Guide On How To Fix The Issue Of Chrome Black Screen

Our PCs are our lives in current times. We have all our projects and documents saved in our systems. Be it personal or professional, if it’s important, it must be on our system. Additionally, of all the browsers that we use, Google Chrome has gained quite a bit of popularity. It’s fast and offers a lot of features that modern businesses can make use of.

However, what happens if one day you suddenly find a chrome black screen android?! Shocking right? Well, you need not panic. Even if you have some error messages on display there is nothing to worry about. There are a few ways to fix this issue.

Chromebook black screen:

Since there are a few ways to fix the issue, let’s look into a few of them. Remove All Browser Extension:

If you use Chrome normally, removing all the extensions can help fix the google chrome glitching issue. For those who don’t know, extensions are small apps that help users customize their user experience on Google Chrome.

In other words, one can set up preferences as per their needs. While these work out well, this can be a major reason for a black screen on Chrome. In that light, removing them is a good idea

  • Double click on the Google Chrome Shortcut
  • Type in “chrome://extensions” in the address bar and then press Enter
  • Click on every available blue button to disable all the extensions listed on the panel
  • Restart Chrome to check if the issue has been resolved

Use Chrome on Compatibility mode:

Chrome Black Screen

 Run Google Chrome is an effective way to solve a lot of problems on Google Chrome. So if you are beating your head over, why is my google chrome black then compatibility can be a reason for such a glitch. Thus changing the compatibility mode can be another way to fix the disturbing black screen

  • Right-click on the properties
  • Select the compatibility mode and click on Run this program in compatibility mode. Following this, choose the system from the drop-down option
  • Finally, Click Ok to check the Chrome

Add “–disable-GPU” parameter

 For those who don’t know, Chrome uses unique operating systems and processes for each tag and extensions. If there are multiple tabs open and if you have different third party extensions installed, the process might take some time to run. Multiple Chrome processes running in the backdrop can often lead to black screen error. Thus it’s a good idea to avoid opening too many tabs.

  • Right-click on the properties
  • On the shortcut tab, search for
  • Add “–disable-GPU” right at the end of the text in the Target Usually, it reads, chrome.exe” –disable-GPU.
  • Click Ok and then finally run Chrome
  • Tap on the three dots on the upper right corner, and select settings
  • Select Advanced from the bottom
  • Deselect “Use hardware acceleration when ”
  • Run Chrome again to check if the issue has been solved

Updating Chrome:

Chrome Black Screen

 Many a time, issues like black screen and errors occur when the old Chrome version is being used. Once an update is set, a lot of issues are resolved. For that, one can use the Google Chrome official website to download the latest version and then install it.

MacBook Pro screen goes black and unresponsive:

 Though Mac books are one of the most trusted systems loaded with security features and advanced settings, it does not mean that this system can’t have a few occasional issues. One such issue is the black screen and unresponsive. However, there is nothing to fret about. There are a few means to troubleshoot this issue. Also, Read- Pubg building not loading

Fix The System Management Controller:

Mac’s System Management Controller fixes a lot of things associated with power. Thus resetting the SMC  resets several power settings. To reset the SMC, shut down the system and connect it to the power if it’s not plugged in already.

Press the Shift+Control+Option+Power buttons for a few seconds and then release all at once. Then restart the system to check if the issue has been fixed.

Reset the PRAM:

Chrome Black Screen

The Mac’s PRAM is basically the memory that hosts some settings for your Mac system. These settings continue even if the system is turned on or shut. However, if they somehow get corrupted then a black screen can occur. To reset and fix the PRAM, turn the system off as soon as you hear the power-on music.

Press on to the Command+Option+P+R key. Keep the keys pressed on till you can hear the startup music for the second time and then let go of the keys at once. Let the system boot and check if the black screen has been fixed.

Boot System In Safe Mode:

If you are confused about why does my monitor keeps going black, then it might be due to some corrupt information stored on the startup disk. You can get your Mac to start the diagnostics right on the disk by booting in the safe mode.

To begin the process, power on or restart your Mac and then press on the Shift key until the company logo appears on the screen. Once the logo appears let go of the Shift key and let the system startup on its own. This takes a long time since the system is running the diagnosis and is booting at the same time. After the process is complete, restart the system again to leave the safe mode and start the system normally to see if the issue has been fixed.

Chrome youtube black screen:

Chrome Black Screen


A black browser issue does not only affect the search process and our work. If the methods mentioned above are not followed properly, it can even affect our entertainment quotient. Since all of us watch a lot of videos on YouTube these days, if the YouTube screen goes black, then it’s a big issue. While you are waiting for the video to load and play, you see that the screen has turned all black!

This is a very common issue and a lot of YouTube users have faced it sometime or the other. While this is indeed a tricky situation, it’s possible to fix this issue. If the methods mentioned above do not work, then you can use the following steps:

  • Sign out of the YouTube account
  • Refresh the page or restart the web page
  • Make sure you have a workable network connection
  • Disable the various browser extensions
  • Disable the hardware acceleration
  • Update the web browser

In case you face a google chrome black screen windows 10 issue these tips and steps will help you sort out your problem. Good luck!

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