Best Study Apps in 2020

Studying is very important. Some apps make studying fascinating. Apps can be convenient for many college students. The apps can make you stay consistent, and that is the key. You can get some apps for free while others at a small cost, it depends on the one you want. More information on the best study apps for students can be found at plagiarism free essays. Some of the apps to assist you with your studies are as follows;

Best Free: My Study Life

You can find such apps on Google play and app store iTunes. This apps helps you store your prime information on the cloud and can access it at any time. You can access them offline when you experience poor internet connectivity. It has significant features that will help you see your homework for all your classes. Additionally, you can get notifications for any duties, either about homework and exams. The app is free. Any college student can use it because there is no cost, and it is convenient.

Best Study Apps for Organizational duties: iStudiez Pro Legend

It is available in iTunes, Mac App Store, and also goes well with iPad, iPhone, and Android gadgets. It is an award-winning app, thus makes it super-efficient. It helps students to be well organized and goal-oriented. Cloud sync is free in all of your devices. The availability of calculating scores and GPA is also in this app. For people using iTunes, it is free, and for Windows users, $9.99 is the price.

Best Study App for Brainstorming: XMind

Other times, the appropriate way to tackle a given assignment is by way of brainstorming and understanding it from a different perspective. The app helps with research and also ideas. When you need ideas for projects, this app is the solution. It charges $59.99 per year and $34.99nfor, students. If you want a pro version, $129 is the price.

Best Study App for Notetaking: Dragon Anywhere

It is a fun app to assist one in dictating your notes. It operates by way of talking into the device. For you to use it, $15 is the price for the subscription. After you subscribe, you can dictate to the device anywhere.  It can go off when you do not use it for 20 seconds. The app can continue dictating for as long as one wishes, that will only happen if you do not pause.

Best Study App for Flashcard: Flashcards

Some students enjoy studying with flashcards. It is the best app for them. The good thing is, you are able to create flashcards for the subjects you need. You can design the cards, master them and remove them from the deck afterward. Adding images is also available, and if you are not ready to face the hustle, you can acquire it online and download. This app is in both google store and Apple store.

Best Study App Overall: Evernote

It is one of the best organization app in the market. For students, this app will be of great help with all the materials they need. It is a free app, and if you want a premium subscription, $ 7.99 per month, and for a business account, $14.99 is the cost per month. If you subscribe to the app you get, 60MB per month. If you have a paid account, you can forward emails to Evernote. Students are lucky since there is a special price for them, 50 percent of the original price.

Best Study App for Scanning: Scanner Pro

It is a feature in Evernote that is very efficient to students. It is very affordable and costs a fee of $3.99, which you once. It helps you scan the book pages without checking a variety of books. The moment you have the material, you can save it in the cloud and read it later. For those who possess Evernote app, they can store them there.

Best Study App for Exam Tracking: Exam Countdown Lite

It is a free app to always update you on your exam dates. There is a countdown that makes you know the remaining time to your exams. It has many designs that you can change at any time. You will have a maximum of more than 400 icons that you will choose. Notifications are very available, and one is able to decide to share either on twitter or Facebook.


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