How To Solve Android.Process.Media Has Stopped Issue

Getting to fix the error " has stopped” is something that we will want if it
appears to us. Normally this error will appear after an update or update of apps, but we want to be able
to correct it without having to lose the update.

What is this error?

If we have come to the case that the error, unfortunately, the process has
stopped appears, it is that we have come to the case that we have modified something in the device,
usually due to some installation, update or configuration, so that, as we have said, the process that
manages the multimedia of the operating system is stopping.
In fact, it is very common that this error appears after the installation of a ROM, a firmware update or
especially when the download of an application has been cut from Google Play.
This error, once it appears, usually causes it to be constantly appearing, because when we click OK, the
operating system will try to restart the process in question. This will end up causing our own despair to
see that we cannot enjoy our mobile device as we would like.

Why does the error happen?

Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

The apps that conflict are usually different, but the origin of the problem is similar for all of them, the
most common are usually:
• Changes in the Android version (this is more noticeable in Chinese mobiles, which are
incompatible with the latest versions).
• Download and install invasive APKs, which install in the background when you click on an ad
banner. This cause also includes all kinds of viruses, adware, and Trojans.
• APK incompatible with the smartphone, and therefore, Android cannot process it, either
because it needs an older or newer version.
• Change the ROM that Android brings by default. Both for those who flash and those who do not,
simply the mobile is not adapted to that particular ROM.
• A firmware update that was unexpectedly interrupted, causing the Android process error.

Possible solutions to correct the error

Suppose we are unfortunately already receiving such an error, what do we do now? As we always do in
these cases, let's go from the least drastic solution to the most drastic.

Firstly, the error may be caused by some temporary files on the device (for
example, a hacked download from Google Play, or cached data). To do this, it is best to clear the cache
and download manager data. For this, we will go to:
Settings / Applications / ALL / Download manager

There we will clear both the cache and the data

Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

If this has still not fixed the error, we should think about whether we have installed any third-party
software that could be malicious before continuing with other more drastic solutions. To do this, take a
look at your applications and think about whether you recently installed any that might be suspicious.
If this has not yet solved the error, we could think of the alternative of disabling the auto-sync function
of the phone, to prevent the updates of the apps from being installed automatically. To do this, we will
go to: Settings / Data usage / Mobile tab
Once here, we will give the menu button and activate the option to Restrict automatic connections.
If we have reached this point we continue with the error, touch the most drastic option, which is that
we do a factory reset, which would leave the device as if it were from the factory.
The factory reset is more than enough solution to avoid this problem. But as we always say, keep in mind
that you will lose the current state of the device!
If you have been one of those unlucky enough to see this error and has stopped
unexpectedly, how have you fixed it?

Alternative solution

Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

If you are not sure of the app that is causing the problem, there is a definitive solution to fix the error
" has stopped".
Previously, it is necessary to make a backup of the device, in the event that something goes wrong and it
becomes a nice paperweight.
We, therefore, download an app like Helium ( ) and proceed to save both
apps and data. We will need an SD card to dump the backup.
Then, touch to reset the device to the factory state by going to Settings> Backup and reset> Factory
reset> Reset device> Erase everything.
According to the version of Android, it will even force you to make the backup in the sd before deleting.
After a few minutes, the phone will reboot, and you can restore lost files from Settings> Backup.
Top 3 methods to fix this problem

Method 1: Clear Cache and Data

Step 1. Access the Settings app and go to App Settings. Tap everyone and discover the Google Play Store.
Step 2. Open the app info screen and tap Clear cache and Clear data. Then press the Force Stop button
to stop the application.
Step 3. Find out the Google Play service in Application Settings and run step 2 to clear the app's cache and data.
Step 4. Similarly, search for Google Service Framework in Application Settings and repeat step 2 to clear
data and cache.
Step 5. Finally, restart your Android device. You will find that has stopped the

Method 2: Erase Media Storage and Download Manager

Step 1. Locate Accounts in the Settings app, tap on Google account and uncheck all boxes to disable Google sync.
Step 2. Go to App Settings in the Settings app, tap All and find Media Storage. Tap Clear cache and Clear
data on the app info screen. Then tap the Disable button to disable it.
Step 3. Find the Download Manager application on the application settings screen. Run the workflow in
step 2 to clear data and cache, and then disable the app.
Step 4. Restart your Android device. If has stopped the error does not appear, go
to Application Settings and enable Google Sync, Media Storage and Download Manager.

Method 3: Update firmware

Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

If you haven't updated the firmware for a long time, you can try installing the latest firmware to repair. Also read- How to change margins in google docs has stopped the problem. Smartphone manufacturers generally release official
software to help you update the firmware, such as Samsung Smart Switch, HTC Sync Manager, Sony
Flash Tool, LG PC Suite, etc. We use the Samsung Smart Switch as an example here.
Step 1. Download and install Samsung Smart Switch on your computer. Connect your Samsung device to
the computer using a USB or wireless cable. Run Smart Switch; It will detect the model of your device
and install the corresponding drivers.
Step 2. Click the Backup button to back up your phone to the computer.
Step 3. If there is a firmware update available for your smartphone, you will see the message on the
Smart Switch interface. Click the Update button next to the message.
Step 4. Press the Update button in the confirmation window to start installing the latest firmware.
Step 5. The whole process can take up to half an hour. When you see the full notification, press the OK
button and disconnect your smartphone.
Then you will find that the error does not appear.

Method 4: factory reset

Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

The definitive solution to get rid of has stopped the problem is the factory reset.
That will erase all personal data, apps, files, and settings, so you need to back up the entire Android
phone with a Tipard Phone Transfer.
If your smartphone still works, you can go to Settings-> Advanced Settings-> Backup and reset and run
the factory data reset option. If the headset does not fail due to this error, you must do a full reset.
Step 1. Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the system recovery menu
appears on the screen.
Step 2. Highlight the Wipe data/factory reset option in the list with the volume keys and press the
power key to run the command.
Step 3. Then select and run Yes, delete all user data in the confirmation window.
Step 4. When the factory reset is complete, choose to reboot the system now and reboot your Android
Then you can use phone transfer to bring back all your data from the backup mobile device.
Don't forget to back up your Android before repair has stopped. It is a good habit
to avoid unnecessary data loss. Apeaksoft Android Data Backup and Restore is your ultimate tool that
can selectively and securely back up Android data to PC.
Step 1: Connect Android to Android data recovery
Download and run Android Data Recovery on your Mac or PC.


Here, we have explained how to fix has stopped error in detail. Before solving
the problem, you should back up your Android phone to a mobile device with a Tipard Phone Transfer for later restoration. First of all, you can wipe data and cache from your Android device. If it doesn't work,
you will need to disable the Media Storage and Download Manager applications. Sometimes outdated
firmware can also cause Android runtime error. So, we also introduce how to update the latest firmware
to repair your smartphone. The definitive solution is to do a factory reset, which could solve any error
except breaking the smartphone.

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