How Technology is Enhancing Surveillance Processes

Technology is part of our lives as it is part of everything we do. From our daily routine to fitness apps and computing devices to robotics, it is everywhere. Technology has a huge role to play in how it has modernized our lives and given us smart solutions. Towards the future, we can see artificial intelligence, machine learning, Data Science, and smart cities in the making. 

We can foresee that it will transform our lives and lead us to more advancement and modernization. Together these elements are bound to bring more ease and enhance the quality of life further.

As technology has affected every single aspect and sphere of our lives, surveillance processes are no exception. These help us to achieve advanced medical expertise, cut down on crime rate, and increase personal safety and security. It ensures that we live a peaceful life and have complete control over the most critical areas of our lives.

Recognizing the importance of technology in surveillance, we will review how it is playing its role in enhancing the processes. We will look at some key points and elaborate on the factors playing a significant role in this regard. So, let’s begin.

  • Verification of Customers

In today’s world, maintaining personal and organizational security has turned into an almost insurmountable challenge. Increasing incidents of data breaches are clear evidence of it. However, several state-of-the-art solutions have made it easier for businesses to check the credentials of every client. In this context, initiatives such as the KYC [Know Your Customer] method allow an organization to check identities online.

  • Inspecting for Threats

Technology has played a major role in modernizing the way airports conducted security checks. Body scanners and similar machines installed at the airports have allowed for advanced security at the public places. They have ensured that each passenger is safe from all sorts of seen and unseen threats. Additionally, the way robots are serving in the retail industry; they might soon be serving at the airports too. Their induction at the public places will take security measures to a whole new level, and ensure safe travel.

  • Monitoring, Observation

To ensure complete privacy, several homeowners and people in business install hi-tech cameras and similar devices. The fact is that no static or mobile surveillance could be complete without the use of some advanced gadgets and devices. Advanced cameras have allowed residences to secure a greater area of their vicinity. Similarly, Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) footages have allowed authorities worldwide to spot a security threat in time. They have also enabled countries to maintain effective data on criminal and suspicious elements.

  •  Detection in Virology

Technology has been playing a pivotal role in the surveillance of the diseases and enhancing the studies in virology. It can be gauged from the current situation when researchers are working to develop the Coronavirus vaccine in record time. This could not be possible without tech-enriched surveillance. Processes that allow the detection of certain diseases are playing a major role in saving the world from major epidemics. In the days to come, we are hopeful that further technological advancements will help predict the outbreak of a virus or disease.

  • Clampdown on Corruption

Surveillance also has a massive role in spotting corruption in organizations and government institutions around the world. In addition to security cameras, the software has made it easier to detect fraud and discrepancies. They have enabled security officials and observers to capture the responsible elements expeditiously and serve justice. The software and computing devices have enormously been helping banks to spot fraudulent attempts easily.

  • Overcoming Pollution

The world has been combating the effects of increased pollution and is struggling against global warming. Environmental bodies across the globe have been striving to keep the air and water clean. They have also been making efforts for productive waste management. However, none of these tasks are achievable without integrating them with advanced surveillance methods. Experts have been able to achieve the said objectives using technological solutions such as smoke and air quality detectors. They provide hope for the future and allow for means and ways to have an improved quality of life.

  • Saving the Endangered

Technological solutions have made it possible to save the animals from becoming extinct. Several surveillance methods have allowed wildlife and marine experts to study the habitat of the endangered species. With the help of the surveillance methods, they have been able to determine why a certain breed is facing a dangerous situation. Due to the precision in the processes, experts have been able to think of newer ways and measures to help the said species survive. Technological solutions have also made it easier to monitor, inspect, and comprehensively detect the diseases in animals.

The Takeaway

Before we conclude this article, remember that you can adopt some of these measures to safeguard yourself. When online, you may take certain measures, such as using software, to ensure that recording is not taking place. If you face thefts in your residential area, you may install security cameras to provide yourself adequate security. Moreover, you can remain informed about your hidden static or mobile surveillance by being cautious. Last but not least, you can monitor the plants in your garden as well as your ailing pets to determine the best course of treatment.

Final Words

Surveillance has an essentially pivotal role in our lives as it provides the ground for observation and monitoring of all vital areas. Technological aid and advancements have been improving this process and allowing us to enhance our processes. We have been able to fight certain diseases, combat corruption, and save the precious resources of our planet. Whether it is the quality of our water or air or the status of endangered animals, we have truly been able to take effective measures. Together, such steps and surveillance solutions allow for improved quality of living. Looking towards the future, we can very well hope that we will see further advancements in tech-enriched surveillance.

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