How To Change Margins In Google Docs For Your Documents

Google always keep adding new features to reach its user’s expectations and fulfil their requirements. Google docs are one of the best feature introduced by Google developers to satisfy their users. Google doc is a web application which is a word processor included as part of a free, web-based software office suite offered by Google.  And to provide some information about how to use Google doc’s margin feature to everyone.

So, when you create any new document in Google docs then you might have observed that it already has some margins by default. And these default margins are of one inch, which is basically the blank space above, below, to the left, and to the right of the document. So when you print your work these margins set the distance between the edges of the paper in the text and even you can change these default margins in Google docs in very easy steps. Changing the right and left margin sizes is a very easy and fast process.

But if you want to change margins from all side then we need to follow another method which is a little more complicated but it allows us to change all margin at once.

So first we will discuss the easier way in which we will just change margins size of the right and left:-

How To Change Margins In Google Docs
How To Change Margins In Google Docs
  • Easy way to quickly change left and write margins in Google Docs:-

  1. On Google search bar type Google docs and click on the search button and then enter into the first link of Google Docs.
  2. Then click on the “blank page” option to create a new slide otherwise open the document which you want to edit.
  3. Then locate the margin line/ ruler at top of the document.
  4. To change the left margin, look for a triangular arrow facing down and has a rectangular block made on that arrow along the ruler.
  5. Click and drag the rectangular block above the down-facing triangular arrow along the ruler and point.
  6. To change the right margin, you have to move the rectangular block above the triangular arrow along the ruler.

Important fact:- Move the rectangular block along the ruler instead of the triangular arrow because a triangular arrow will change the indentation of the new paragraphs instead of the margins. Read more- phone call from 0000000000

And space between each block is 1 inch which is the default distance between margins.

  • Steps to adjust Top, Bottom, Left and Right Margins on Google Docs:-

      1.Visit Google docs and Create a new document by clicking on the “blank page” or open the pre-existing document which you want to edit.

  1. Then click on the File option at the top- left and in that choose Page setup option.
  2. Look for the margins option.
  3. Then if you want to adjust Top margin then click on the text box next to the option “Top” and edit the length of the margin.
  4. Repeat step four to change the margins from every side. And you can save your margin settings by choosing the option “Set as Default” if you want to always have these margins when you create a new document.
  5. Then Click on OK.
  6. And recheck that your input margins are as per your requirement.
  • Steps to edit margins of a locked document or Creating a replica of the document and then edit the doc:-

How To Change Margins In Google Docs
How To Change Margins In Google Docs
  1. The best option is to request an administrator to give access to unlock and edit the document. To request the administrator followed the mentioned steps:-
  2. Click on the “Views only” option on the upper left side.
  3. Click on the “Request Edit Access” option appearing in the blue box.
  4. Type the description that why you want access to that particular Document.
  5. Choose the option “Send Request”.

And if Administrator grant you access then you will able to adjust the margins very easily.

  1. If the Administrator doesn’t give you the access then you can try this method and make a similar copy of the doc and adjust the margins:-
  2. Open the document and Request the Administrator to give you the editing access and if the Administrator declines your request.
  3. Then select all the text in the document.
  4. Then use the key combination CTRL+C to copy all the text.
  5. Then create a new blank document.
  6. Now use the key combination CTRL+V to paste all the text in a new created documents.
  7. Now you can adjust the margins in your created document by the steps mentioned above.

Important fact:-

If the document administrator disables the Copy for commenters and viewers then none of these methods will work.

  • You can Set/Lock margins in Google docs.

How To Change Margins In Google Docs
How To Change Margins In Google Docs

If you want to prevent someone to edit your performed work then you can even lock your document so that any of the viewers will be unable to edit your work.

  1. During the sharing of your document. Click on the share option to share your document.
  2. When you share the document, simply click on the pencil icon and then choose “Can View” option instead of the “Can Edit” option.


So these are the important and easy steps by which you can easily adjust the margins from all four sides and even protect your document from getting edited by any other viewers. season 2 akame ga kill 


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