Best 5 Action games to play on your phone

Action games transform us from the world of reality to the action-packed, bloody battles between the heroes and their opposing forces. They fall in the genre of fighting games, beat them ups, shooter games, and platform games. Some games can be played single, whereas others involve multiple players.

Action games sites not blocked by gamstop self-exclusion schema have become popular in the past decade. With the advancements in technology, a lot of action games suiting the player’s tastes are developed. Let’s look at some of them:


It is a fun and challenging action game that is a favorite of many. Filled with physical feats and frantic chases, it is about a shooter who has to escape from the space and zombies. It is a thrill based sequence where the shooter has to shoot zombies, open locked doors, and search out the new armor and health packs.

The space transporter has 67 bots and 975 crew members. The player can choose from a variety of weapons like rocket launchers, rail guns, plasma rifles, and the whole shebang. Also, there are shields to protect you from the zombies. Beardy Bird Games develop it, and the pixel art graphic is fantastic.


A fantasy packed action game that makes one feel nostalgic. It is based on classic action figures of the 1990s.  It is a mixture of sword battle and modern machinery. The player can fight on-air as well as on land. Scary dungeons are added that are a new feature of the game. 

The player has to play carefully as there are unexpected attacks at every corner of the tunnel. The aim is to earn coins, unlock new characters, and defeat the enemies before the time passes out. Whenever a new role is opened, the game starts from level 1. Besides, the player can pick a new skin for every character.

 This game encourages multiple playing. Hence he can go to the multi-mode where the screen is shared with three other players. Even if one player quits the game, points and coins earned will be transferred. The player can cross various levels since it is team-based. 

Brawl Star

This is a game where the players have to come face to face with other players or AI opponents in different modes. Players have the option of choosing the fighter with their own fighting tools. The player can shoot, punch, or blow up the enemies with the help of the tools available.

 This game involves quick thinking of acquiring gems from the enemies’ safe. The brawlers have exciting names like Bibi, Bo, Darryl, Nita. The player must at least be 13 years of age. Developed by Supercell, it belongs to the battle royal genre.


It is a 3D weapon-based action game. It involves a time travel sequence. The player has to stop the villains from destroying the world and the end of time itself. Many hidden items have to be found out as bonus points.

The player has to travel between four different eras: present-day, past war, a dystopian future, and the age of an ancient civilization. By swapping between the different periods, the player can alter the course events that occurred in the past to save the world in the future.

GRID Autosport

This is a racing car game with its challenges. The player can play online single or enter into competition with other players. He can choose his vehicle, circuit, race type, and level of difficulty. Each of the races has its objectives, and one can earn extra experience points besides the results achieved already. Once the player makes his aim, he can use the earnings to purchase and upgrade vehicles.

The player can play in any of the following categories. They are Touring, Endurance, Open-wheel, Tuner, and Street. He can choose any particular event in any type. Checkpoint, Eliminator, and Demolition derby are some of them.

Accordingly, features like tire wear enabled, time attack events, drift events, time trials, point to point sprint races are available. There are 103 cars in all. They include Mercedes Benz, Ford Mustang, BTCC, Stock Car Brasil, etc.

Most of the action games found are 2 D or 3 D in nature.  2 D games make use of side-view or top-down view. 3 D games are controlled by artificial intelligence camera. AI brings life to the games and enhances the player’s game experience. 

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