How to Add Google plus comments in Blogger Templates

Blogger introduced a new Commenting system in Blogger, using Google plus comments. It is very easy to implement it on default templates. But how to enable it on Custom templates?. Here it is.. with a simple template hack…

enable Google plus comments in Blogger Custom Themes
Google plus comments on Blogger
View Google plus comments demo
The new Google plus comment system can be implemented in default templates (the ones from Blogger) by Going the Google + tab of the Blogger dashboard and ticking the option for the same. If you didn’t link your Google plus with your Blogger profile, you have to do this now.

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Google plus comments Blogger
Enable Google plus comments in Blogger
How to enable this on Custom Blogger Templates
If you are using a theme from outside the Blogger collection, you have to do some edits to your Template. You have three options

Revert your template to default Blogger
Edit Template, Enable both Google+ and Blogger comments
Implement Google+ Comments only
Revert template to default..
This is the simplest method.. Go to Template > Edit HTML.Click on Revert Template to Defaults. Select Blog1.

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google plus comments – implementation
Revert to default option
This will revert template to default, Google plus comments will appear. But I prefer second method, because it gives both Google plus commenting and Blogger default commenting. Google plus only allows registered users to comment.

Edit Template, Enable both Google+ and Blogger comments
The second method needs some editing.

Go to Template > Edit HTML
Click inside the Template Editor window and Press CTRL + F to find
Click on the arrow to expand the widget code
Add following code as next line

Now save the Template
You are done.
enable google plus comments on blogger custom templates
Add the code as given above
Implement Google+ Comments only
You can use Google + commenting system only by a simple template edit.
Find the following code in the template, it is difficult, try to expand every code and then use Ctrl+F. Use the first line of the code to search, else due to spacing you can’t find the code.

Now replace the above code with the following code, more than once..

Now save template advantages
Comments become so easily shared: the comments are getting shared on Google plus circles, so more traffic from Google plus circles.
Everything in one place: If someone shares your post (from another place on Google place), it is visible in the comment section.
Different views for comments: User can filter comments based on the comments from their circles or top comments etc.

Some important points you have to note
If you are using Disqus or other third party commenting system, comments can’t be recovered.
For moderating comments, you need to visit the post. You can hide, delete and approve comments from there.
If you change domain name, comments are gone. So if you plan to use custom domain name, implement Google plus comments after that.
You need a Google plus profile
No more anonymous comments. Only registered Google plus users can comment. (If you are using this method, both commenting systems are there, so no problem.)
Adult and private blogs can’t use Google plus comments


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