Best Dolls for Your Little Girl

Most little girls, and even some boys, go through a phase when they are inseparable from their favorite dolls. Kids naturally emulate the things they see their parents doing, and having a doll is the perfect way for a little girl to mimic the actions she has experienced with her mother.

When they get older, girls also often get into collecting dolls and creating elaborate pretend play scenarios with these dolls. Choose from some of these favorites when you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little girl.

Monster High Dolls: The elementary and middle school crowds absolutely love these dolls these days, and they’re definitely unique. The dolls are based after characters from a web series and are designed as the kids of famous mythical characters, like Medusa, Dracula, and others. They’ve been a must-have toy for a couple of years now, and girls love collecting their favorite characters and playing out scenarios that bring in all their different personalities.

Barbies: Girls have been playing with barbies for decades, and it’s hard to find a doll with a more solid fan base. These days, you can find tons of different personalities and themed collectible dolls, like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. With all these choices, there is definitely a barbie for everyone, so take your time picking out one that will quickly become your little girl’s favorite doll.

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Baby Alive Wanna Walk Doll: This interactive doll is perfect for preschool and early elementary school girls who are interested in caring for and teaching a baby. The Baby Alive Wanna Walk doll is electronic and says a wide range of phrases, but her main feature is that she can walk when someone holds her hands, and she interacts with a girl to encourage her to help. It can even be the perfect practice for a little girl who has a younger sibling on the way!

Manhattan Toy Stella: When you’re looking for a doll for a girl who is barely past the baby stage herself, consider the Manhattan Toy. This soft baby doll is designed for kids ages 1 to 3, and she’s made of soft and durable fabric, and she even has a soft pacifier that magnetically attaches to her mouth.

Best Dolls for Your Little Girl
Little Girl

You’ll find your little one toting this doll all around the house, and even outside the house if you let her.

Little Mommy Bedtime Baby: If your little girl likes cuddling with a doll as she falls asleep, this is the perfect doll for her. It’s soft and cuddly, plays a lullaby when you put the pacifier in her mouth, and even has a soft light in the pacifier to act as a night-light until she falls asleep. Plus, if she wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s easy for her to reactivate the doll to help get herself back to sleep.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present, Christmas gift, or just something special to give your precious little girl, these dolls are the perfect choices. Consider your girl’s age and interests to pick the type of doll you think she’ll enjoy most. Make sure it’s one you appreciate, too, because once you give it to her, she may be carrying it around everywhere!

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