Full Guide On How do I bypass The App On Your Android Devices

You could have a number of causes to root your Android device but today we are going to conscious you with one of the limitations of rooting along with its most excellent accessible solution. Do you want to know Can easily bypass App Lock then read the below an article? How do I bypass The App On Your Android Devices unquestionably, Android device users obtain the maximum out of their android phone as compared to that of non rooted version of the phone?

Even though, you will get the root access to your android device and power to control your android device totally so that you can not disregard the flaw of using a rooted Android device. You might have observed that some of the apps deny getting installed on the rooted Android phone. The situation becomes displeasing when you really need an app and unable to install it just because your device is rooted.

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Stepping into the shoes of android users, their grief with older updates and expensive downloads can be easily identified.

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Full Guide On How do I bypass The App On Your Android Devices

Install any App if you want to know how to bypass the app lock when settings are locked. There’re many such apps that won’t be installed on rooted Android phones but today in this piece, we’re having a perfect solution to this problem, after adopting which, you will be capable to install and run any app with no worrying regarding the discovery of root access.

Xposed Module of Rootcloak

Xposed Module of Rootcloak is the door that takes you on the way to install and run any bypass app without a rotating phone. This will let you set up whatever app you desire to install on your rooted Android phone. This module will stop the apps to find out the detail that your device is rooted or not and so, lets you run the app on your Android device.

Rootcloak Xposed module is simply accessible in the Xposed repository and can be set up with no problem. Taking about the bypass app locker interface, it’s quite simple and intuitive with fewer options. There’re mainly 5 options which you’ll go to see on the home page of the app, viz, Add/Remove apps, Add/Remove keywords hidden by Rootcloak, Add/Remove commands hidden by Rootcloak, instructions and Turn on/off debug. All the options and features are self-explanatory in nature.

Full Guide On How do I bypass The App On Your Android Devices

In order to add the apps for which you’d like to hide the root information, tap on the 3 dots located at the top right corner of the app screen. Select all or some of the apps to add in there. You require to again reboot your android device post by adding the chosen apps.

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Rootcloak Plus

As you have read above, that Rootcloak is the unbelievable android app that works on any Android device quickly, on the other hand, there are still some issues that users have account while using Rootcloak Xposed app. Rootcloak Xposed component does not support a lot of the Android devices. This is the cause that app developers have come with their higher versions in the form of Rootcloak plus. Rootcloak plus recommends a lot of advanced features and is well-matched with all the Android versions 4.4 and above. It’s easily available on any Android app store.

Full Guide On How do I bypass The App On Your Android Devices


The rooting of Android devices is quite common among Android users as everyone wants to get most of their phones. Though rooting is beneficial but some of the users face issues in installing apps that are not allowed to install on rooted devices. To help with this, we’ve brought to you the above-mentioned solution. So, that was all about how to install and run any app without worrying about the detection of root access on your phone. Also, there’s a Rootcloak plus app where you’ll find over and above its previous version.

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