Five Things To Consider Before Purchasing CBD Oil

Are you about to purchase your first CBD product? Considering the extensive variety of cannabidiol oils in the online market, it might be confusing for a first-time purchaser to make a well-reasoned decision.

In order to choose a high-quality product, it’s paramount for the oil to be potent, low in TCH levels, and cultivated in healthy soil. The only way to inspect the credibility of these qualities is by requesting a third-party laboratory report from the manufacturer.

If you are interested in consuming CBD oil, you can get more info here about the main features to consider before making a purchase.


The primary factor to consider when purchasing CBD oil is its concentration, which is supposed to be stated on the label of the product. Despite the myriad of cannabidiol products, CBD oils and tinctures are believed to be the most potent, thus providing quick and effective results in users.

In terms of dosage, newbies are advised to commence their cannabidiol journey with a daily serving of two milligrams. This dosage should be gradually increased following the effect that cannabidiol has on your body. The optimal dose is best determined by the bodyweight of the user, its tolerance to the compound, the severity of its medical condition, and the function of its metabolism.

THC amount

Another indispensable factor to consider before making a purchase is the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, widely known as THC. This cannabinoid is responsible for causing psychotropic effects in users, as it triggers the brain to release dopamine. It’s found in both hemp and marihuana plants but its concentration in the former is considerably lower. Consequently, CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, thus inducing no hallucinations in users.

Moreover, it’s paramount to check the THC levels of the product you purchase, as these aren’t supposed to exceed the amount of 0, 03 percent. Make sure you ask for the laboratory reports of the product, which include the exact amount of each cannabinoid. As long as the laboratory results are issued by a third-party laboratory, you may consider the reports as credible. Click here to learn more about the difference in benefits and legality between THC and CBD.


The flavor is yet another important consideration when choosing the right CBD product, as not all individuals are comfortable with the original taste of hemp. Bear in mind that unflavored products are known for their earthy smell and taste, which aren’t exactly popular among users.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t fond of such a grassy flavor, there’s a multitude of flavored cannabidiol oils, particularly tinctures and vape oils. You can choose from a variety of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint, citrus, coconut, berries, and numerous other ingredients that successfully mask the powerful flavor of hemp.

Its source

The source of CBD oil directly affects the quality of the manufactured product, as hemp plants are famous for their role as hyperaccumulators. These plants are capable of absorbing everything from the soil, which is particularly beneficial if it’s rich in nutritive ingredients. Therefore, high-quality CBD oil can only be derived from hemp plants, cultivated in rich soil.

On the other hand, the role of a hyperaccumulator can be unbeneficial in those cases where the hemp plant is grown in a soil, which is rich in lead and mercury. Consequently, the cannabidiol derived from such a plant will be of low quality and harmful to users’ health. The following link,, explains the health and ecological effects of mercury exposure.

Extraction method

The method that is used to extract cannabidiol from hemp plants is believed to be of crucial importance for the potency and quality of CBD products. Those manufacturers that provide customers with low-cost products use propane and butane in the extraction process, both of which are extremely harmful to humans’ health.

Therefore, make sure you purchase CBD oil whose manufacturer uses the CO2 extraction method, as it’s the most effective way to preserve the potency of cannabidiol. Since this extraction method is rather costly to perform, the price of the products would naturally be higher.


Make sure the oil you buy is potent, organic, and safe for your health!


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