Bluetooth Keeps Turning Off On Your Android Device

What is Bluetooth share

Bluetooth is a basic platform for sharing photos, videos, music, and document between two
devices and currently, it is also used for forming a connection of your device with another audio or
video device (i.e. Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earphone, Bluetooth screen, etc.)

Bluetooth keeps stopping problem is a real headache to android users.

Bluetooth keeps turning off android
Bluetooth keeps turning off android

But lots of android users are facing lots of problem due that unfortunately, Bluetooth share has
stopped while using it. It’s very irritating when you are listening to one of your favorite music on
Bluetooth headphone and suddenly a message occurs in your phone stating “Device Bluetooth
has stopped working&quot, and your Bluetooth headphone also get disconnected and the music stops in
your headphone.

Now let’s take an example of a real user who is facing problem in his android device regarding
Bluetooth: –

Unfortunately, your Bluetooth has stopped working. How do I fix this issue?

I am having Samsung Galaxy S6, I have recently received the device message stating that
“Unfortunately, your Bluetooth has stopped”. I mostly use Bluetooth in my car.

Over the last few days, my Bluetooth keeps encountering. The phone suddenly gets disconnected
then it connects again, lasts for 2-3 minutes then again gets disconnected and the same gets
repeated. Every 2-3 minutes, this happens and my phone will say “Unfortunately, your Bluetooth
has stopped.” This is really irritating.
I have tried impairing and repairing as well as tried the BLE Crash Resolver App but Nothing
worked. So please specify how to fix this?

• Then find Bluetooth in that application catalog.
• And then open Bluetooth from that catalog. Then lots of options will occur in front
of you.
• In these tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” option, this will clear all the
excess data saved in your Bluetooth which was causing such lag to your Bluetooth
application in your device. Also read- android processed media has stopped

This problem is encountering in lots of android device user and once this problem start
occurring it will really disturb you badly if you don’t apply any solution soon.
The process to fix this problem regarding Bluetooth stopping: –

1. Restart your device: –

Bluetooth keeps turning off android
Bluetooth keeps turning off android

Sometimes, we do not switch off or restart our device for a very long period. So, if you
have not switched off your Android mobile device for a longer time then a soft reboot will
do the job. Simply turn off your device and then again turn on your device. Now check
that your Bluetooth is even working or not. If restarting your doesn’t help, then follow the
next solutions.

2. Clear you phone cache and excess data of Bluetooth: –

This is one of the best and effective way to fix this problem of “Bluetooth share keep
stopping” occurring error messages in your android device.
You have to follow these steps to make this process work to stop your problem: –
• Open mobile Settings on your Android device.
• Choose the option of “Apps and notification” in your mobile settings catalog.
• Now enter into the app info option.

3. Factory reset of your device:-

I usually not refer to this idea but if you have tried both the above-mentioned fixes but
then also you were unable to tackle your Bluetooth keep stopping problem then you
have no other option left with you. You can just factory reset your device to fix this issue
and use your device Bluetooth with peace.
I would suggest this fixing solution as the last option because performing wipe data/factory
reset deletes entire data of yours saved in your android device. However, you can use
several Android Data Recovery software (Disk drill is the suggested software for) to
recover lost or erased data after performing wipe data/factory reset process as Bluetooth
crash resolver/Bluetooth Share has stopped working error.
There are two different ways to factory reset your device I have mentioned both
the process below.

1. Factory reset without switching off phone:-

Bluetooth keeps turning off android
Bluetooth keeps turning off android

• So to do this you have to open your device setting app.
• Then in that catalog choose the option of “System”.
• In that choose the option to reset your device/Factory reset.
• Then in that give the confirmation for factory reset.
• After a while, your device will be rebooted and everything in your mobile will get
reset to factory one.

2. The manual way of factory reset: –

Turn OFF your Android device.

• Now use the following specified key combination to get into recovery mode. The
key combination can also differ within different phones. One of the popular combinations
is “Power Button + both Volume Up Button and Volume Down Button” should be pressed
together, but if this key combination doesn’t work for your device then you can also try
another keypress combination as specified for your mobile phone on the internet or in
your phone manual book.
• Once, you enter into recovery mode, you have to use the Volume down button to
scroll down and press the Power button to select the option of “Wipe Data/Factory
Reset”. To reset your device to its factory version.
Note- Remove your memory card during performing this factory reset process because
some phone reset may remove your memory card files and folders. So removing will not
let this thing happen. Another note is that these processes will only work in android
devices and not in any other phone supporting any other operating system.

4.  You can also solve your Bluetooth keeps stopping issue by installing some

Bluetooth keeps turning off android
Bluetooth keeps turning off android

This is an extra tip for this blog viewer that I thought might be helpful for users who all
are facing many Bluetooth Issues and problems. “Bluetooth Fix Repair” is an app
available in play store for android users that you can use to fix and heal Bluetooth it is also a Bluetooth crash resolver.

connectivity issues and other different issues and problems. You will also find other apps
in Playstore for fixing this issue but this application is highly suggested by me and it also
has good reviews by its users.

Conclusion: –

Android may show some errors or issues after some system update or app update, but
these problems can be easily fixed by clearing the specific app cache and excess data,
uninstalling and reinstalling or performing wipe data/factory reset of your phone. And I
am sure enough that the above-mentioned ways have helped you in fixing the
“Unfortunately Bluetooth share has stopped” on Android devices.


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