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The much-awaited sequel to the phenomenal and market-defining device – iPad – has finally made its way to the shelves. But is the hue and cry about the iPad worth? Let us find out in this latest review of the device.


The iPad is almost identical to its predecessor in both the software and hardware front. It seems Apple didn’t think it to be wise to alter the dimensions of the iPad follow-up Myhrconnectionand the result is that the iPad measures 9.7 inches in thickness and sports 1024 x 768 display. Among the numerous cosmetic changes that the iPad exhibits, the dual-core A5 processor, expanded memory, and new camera pair are the more noticeable changes on the hardware front. The iPad does not seem to promise huge turnovers like that by its predecessor. But one thing is for sure that users will be stunned at its thin profile, sleek design, and blazing speed.


To state that Apple has not cast a keen eye on the hardware specs of the iPad will not be entirely accurate. The sleek computer hardware and the sexy look owing to the tapered edges are the two most selling points in the iPad. As compared to the half-an-inch thick iPad, the iPad is merely 0.34 inches thick. It is not only shorter than the iPad but also is less extensive (7.3 inches) than the 7.47-inch full iPad. If the results for ‘the thinnest Apple device’ used to be the iPhone 4 than the iPad will change the scene. Well, the sleek design and thin profile of the iPad is quite commendable, considering the amount of stuff packed inside. Besides, as compared to the one-and-half pounds weighing iPad, the iPad weighs just 1.33 pounds (1.34 – 1.35 pounds in case of 3G versions).

What does not change in the iPad is the smooth aluminum back cover (slightly quieter this time). Also, the front of iPad is all screen, like the previous version, but less broad.


The A4 processor of the iPad has been replaced with the dual-core 1GHz processor named as A5 processor. What is disappointing is the 512RAM in the device. Well, at least 1GB RAM should have been offered with a tool if such magnificence.


The 9.7-inch display with IPS technology and 1024 x 768 pixels resolution in the iPad seems like a story retold. An upgrade to the decision on the iPad was highly expected. However, the display is flawless as far as color balance is concerned.


The iPad comes in three variants: WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n) only version, Verizon 3G variant, and AT&T/GSM version. The iPad comes equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and the 3G versions sport an AGPS chip. All three models wear the brand new 3-axis gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer and light sensor.


With the relocation of the single speaker to the back on iPad, the audio quality seems to have improved. Although substantial work has been done to make the sound quieter and more precise, with apps such as GarageBand, a good pair of headphones is a must.


The A5 processor with a clocking speed of 800MHz makes the iPad incredibly fast. The performance of the processor, as well as GPU, remained intact irrespective of how intensive the run programs were.

Battery life

Well, this is one area where the promises made by Apple are sound. The iPad maintains the kind of battery longevity found in the previous version or any other Apple devices despite the reduction in size. The iPad does not ask for the juice to three days of heavy use. This means that you need not bother about the battery of the iPad running out for at least three days Pubg pceven when the WiFi or 3G is on or during Web browsing, video shoot, and continuous audio playback. The iPad delivers above 10 hours of constant playback.


It seems Apple did not work as much on this front. The iPad was expected to have high-end sensors. There is no tangible difference between the camera of an iPod Touch and that of the iPad. The iPad sports an HD lens at the back and a front-facing VGA camera. Both these cameras fail miserably when it comes to still shots. The iPad will have a tough time against its competitor Motorola XOOM in terms of camera performance. The FaceTime app and Photo Booth are the only saving grace on this front.


In keeping with the tradition of launching every new Apple device with an iOS update, the iPad is based on iOS 4.3, which can be considered a little upgrade over its predecessor iPad with iOS 4.2. What this update promise is a better and faster browsing experience. Thanks to the debut-making Nitro JavaScript engine that the iPad offers an applauding performance of the iOS browser backed up by incredible speed. The iPad offers the same level of fluidity as well as the rate concerning browsing, as would have been found on your desktop PC. But Apple didn’t take care of the absence of Flash even on the iPad. As more and more sites utilize HTML5 for video elements, the accommodation of Flash into iPad would have been a welcome change.


With a slightly different layout, the FaceTime app on iPad delivers more or less the same result as on an iPhone or iPod touch 4G. Also, the presence of a WiFi connection is still mandatory here.


AirPlay on iPad is compatible with many more apps. Users will be in a position to stream any H.264 videos from any website.

Other multimedia

Apps such as the GarageBand and the iMovie bring in unmatched multimedia capabilities to the iPad. The iMovie enables the users to chop video clips and add spotlight effect. The only drawback of this app is that it does not allow adding texts. The GarageBand vumoo, on the other hand, presents a recording studio with numerous musical instruments such as the guitar, the piano, and the likes. Playing the devices such as the drums and keyboard is as easy as a soft touch on the tablet or a hard finger press. The exceptional built-in microphone in iPad offers rich acoustic sounds, and the A5 processor offers a seamless recording experience.


For people crazy about enjoying their videos and photos on the bigger screen, Apple iPad has the HDMI Dongle to offer at $39. The HDMI dongle enables you to plug in the iPad to the HDTV.

Smart Covers protect the screen of the iPad in a ‘smart’ way. Priced at $39 for polyurethane variety and $69 for leather variety, the Smart Covers are little flaps that come with a set of magnets that saves the iPad from the ugly look of wrap-around or hooks or straps. These Smart Covers fold up in the desired way to make a stand for your iPad.


At the same price that of the previous iPad, the iPad hire has little new to offer. So, if your iPad is just a year or two old, then there is no substantial reason that you should upgrade to the new iPad for its sleek design, slimmer profile, and faster apps. And if you haven’t yet owned one, you can surely go for the iPad starting at $499.

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