Google is not a father!!

Draw your head to look shocking……

Let me borrow the phrase of the Acting Prime Minister. By being modified a little for the erotic!

Yes, Google is not your father!!

……….But if it was really my father, I would die gladly. 🙂
Today I thought of a book. It’s a book that I really like. It’s one of the books that changed my life.

This book, Third Wave, was written by Alvin Toffler.

this book on the change of the world in every aspect from the agricultural era to the industrial era Until the present era, information age, news …….

shocking is This book was written about 20 years ago. But being able to predict the world in the present era with unbelievable accuracy until Nostadamus still had to sneak a hammer …..
There is a period in this book. It is painfully satirical to describe education in the present era. how they were trained in school behavior

  • The bell rings at 8 o’clock in the morning, everyone has to line up, whoever is late, doesn’t arrive in time, will be blamed and punished
  • There is a class schedule, a lesson schedule divided into periods, everyone must study in the same teaching schedule
  • All subjects, children have no right to choose how will the teacher teach Students have to study accordingly.
  • Noon buzzes loudly …… yea, we can play and eat.
  • Afternoon buzzes loudly …… hey, study again
  • Yen buzzes loudly (Heaven’s voice) …… yeah,
    let’s go home. – Homework is given. Do it at home ….. Anyone who doesn’t do it will be punished.

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I expected that when I was a child Your friend probably has a schedule like the one above. Not much different from me But Eta, the author of this Third Wave book, said that.

This education system It is an educational system designed by the influential “capital” in that era ….. to produce good, responsible “workers” into the “factories” that they own…..

Oh my god ……. Have we been unconsciously possessed since childhood?????

We began to be molded into workers. Since how old are you??

I’ve already said that ……are you confused, that’s why I brought up this story to write?? So what does it have to do with that I said Google is not the father !!

I just want to compare the education system in the SEO section on the Internet.

Can you guess who is the influential ‘capital’ who designed a study in SEO for us to actively follow??

It’s like who doesn’t follow me, wait a minute, you’ll get hit (banned) and be scared!!!

Google always writes rules for us to follow. plus a hundred and eight taboos, always

Do not re-direct,
do not cloak,
do not spam keywords,
do not do link farms, …..

Sometimes I want my friends to stop thinking too, that Google tells us to do something like this, to do this, not to do that. don’t do this

For our benefit…… ???

Or for the benefit of Google itself???

I do not trust Google as much?

What Google forbids …… I do.
What Google wants me to do …… I will think carefully. before taking the experiment

My friends, are you a good kid for Google???

P.S. I don’t want to make a website illegally …….. I just want my friends to think about some issues.

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