How do I access blocked website?

here I am with my very first blog—“How to access Blocked Website” which will be very useful for everyone specially students staying in university hostels where the university administrators block certain websites to avoid students to access them. Also some offices and cyber cafes follow some strategies to block websites.

So the question of the hour is— How do I access blocked website????

And the answer is simple—just use calculator   . Yes you have read it right just use your PC’s or your Laptop’s calculator to do some calculations and surf the way you want….

Now I will tell you some steps to follow in order to access blocked websites:


First of all ping the website name in order to get the IP address.

a)      Go to Start then go to Run

b)      Write cmd then press ok

c)       MS Dos will open

d)      Then, write ping<space> followed by the blocked website name you want to access and press enter

e.g   E:\Documents and Settings\sandesh>ping

This will give the IP address of the website

e.g. Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data

Here is the required IP address which has four IP octet

First IP octet: 199

Second IP octet: 59

Third IP octet: 148

Fourth IP octet: 10

Write this IP address in a copy or in a text document in order to refer it some other time.

Make sure the calculator is in decimal i.e. decimal radio button is clicked.

Now write your first IP octet i.e. 199 in calculator and click on Bin radio button.

It will convert 199 in binary format i.e. first IP octet 199 will be 11000111 in binary.

Repeat the above step for second, third and fourth IP octet Hence becomes:

199         =   11000111

59           =   111011

148         =   10010100

10           =   1010

blocked website

Note: Check how any binary numbers are less than 8 digits. Add leading zeroes in order to make     them 8 digits.

Hence new modified format will look like:

199         =    11000111

59           =    00111011

148         =    10010100

10           =    00001010

Reassemble all the converted IP octets into IP address order


Remove the dots, so as to get one huge line of binary, thus:


Copy this binary string

 Go to your scientific calculator again, and hit the “Bin” button FIRST (as you are about to enter binary), then paste the binary string.

3342570506. Copy this value from calculator edit option.

Add the hypertext protocol prefix and paste into your browser’s address bar: http://3342570506   and press go.

Congratulations!!!! You have just learnt a simple trick to access blocked website.

This was my first blog, hope you all liked it…so here I am signing off, will be back with new blog very soon, till then goodbye and HAPPY LEARNING.



Hello friends, I am Mohit, the author of tinycomb. I have a passion for writing, and I put in all my efforts to provide my readers with what they are looking for, through my articles.

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