How to Get the Destiny 2 cache Key

Are you worried about not getting the destiny 2 cache key? Don’t worry. We will help you get the cache key, be it encrypted or decrypted, be it even the Rasputin key fragments, after reading this article, you will be filled in on important points you can’t miss. 

How to get Rasputin key fragments? 

You have to perform some tasks in order to really get the Rasputin fragments which will help you get the encrypted as well as the decrypted cache key. 

  • you have to complete heroic strikes or heroic adventures on Mars. By completing the two levels you will obtain two Rasputin Key Fragments. Though they are rare, it can happen.
  • If you do not get the Rasputin key fragments, then you have to complete Nightfalls. If you complete this level, it will help you obtain seven Rasputin Key Fragments. 

Some Rasputin key fragments use:

You need the Rasputin key fragments to turn them into the encrypted key. The only one encrypted cache key is needed to obtain the decrypted cache key. So everything is riding on your trying to achieve the Rasputin key.

That is why it is tough to gain progress. However, there is a catch. You cannot have more than one encrypted key with you. After you have turned the encrypted key into the decrypted one, you have to play the game again. The cycle will continue. 

how to get Rasputin key fragments

How to get the warming encrypted cache key?

Getting the encrypted cache key requires some of the skill so to do it easily, follow these steps to get the rare items that you are looking for. 

  • You have to obtain every story mission that is present in the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion.
  • Begin playing Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, Raids, and Raid Lairs, Heroic Adventures, Heroic Strikes.
  • When you start playing each of the figures, as a bonus point you will start getting Rasputin key fragments.
  • You have to earn seven Rasputin fragments in order to make it work.
  • After you have reached there, go to Ana Bray on Mars.
  • You can use the seven fragments to turn them into encrypted caches in Ana Bray. But here is a catch, you can do it only once and for seven caches you will only get one cache key.

How to get decrypted cache key?

Getting the new decrypted cache is like a level up for the warming. Generally, The encrypted cache key is needed to get the decrypted cache key. So if you are looking forward to leveling up, Here is how to do it perfectly. The things that we have written are just the first step. To get the decrypted cache key you have to go a bit further into the game. 

  • Now that you know how to go to Mars, The new DLC features allow the Escalation Protocol mode on Mars to use it as a horde-like game.
  • After you reach there, you have to defeat the hive soldiers that are present there. The less time you take the better it is for you. This will ensure your rise to the protocol as you rise above the level.
  • Now you have to reach up to level seven. Up above level seven requires a decrypted cache key.
  • You have to hit the character with the maximum expansion which is the power level of 380.
  • After level seven, a new character will wind up at each rotation every week.  
  • Once you are done fighting the level seven boss, you will get a loot chest that can be opened with the decrypted cache. This can land you a Rasputin armor. 

How to get the destiny 2 escalation protocol key?

This is the protocol that can be used to get many rewards. When you win all the tough levels, it will help you get ahead. 

  • All the levels are timed and have many enemies to make it more difficult. The enemies, mini-events, and mini-bosses make the game tough. So trade well.
  • When you have completed the level, you have to.locate the tower that was raised.  
  • After locating it, you have to activate the raised tower. Make sure that you do it before the time has run out.
  • Now you have reached the final level. At this point, you will fight the final level’s boss. Create a tactic to defeat him.  
  • When you defeat the boss, you will be offered plunder which will get you many decrypted caches.
  • This boss can be changed as the final boss of the Escalation Protocol activity alternates every week 
destiny 2 escalation protocol key

What do you win after the escalation protocol cache key? 

There are many things that are up for loot. 

  • Along with the loot, you will get some exclusive rewards.
  • To open the loot you will need the decrypted cache key for which you have to Rasputin key fragments forsaken and turn them into encrypted cache key. After you open the loot, you will be rewarded with many cosmetics and armors.
  • The reward is allowed to only the character class of the escalation protocol
  • The armor that you will be receiving will be a brand new one. 
How to Get the Destiny 2 cache KeyDiscussion
How to get Rasputin key fragments?By fulfilling certain requirements, you can get the Rasputin key. 
Some Rasputin key fragments useYou have to use it to get the encrypted and decrypted cache key. 
How to get the warning encrypted cache key?By performing a certain task you can get the encrypted cache key. 
How to get decrypted cache key?By performing a certain task you can get the decrypted cache key. 
How to get the destiny 2 escalation protocol key?To know how to do it, read it up. 
What do you win after the escalation protocol cache key?You can win armors and cosmetics. 

Final Thoughts: 

The cache key is everything in this game as you get the items and are riding on the cache key. To achieve them in the right method, follow the steps to the T and win them all. 


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