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So guys today we are going to talk all about invoices and how you can make them for free using online applications because you know that designing and making an invoice is very much expensive and it can cost you around more than a thousand dollars for designing a single invoice of good quality! Now in this three-minute article, you will get all the details about invoices and why they are important, and lastly, we will tell you about the best free invoice maker app that will help you in making quality invoices!

What Are the Different Types of Invoices?

Now people usually don’t know that invoices are not only of a single type; rather, they are multiple types of invoices that you should know about!

  1. The first type of invoices is the Performa invoices, now these kind of invoices are the ones that are actually a document that is a self-explanatory statement of the seller that he is committed to delivering the goods for an agreed price to the buyer on a certain time!
  2. Commercial invoices are the second type of invoices in our list today, and these refer to the documents that are used to state the custom rules and laws for the products that are being shipped abroad as export or are being purchased as an import!
  3. Credit notes are the third type of invoices which refers to the documents that are issued to a buyer in the case of any returns because of damage or any other mistakes in the delivery of the products!
  4. The timesheet invoice is the fourth type of invoice, which is issued for the work that is done on an hourly basis!
  5. The recurring invoices are the invoices that are created for an individual client and then are sent to him on a regular interval say after every ten days or one month!

The Best Invoice Maker/Estimate Creator Application!

So guys, the best invoice maker app that can create all of the above-mentioned invoices and can also work as the receipt creator, estimate creator, and accounts assistant is the invoice making app by the CA applications! now you guys should know that this application is easily available on the play store, and you can download it for free! This is a free application that can help you manage your accounts in the easiest way you can imagine! This app will provide you with hundreds of free templates for every kind of invoice which you can use to create your own invoice!

Free Invoice Maker | Editable Invoice Templates app
Free Invoice Maker | Editable Invoice Templates app

Now many people ask us about the use of this application, and we will like to assure you that once you download the app, you will easily understand the use of this app and can easily start making your own quality invoices! Now below, we have answered many common questions about invoices which we will like you guys to read about in detail!

Can I Customize a Blank Invoice?

With the help of the invoice maker application by CA, you guys can not only use the default templates, but you can easily edit them as you like, and not only that, but you can easily help yourself in customizing blank invoices! You can easily choose the template that suits you best and can start editing your brand invoice!

Why Is It Important to Add Dates On Invoices?

How many people think that why do they need to add dates to invoices, now we will like you guys to know that the importance of adding the dates is very much because of the reason that with the help of this app you will get the alerts and the reminders for a payment that are overdue or is yet to be paid! So if you add the dates, the app will automatically set a reminder for yourself!

Can Discounts and Totals Be Calculated with Invoice Maker Apps?

Now, this is yet another important question that needs to be addressed, and you guys should know that not all the applications are capable of calculating discounts and totals but the app that we are discussing today is the best one in this league, and it can easily help you in calculating discounts, totals and also in generating estimates! You can also create receipts with the help of this amazing app!

Does This Application Help You in Your Account Management?

Well yes! This is the best feature of this application! This is one of the only invoice maker applications that are free and are also capable of managing your accounts! You can simply rely on the use of this app once you start using it! you don’t need an account manager to fix your registers. Rather, you can use the help and assistance of this amazing app, which will keep your accounts on track and will also help you in securing your information!

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