What To Do If You See The Error ” Audio Services Not Responding”?

Has it ever happened to you that you opened your computer and started a video, two minutes into the video and you cannot hear an Audio Services sound? We have all been in this situation now and then and it is very common to get caught up in a situation like this. 

But how do we override this? How to make sure that it does not happen again? Worry not. In this article, we will discuss how to override if you see the audio service is not running windows 10. 

Why do we see the error code “audio services not responding windows 10”? 

There are many causes which influence the audio endpoint driver for working on the error. The reasons are not that huge but are enough to influence the functionality of the window. 

  • Audio services: There might be a problem with your audio service. If you are looking at the video not having the audio that means there is a problem in the audio services. 
  • Audio components: Many times when you see the error “sound on the computer not working” it might happen that there are some components in the audio file that have caused trouble in the functioning system. 
  • Maybe your laptop needs a default sound driver: If there is a problem with the sound five that is installed then you can just download some other sound driver. It would not only eliminate the threat of the occurring playing audio troubleshooting but will minimize the problem that you are facing. 
  • Maybe there is a virus: If your laptop is hit with a virus then it can cause the error to appear. It will hamper the automation of the system. 
What To Do If You See The Error " Audio Services Not Responding"?
What To Do If You See The Error ” Audio Services Not Responding”?

How to stop the error code “windows 10 audio services not responding” from intervening? 

There are many ways in which you can easily follow in order to make the error “windows audio service stopping” vanish. 

  • Restart the service: 
    1. Press Windows + R
    2. Now type “services.MSC”
    3. Press Enter.
    4. Once you have started doing it, go to navigate whole directories until you reach “Windows Audio”. 
    5. Right-click on it
    6. Then select “Restart”.
    7. Now right-click the entry 
    8. You will see “Properties”.
    9. Click on it. 
    10. Set the startup type as “Automatic”. 
    11. Press “Apply” in order to save changes 
    12. Exit the system. 
    13. Go back to services again
    14. Look for “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder”. 
    15. Right-click it Now selects “Restart”. 
    16. If it hasn’t started then, click on “Start”.
    17. Open the “properties”
    18. Now select the startup type as “Automatic”. 
    19. Press ‘Apply’ to save the changes made
    20. Exit.
    21. Play something to see if the problem occurs or not. If it does then follow the instructions. 
  • Check the audio components: 
    • Press Windows + R,
    • Now type “services.MSC” 
    • Now press Enter.
    • Now you have to make sure that the following services are in the running state. If they are not in the running state then right-click on them and click “Start”.
      • RPC Endpoint Mapper
      • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
      • DCOM Server Process Launcher
    • Turn the services into an automatic process. 
    • Now check if the problem is still continuing or not. If it is then you will have to follow the other process. 
  • Follow some command prompt executions: 
    • Press Windows + A
    • Now type “command prompt”, 
    • Now right-click on the application
    • Now you have to select “Run as administrator”.
    • Once it has been selected as the elevated command prompt, 
    • Type the following command
      • net local group administrators /add network service
    • Press Enter.
    • Now you have to type another command. 
      • net localgroup Administrators /add local service
    • After you have followed both steps, you have to exit from the following system. 
    • Now restart your computer and see if the error ” the wizard could not start microphone windows 10″ still resists. 
  • Install a default drive for the sound: 
      • Press Windows + A
      • Go to the search menu of the start bar. 
      • Type “system” in the dialogue box
      • Now select the first item that you see which returns in the result.
      • On the left, you will see an option of “Advanced system settings” 
      • Click on it. 
      • Go to the hardware tab. 
  • You will see the option of “Device Installation Settings”.
    • Click on it. 
    • You will be given options. 
    • Choose  “No (your device might not work as expected)”
    • Save the whole thing. 
    • Exit. 
    • Check if the problem is still occurring. 
  • Install something else to ignore the error “windows audio not working”
    1. Press Windows + X
    2. Go to the quick start menu 
    3. Select “Device Manager” 
    4. Now expand the  “Sound, video and game controllers” category.
    5. Right-click on your sound device 
    6. Select “Update Driver”. 
    7. You will be given an option to download automatically or manually.
    8. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
    9. Prefer “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
    10. Uncheck “Show compatible hardware”
    11. Choose “High Definition Audio Device”
    12. Let it install.
What To Do If You See The Error ” Audio Services Not Responding”? Discussion
Why do we see the error code “audio services not responding windows 10”?  It depends on many situations but lies in the inherent setting of the audio system. For more info, read the above. 
How to stop the error code “windows 10 audio services not responding” from intervening? There are many ways to do so like changing the setting, installing it again, reopening the system again. For a thorough understanding, read above. 


All the methods are tested and very effective. Make sure that you follow them to the T to ensure a great service. They are easy and effective. Hopefully, it will help. 

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