Break Free

Break free from what you ask? The only thing I regret about having my own business is not having started it sooner. I look back on how much time I spent over the years “wasting time”. So much time spent commuting and working eight hours a day – for someone else’s gain.

Time spent carting my daughter to daycare or before and after school care to have someone else enjoy time with her. Time spent away from doing things I loved, with those I love.

I am thankful now for being able to make a change and spend much more time with my daughter while doing things we love together. I am thankful for my work/life balance. I am thankful for being in control of my day – every day.

If you are still caught up in the 9-5 what is the reason why?

Perhaps you have not thought about another way. Most of us are so conditioned to do things a certain way. Graduate from high school, go to college or university, take on 80K or more in debt, get a degree, spend the next year or two trying to find a job in our field of study, and end up working for some company doing something completely different than what we studied for.

Then we try to pay off our educational debt, work for that same company year after year, not because it is so rewarding but because we get comfortable there and we don’t like change. Then, maybe if we are lucky, retire before we die.

All during this time we may get married and have some kids too. Kids and spouses we hardly ever get to spend time with because we are so busy trying to keep up with the “status -quo”. Buying a home we can’t afford, having vehicles and other luxuries we can’t afford, keeping the cycle going of slaving at our 9-5 just to try and keep our heads above water.

We go to that 9-5, often a place where the boss is less than thankful we are there, but surely notices us when we need to take a day off because we are sick. We are “rewarded” with some time off called “vacation” each year, but many of us can’t afford to go anywhere.

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This cycle carries on, until one day, the kids have grown and are leaving home to start their own lives, and we wonder what happened to the time? Perhaps we continue to work until our late 60’s or 70’s and then we retire and wait out our days.

But, what if there was something more?

What if there was a way you could take back control of your life? What if you could be in charge of how much you make, how many hours you work, when and where you work, and best of all for who you work?

I am here to tell you all of that is possible. You can break free.

Maybe you are a single mom who is working three jobs just trying to make ends meet. Or the sole breadwinner with a wife or husband at home looking after the kids. Maybe you are single and want to travel and see more of the world.

Whatever your current circumstance, you can create a whole different life as it relates to work.

For many, there is a fear of the unknown. There is a fear of going out on a limb and considering self-employment.

The reason is usually that we are used to being handed a cheque twice a month and feeling like we have a position that is guaranteed.

What you need to realize is that nothing is guaranteed, and the only one in control of your life is YOU.

How many people go to the same place of work for years, only to one day have the company close and they must start over again? I can tell you it happens more than you can imagine.

Why would you not want to be in control of your own future? You need to ask yourself this.

I am not going to paint a pretty picture of rainbows and unicorns for you. Having your own business can be hard work. The cash flow can make you nervous when you are just starting out. But the rewards and what you gain immediately are the payoff and will help you continue to strive towards your earning goals.

You are in control of who you work for and how many clients you have. You are in control of your income, you control when you work and where, allowing you more time with your family, friends, and doing the things you enjoy. You can do work that you are passionate about. Having a taste of this, you will never want to return to that thankless J.O.B!

I encourage you to start thinking outside of that box you have been conditioned to be in.

Think of what marketable skills you have that you can use to create an online business allowing you to work from anywhere.

I have created a course to help get you started and, on your way, to be a virtual entrepreneur. Don’t let the word “entrepreneur” scare you – it just means you are in control of creating a better life for yourself! You can break free!

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