How to Hire an Electrician for Sydney Home Electric Repairs

Sydney is the capital city of the state of New South Wales, Australia. Known for its iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney boasts of having stunning beaches while having vast plain lands as you head towards Australia’s inner regions.

Sydney has a humid subtropical climate that ranges from cold winters to scorching summer months. The hot climate conditions of Sydney have provided ample fuel for bushfires caused by lighting to grow and spread. 

Aside from bushfires caused by nature, numerous cases of residential fires have also been reported. The latest statistics show that forty per cent of residential fires in Sydney was caused by faulty electrical wiring.  

When you suspect that your home has faulty wiring, you need to hire an electrical contractor immediately. Never work on electrical tasks on your own. However, choosing an electrician in Sydney to work on electrical repairs in your home can be challenging. Type in electrician in a search engine, and you will see a multitude of websites that offer electrical services. Which one should you hire? Here are some guidelines on how to hire the right electrician for your home. 

  • Ask for Referrals

While you can easily find a list of electricians from internet search engines, getting a list of electricians who were recommended to you by friends and family will provide you with a much better choice. An electrician or electrical contractor that gets mentioned a lot will give you an idea of the quality of craft that you can expect from them. 

  • Check their Credentials

It is best to ask electricians for their credentials before hiring them. Make sure that they have the necessary licenses or certifications for the type of electrical work that you require. For example, licensed electricians can work on electrical wiring systems and appliances within the home. However, these electricians are limited only to specific electrical tasks. On the other hand, electrical contractors have higher certification levels and can handle electrical planning for home renovations. It is best to determine which type of electrician can handle your requirements. 

  • Always get Multiple Quotations

If you have a major electrical repair, do not hire the first electrician that you meet. Make sure to get at least three quotations from different electrical contractors. Having multiple quotations will give you a more accurate estimate of how much your electrical installation will cost. It is also best if the electrician Sydney has to offer will go to your house to give a once over on the project before giving you a quotation. 

  • Get a Definite Schedule

Always get a definite timeline on when the project is going to be started and finished. For major home renovations, electrical contractors must schedule their work in coordination with the other tradespeople on the job. When the electrical work is not laid out, other trades work may be held off. It is, therefore, essential to get an assurance from electrical contractors of their schedule. 

  • Handling Permits and Regulations

Major home renovations may include electrical works that tap into the main power lines. These types of work are heavily regulated, and therefore, your choice of an electrical contractor should know how to take care of the permits or electrical requirements needed relating to your electrical project.

  • Hire Locally

When planning to hire an electrician or electrical contractor, it is always best to employ the one within your locality. Hiring an electrician that has an office near you will be advantageous because you can always go to their office if you have any complaints such as not doing their work on schedule or doing sloppy electrical work. 

Always remember that incorrect electrical wiring may lead to the destruction of property or loss of life. Therefore, it is vital to forego the thought of saving money by not hiring a licensed electrical contractor for your home renovation needs. 

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