Even Our Pets Need Diets in America?

I would venture to say that we are one of the only countries that are so obsessed with dieting that we even put our poor pets on diet routines.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I sure do see a lot of specialty pet foods for obese dogs and cats lately, that it got my mind spinning about how much emphasis we put on a slim waistline in the US.

Not only that, but in reality many of our pets suffer from the same over eating that many of us Americans do. We put food out, and unless our pets have an incredible sense of self restriction, they usually are gonna go for it whenever they can, and get that food while they can.

It’s the nature of the beast, and it applies not only to animals, but their more sophisticated cousin, us.  We are by nature hunters and gatherers, but we also are programmed to eat food whenever it is available, and eat as much as we can when it is, since originally, food was was not as available all the time as it is now.

So, we as humans have to self regulate when it comes to food intake. Hence, the popularity of hunger controlling pills, appetite suppressant patches and more.  We don’t have the old “scarcity” variable in our favor when it comes to limiting our food intake. We are much like the kings and queens of the old days, we have unlimited food supply.

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That’s why many kings and queens back then were fat!  Peasants didn’t have constant easy access to food, but kings and queens and other royalty did, and hence, fatness was actually attractive because it was a sign of prosperity!  Oh, how times have changed.

Even Your Pets Need Diets in America
Pets Need Diets

Being thin, toned and ripped is now a sign of prosperity, because those people are the ones that can afford the exercise programs, cellulite treatments, and healthier, wholesome foods that come with affluence.

When it comes to animals, I have found that  cats tend to have a better sense of appetite control than man’s best friend, dog.  Cats can definitely be fat, and those are the ones that have probably been fed too many table scraps or fattening wet foods, but cats that are only fed dry food, and are left to their own devices with a full bowl all the time, I’ve found, tend to not overeat.

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