How Do Shopify SEO Experts Get on Top of Google Ranking?

So, you have set up your Shopify store, and it is getting a few orders. However, you cannot settle on the few sales that you are making. You need to get good traffic through Google.

Getting your online store on the first page of Google search will generate more sales without spending on ads. But like other great things in life, getting it is not easy. Fortunately, it is possible with Shopify SEO.

Below are the important steps that SEO companies do to get an online store to the search engine’s top pages.

They help Google find the store through perfect keywords

Keywords are the most important part of SEO. It tells Google what you do and who you are.

To get the perfect keywords, SEO experts think precisely how their target markets are thinking. They need to know the exact words the consumers are going to search to reach the products.

There is an effective way of choosing the perfect keywords. A general keyword such as “bag” will never get you anywhere as top-bag companies dominate the search engine. Moreover, a key phrase such as a “black leather backpack” won’t get enough searches. You may try something like “leather bag,” but you can’t tell whether it could get you more searches.

The science behind choosing the perfect keywords is somewhat complicated. But Shopify SEO experts can make a way to find these keywords for you.

They pick keywords or phrase that really sells

There is a huge difference between regular SEO and Shopify SEO. The latter gets searchers that will really buy something.

If you are selling handmade crafts, you will be interested in people who are interested in buying the crafts that make. Using keywords such as “handmade crafts” may get tons of people involved in making handmade crafts.

You need a keyword that would suggest an intention to buy, and the experts can help you come up with a good one.

They know where to put those keywords

Once they have come up with the best possible keywords, they will put it where Google can find it. Shopify has sweet spots for your keywords:

  • Title page – This is a phrase that will appear on Google’s search results page.
  • Meta description – This is what you see underneath the title. Putting a keyword here gives you the chance to convince the searchers to click on your link – make it as attractive as possible.
  • Alt tags and image description – Google can’t see a picture, so it is good to describe what it is on the uploaded image. It is done by changing the name of the picture to the preferred keyword before uploading it. It is also wise to add an “alt-text” to inform the searcher on the image if the web browser is unable to load an image. Inserting a keyword on alt-text helps Google read it, find it, and rank it.
  • H1 tags or headers – The headers are the first places Google checks and sees what your site is all about. Each product page should have descriptive headers along with the keywords.
  • Product description – This should always have the keywords to ensure that Google can find your page. Product descriptions should be enticing and unique. SEO experts avoid duplicate copies as Google hates it, and the site might get penalised for posting duplicate content.

They use internal links to connect contents and pages

Aside from keywords, SEO experts also use links to get a good ranking. They use internal links within the website, such as linking product pages from the homepage and setting up category links that are going to products from a blog.

Google will understand the online store and the products it sells if the website is well connected. It’s like the foundation of the site.

They create backlinks to the Shopify store

A Shopify store will rank if Google detects that other high-ranking sites are linking back to it. Getting a backlink from a high-ranking website will tell Google that the online store also has the authority to gain a higher rank.

The success of an online store relies on Google ranking. Spending on ads may help, but most buyers trust the search results. Shopify SEO can drastically increase the online store’s visibility on Google search.

While the SEO procedures are quite complicated, Shopify SEO experts are more than willing to help Shopify users get the highest ranking possible for their online stores and increase sales.

Carmel Issac is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility

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