Why Fire Fox Keeps Crashing In Your Pc: Full Guide

We are often baffled by the question of why does firefox keep crashing? Well, if you are one of those, then this article is for you. Firefox by Mozilla corporation is one of the most sought-after free source web browsers. The browser is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Thus, a lot of people have access to this browser and it’s quite popular.

However, the use of Firefox has been significantly reduced since many users have reported that the browser keeps on crashing. Thus, instead of having additional support and features, this system is not ideal.

Why does Firefox keep crashing?

Why Fire Fox Keeps Crashing In Your Pc: Full Guide
Fire fox keeps crashing

Firefox constantly crashing can be an issue for those depending on this browser for their daily work. There are many reasons that cause this occurrence. Outdated software, incorrect installation process, broken links, and mismatched cache are a few of the reason which leads to such issues.

Now that we know about the probable reasons for the crashing, its ideal to look into a few solutions.

Checking The Troubleshooting System: Fortunately, Mozilla Firefox offers an inbuilt event log that has all the troubleshooting information stored for the users in case they face any such issues.  To launch the troubleshooting information page, these following steps must be followed:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on the menu
  • Click on the Help section
  • Click on the Troubleshooting information page

Once here, one can see all the crash reports that have been generated in the past three days. Additionally, you will have access to other technical information about your browser. It is also possible to reset the Firefox from here as well.

Restart Browser With Add ons Disable:

Why Fire Fox Keeps Crashing In Your Pc: Full Guide
Fire fox keeps crashing

If the Mozilla Firefox client does not respond to the inputs provided by you there is a thick chance that the extension has crashed which might lead to a firefox keeps crashing windows 10 error.  If you have started receiving this error after you have installed the add-ons, then the following steps will be useful for you. Also read about Voip on wireless

  • Get access to Mozilla Firefox in your system
  • Click on the Menu tab
  • Go on to click on the Restart with Add-ons disabled button
  • Click on Restart in the conformation drop down that comes up

Clear Mismatched Cache:

For those who don’t know, the cache is the information that a website saves in your system so that it can load faster the next time in your system. Both cache and cookies contain information that can be used to load a website faster the next time on a system.

Though ideally the cache is saved to reduce the loading time for a given website, if there is a mismatch in the cache then it can create all sorts of errors and firefox constantly not responding is one of them.

To fix the issue of the cache the following steps can be looked into:

  • Open the Firefox browser in your system
  • Select the library icon
  • Select history. This opens a new side menu
  • Find out and click on Clear Recent History.
  • In the small window that pops up in the next step click on the Time range to clear drop-down menu and select
  • Check all the boxes next to the Data and History elements that you will want to get rid of
  • Finally, click on Clear Now.
  • Restart your Firefox browser

Firefox crashing on startup:

Why Fire Fox Keeps Crashing In Your Pc: Full Guide
Fire fox keeps crashing

A crash generally occurs when Firefox stops working unexpectedly and the  Mozilla Crash Reporter appears. If your firefox tabs keep crashing on startup, then the following steps and points can be of help to you.

Firefox Safe Mode

If the firefox crashes right in the startup, then it will be a good idea to see if it can be started in the Firefox Safe Mode. This is a special startup mode that turns off the hardware temporarily along with the other settings and also disables the installed extension that might prevent the Firefox from starting.

Clean Install Option:

There might be times when crashes stop the user from making use of the Safe Mode as well. In such times a clean install can be an effective solution to the problem in hand. Many worries if a clean install might lead to the loss of bookmarks, saved passwords add-ons and personal information. However, nothing of that sort happens. Such information is stored separately in your profile folder.

To clean install Firefox, the following steps must be followed:

Why Fire Fox Keeps Crashing In Your Pc: Full Guide
Fire Fox Keeps Crashing
  • Uninstall Firefox browser from the system
  • Do remember to delete the Firefox folder stored under some folders mentioned below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

  • After you have completed the cleaning part, reinstall Firefox
  • Uninstall software That Can Cause A Crash:

Though you might go through all this pain to make sure your Firefox folder does not crash, it may still happen. This can be caused by certain software loaded in your system. Thus it’s important to check for such software and remove them from the system to stop any further crash.

While in the process of removing malware and problematic software, check out the release notes to see if there are any sort of known issues in your version of Firefox.  Additionally, check out the computer’s instruction on how to get rid of software that might be causing problems

Make sure you have scanned your system to identify and get rid of any malware that might be in your system. Click on the support site of your antivirus program to get help. This can be the ideal means to scan and remove malware.

Firefox constantly not responding:

If this situation occurs, the following steps can be looked into to fix the problem.

Initiate a restart process: 

 Before you can look into the complicated details and steps, begin by a simple restart process. Many a time Firefox crashes when something becomes non-responsive or cannot be reached. In such cases restarting might be the perfect solution to the problem in hand.

Update Graphic Cards and Drivers:

Why Fire Fox Keeps Crashing In Your Pc: Full Guide
Fire Fox Keeps Crashing

 Sometimes Firefox crashes when it runs into a conflict with outdated drivers and graphic cards. Thus it’s important to make sure that your system has all the updated cards and drivers. To begin the search, the following steps must be looked into:

  • Click on the search tab. This is generally located near the search button of the system.
  • Type in Device Manager and then click on the entry that comes in the display.
  • Use the right-click button to click on the “update driver software” option.

You can also choose the update your drivers and software automatically.  Indeed updating drivers is a necessary step, however, it’s very tiresome and often annoying. To get rid of the manual labor, you can get one of the tools that help one to update the drivers automatically.

Having a PC and system has its own issues. Since its a machine supported by software hardware and browsers, crashing is not uncommon. However, in modern times our entire life and work revolve around our gadgets and systems. Thus suffering a browser crash can be very expensive. However, with all the steps highlighted above, getting an easy solution to the problem will not be difficult. So don’t worry, your browser will e fine. Just stay calm and follow the steps.


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