Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection

If you can’t establish a secure connection google play music every time you try to upload your music to the Music Library, this is not a problem specifically related to your browser. This issue has been faced by many and that too over multiple browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox.  

Reasons why Google play music can’t establish a secure connection:

A lot of companies have run a thorough investigation to reach to the core of this problem,  A lot of users reports and strategies have been looked into for this matter. After in detail analysis, it has been concluded that such scenarios occur for quite a few reasons. Some of these are listed below:

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If the user is trying to update a CD directly to Google Play: A lot of user speculations have suggested that there are certain kinds of update that is currently preventing  Audio CDs from being used directly in the Google Play Music. However, the process can be achieved by ripping the CD with the help of Windows Media Player

Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection

Issue of the internal application server: There have been a few instances in the past where Google was at fault for the can’t establish secure connection google play music error message. If this is the reason, then it’s a good idea to try to upload the file from the desktop if the web version is not working. 

3rd party antivirus interference issue: Of the reasons listed above, this is the most common of the lot. Users who have faced virus issues in the past overprotect their system with multiple anti-virus layers that might interrupt the connection between the system and Google Play Music. 

So, if you are trying to find a way out of this “\” google play music\” can’t establish a secure connection when trying to upload issue, this piece if for you. Fortunately, there are quite a few methods that you can use to solve this error message from appearing. Let’s look into a few of these. 

Disabling the third-party software:

Multiple third-party security packages have been identified by various users which can lead to this given error. Some of these external securities are extraordinary and can lead to Google Music not working error. In that light, such securities must be removed from the system. To turn these off the following step can be used:

Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection

 Double click on the third-party antivirus software located on the screen and launch it. If it is not available on the screen, search for it in the system and open the security software.

Go to the settings section. From this tab, you can reach the firewall tab and then select the disable button to switch the software off. Restart your system and check if the error message still prevails. 

Remove other third party software

Even after disabling the security software, if the error message persists, remove the software from your system. If you are unsure about how to uninstall the same, the following steps can be followed:

Begin by pressing the Windows button + R key together to launch the Run dialog box. In the resulting run, box type in Control Panel and click on the OK button and hit Enter. At the same time, hold down the Windows button and press the X key to launch the WinX menu list. From the resulting list, select the Control Panel Application. 

Once you have entered the Control Panel application take the mouse to the Programs and Features tab and click on it. In this section, you can select and uninstall the program and go on to check the program list which opens now. From this list, it’s possible to locate the third-party antivirus and then select the Uninstall button to remove the application. Once the program is removed, reboot the system and then check the status of the error message. 

Upgrading the operating system:

Upgrading the operating system many a time solves the can’t establish secure connection google play music problem on the PC. Sometimes the error message appears on the screen if the operating system is outdated. Thus, the OS must be upgraded at the earliest. The following steps can be used for this purpose:

Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection

Step 1:

Hold down the Windows button and press the ‘I’ to access the Settings application. Or you can use the Win + X keys to access the WinX menu list and then proceed to select the Settings Application. 

Step 2:

Once in the security section select the Upgrade and Security setting. On the very same tab, you can click on the Update tab located on the left-side panel. Once the update tab opens, select the Check for updates button and find the latest update notification. If you do find a new update notification, click on that and start upgrading the system. Once the process is complete, open the Google Play Music application and see if it’s working properly without the error message occurring. 

Disable the defender feature of the Windows:

Even after uninstalling the third-party software on the system, the error issue persists, then it’s crucial to turn off the Windows Defender feature in the PC. It can be done through the following steps:

Step 1:

Type in the Control panel in the search box and then click on the Enter button. Otherwise, it’s possible to get into the control panel application right from the Start menu by pressing the Start button. 

Step 2:

Once the above-mentioned step is achieved, reach out to the Windows Firewall section located on the Control Panel window. Once in that window, reach out to the left-side panel and select the Turn Windows Firewall On and Off button. The button can be turned off both for the private network setting and the public network setting. Save the changes made and see if the error message persists. 

Effective internet connection:

Effective internet connection:

The google play music upload can’t establish a secure connection issue that arises when the internet connection is unsteady. If this error message appears on the screen, it’s important to check the stability of the internet connection. Many a time people using WIFI also see this message. Under such circumstances, it’s important to use the Ethernet cable. Once this cable is connected, this issue can be solved easily. 

Uploading the music files through music manager:

This is the most accessible fix to get rid of the error message that occurs on Google music. Google has an exhaustive history of dealing with this particular error message. If we look back at the previous crashes, there a lot of these cases have been due to an uploading file crash on the web version. If such a situation occurs, it’s possible to upload the files through the  Music Manager.

Browser update:

In many cases, it might so happen that even after trying all the above-mentioned steps, the error message might persist. In such cases, the final attempt is to check the browser setting. If the browser is not updated, it must be done immediately. In that case, one must go to the official website of the browser and check if its update. It must be updated as soon a possible if the previous version has expired.

Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection

The onscreen instructions can be followed to make the upgrading process smooth and easy. Once the entire process is complete, the Google Music app works without any issue.  These steps can be done through the PC to get rid of the reoccurring error message. 

All the above-mentioned steps can help you deal with Google music not responding issues without much worry. All these steps can be performed from the PC without any hassle. However, if the problem persists, professional help is required. 

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