your needs. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is a safe bet. A noise cancellation headphone can greatly assist you in increasing transcription productivity.

  1. Voice Recognition Software

If your fingers are finding it hard to type long sentences, a voice recognition software can greatly reduce that burden. Pcs and Macs both have built-in voice recognition features, but you can also opt for external voice recognition software such as Tami and Dragon Anywhere. With external software for voice recognition, you can scan specific documents or sections of your audio/video content and identify any jargon or unconventional spellings.

  1. Word Expanding Programs

To make the transcription process even more seamless, you can utilize a word expander software. If used properly, a word expander program can increase your transcription efficiency by 30 per cent. Word expander programs let you custom-define text and words so that you do not need to deal with constant repetitive keystrokes, and For example, you can tell the software to expand “ty” to “thank you” to save time. Pcs and Macs have built-in features that serve the same purpose.

Tips for Faster Transcriptions

Good tools and good technique go hand in hand. A good technique is just as important if not more as adequate tools. Here are some tips that can aid you in the transcription process.

1) Listen to the Full Recording before Transcribing

Most people that are new to transcribing do not analyze the recordings and dive straight into it; This is a huge mistake because if the recording turns out to be complex, it will cause frustration later. Therefore, you must listen to the audio from start to finish. Scout out things such as total length of the recording, speaker numbers, languages, complex terminologies, rate of speech etc. After successfully understanding the complexity of your audio or video content, you can decide whether or not you a voice recognition software is mandatory or not.

2) Enhance Audio Quality

With some research about various audio tuning software, you can improve the quality of your audio significantly. There are many programs available in the market that come with auto-tuning features such as background noise reduction, extra volume boost and high pass filter.

3) Proofread

By proofreading, we mean checking the accuracy of your transcript and add any fillers, sound effects or words. You can place timecodes if you wish to make adjustments to your transcript at a later time.

Final Verdict.

If you plan on doing video transcriptions than we strongly suggest you take assistance from a transcription software. Manually transcribing a video is not the most productive way, especially with cheap and effective transcription tools at your disposal. Using the tools and tips mentioned above will increase your transcription efficiency tenfold.

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