Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Intro Videos

Good content is not storytelling. It is telling your story well.” Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have given people from all social, economical and geographical backgrounds the chance to tell their stories to the world without any technical acumen or high-end production.

It is the melting point of knowledge and education, of recreation and useful information. Youtube is one such media-sharing platform that allows millions of people across the globe to post and share videos without putting in any extra efforts. All you need is an internet connection and a video-making application on your smartphone and you are good to go. 

YouTube also gives content creators an opportunity to earn super nominal revenues by running ads on their videos once it crosses a certain number of views and the channel garners a massive number of subscribers.

With such beneficial pros to YouTubing, it is no surprise that a massive segment of the world population is creating content on a large scale.

Even though a major chunk of these content creators go viral and seek extra-ordinary audience engagement rates, some do not garner many views even if their content isn’t faulty or boring. It is incredibly challenging to stand out of this diverse content-driven digital market.  

Whether you are vlogger, movie-maker, or stand-up comedian, it is pivotal that your videos are well-structured and do not lack precision.

Even though there is not a default format for YouTube video generation, there are three important elements that your video must incorporate: An intriguing intro, quality content, and an outro with a compelling Call To Action. 

What is an intro?

Simply put, an intro is a digital signature of your channel or brand that you attach at the beginning of every video you post on YouTube. It could be a simple logo animation video or your catchphrase with a piece of background music.

By using the intro maker available online, you can create effective intros without doing any heavy-lifting or high-end editing. Directly jumping into your content can provide you a lack of uniformity and people may not be able to identify you as an independent entity or content creator. 

The advantages of intros in YouTube videos are multiple. Adding an intro to your YouTube videos can increase your brand recognition drastically since people can identify your content piece through your unique introduction before the content begins to play. Your videos can be distinguished from a massive set of similar content through your intro.

An intriguing intro for your YouTube channel can dynamically boost your audience engagement rate since people can recall your name better by listening and watching your intro in every video. Thus, your organic searches increase. Having an intro makes you memorable thereby stimulating a type of word-of-mouth promotion in the masses.

The lack of identity can push you towards the darkness of anonymity. People will not be able to binge-watch your content on YouTube if they don’t even remember your name or logo. The outro maker can also help you create outros for your video that shall incorporate a strong Call To Action thereby attracting more traffic to your channel. 

You must always begin your video with an enthusiastic intro of yourself or a classy logo animation. This little marketing technique goes a long way in forging a strong B2C relationship and increasing brand awareness over time. It also makes your viewers feel welcomed and valued. 

Since the beginning of time, people are programmed to trust faces and not just mere imageries and footages compiled into a video. Watching a spokesperson giving a brief introduction before the commencement of the video makes your video content more reliable and credible. Intros work as evidence of your originality and genuineness. 

How to make a striking intro?

The intro maker available online is well-equipped to attend to all of your video editing needs. All you need to do is simply install an intro-making application on your smartphone. Once you have installed the app, you will instantly have access to a wide-ranging library of templates.

After you have chosen the perfect-patch template for your video, you must export your logo file onto the video-making software. The user-friendly web interface shall generate a professional-looking logo animation intro for you within minutes.

Make sure that your intro video is nothing longer than two minutes since it is possible that people may bounce off at the sight of a long intro. You must also ensure that you add a high-resolution logo file on the app so as to prevent your video from distorting.

You can further enhance the quality of your intro by adding after-effects and animations in it through the tools purveyed by the application. You can also add transitions in your video to make it incredibly impactful.

Use the color blocking technique to make your video visually appealing and aesthetic in nature. Make sure that your logo does not merge with the background of your template since that will undermine your brand identity. 

Through the outro maker, you can create a stunning outro video for your YouTube channel that drives more traffic to your videos. The outro must consist of a direct call to action, for instance, subscribing to your channel, link to your website, or sharing your video.

You can also attach the link to other videos on your channel thereby encouraging viewers to binge on your content. Ann outro with CTA shall serve no purpose. Thus, ensure that your outro is precise and stimulates an increase in convergence rate. 

Consolidate your relationship with your viewers and increase customer affinity through effective intros and outros in your YouTube videos. Happy video making!


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