COVID-19 and brands on Instagram – Buy followers on Instagram and other tips

Presently, when the world and its economy is undergoing a crisis, organizations need to be present on social media. Online marketing and social media networking are helping companies to ride the wave now. They can connect with their customers, interact with them, and even convert a lead. Today, Instagram has become something much more than intimate.

Companies can share updates on COVID-19, the safety protocols, and also updates about their services/products. It helps them to survive through the uncertainty and competition. The global pandemic has made companies run at a loss. Instagram can present ways to level up a brand’s social image, online brand presence, gain followers, and ultimately make a sale.

You have the option to buy followers on Instagram

Have you lost followers and customers during the lockdown phase? If yes, then it’s essential to regain back the customers. You can start by making your social media profile appear full by getting more followers. For this, you can buy followers on Instagram. Today, you can connect with specialized companies that help you buy any number of followers you want. There exists a maximum limit. But you can increase your follower count on regular counts. Make sure that your follower increase looks organic and valid to your audience.

Other ways brands should use Instagram during the pandemic

You need to check the way most brands are posting on social media. For instance, there are “business as usual” posts that won’t work anymore. On the other hand, it might appear insensitive and make you look very pushy for sales. Some companies are also sharing the “we’re here for you” posts and think they are doing a good job.

Have you implemented either one of the two strategies mentioned above? If yes, then there’s nothing to worry about. It isn’t very late to change how you should make use of social media in this COVID-19 situation. It will help you build your brand value during such testing times. The following strategies can help:

  1. Make sure to keep all your customers in the loop

It would be best if you didn’t go silent on social media. Your followers need to know that you are doing all you can and all it takes for your customers. Making use of Instagram indicates all you have to offer, even though it might appear unusual. You can resort to the Instagram Feed posts and Stories to share anecdotes about how your brand is coping during the global pandemic. Mention the safety protocols that you are implementing and the conditions in which you are working. It will keep the employee morale high and will also let your users know more about you. This information encourages your customers to purchase with your brand.  

Using Instagram, you can provide ample insights about your brand that generally your customers might not get. It will help establish a personal bond and make your followers keep visiting your profile and investing in your service/products.

  1. Opt-in for intelligent advertising

Advertising might mean nothing during a crisis. However, you will find many brands that generate stunning ads. The trick here is not to push the ads down the user’s throats. You should instead be subtle and provide ample value with your services and products. It would be best if you adapted all the offerings to stay aligned with the new consumer needs.

  1. Assure security and maximize brand trust

People today want to know as and when they decide to communicate with your brand, will it be secure. Many brands highlight their safety. Simultaneously, if you share an informative post focusing on social distancing and the correct sanitation rules for COVID-19, you will be at a better place. You can add in a few images and humorous quotes that concentrate on safety and social distancing. It would be best if you highlighted the safety instead of merely talking about it. It’s usually used in coffee shops and cafes. 

  1. Add more value

It would be best if you concentrated less on the direct conversations. Instead, it would be best if you focused on adding extra value and offering resources. It’s a long game. And you must play a crucial role so that your followers’ benefit App Mocospace. When you have a positive social presence, it will help customers recall your brand more. Right now, a few people might have more time than ever, and they use it by searching for informative content. And many brands have started to use this brand as a process to build their brand instead of trying to make aggressive sales. Once the situation improves, this enhanced brand value will help you to make more sales.

The global pandemic has imposed a roadblock on brands and their marketing activities. Currently, operating online is the only option. Hence, you can resort to social media for your marketing and brand-building initiatives using the steps mentioned above.

Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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