Search Without Spam! How to Remove Ads When Using Google Image Search

Do you ever get tired of searching on Google only to get bombarded with ads?

Website owners benefit from ads since they generate revenue for them. However, we can all agree that ads are becoming more annoying and intrusive. There is a chance that they use tools to track your online behavior, put your privacy at risk, and spread malware too.

Most advertising networks use Google ads, and it’s present in at least 36.5% of all websites. Thankfully, there are ways you can lessen and remove ads from Google by adding an extension or changing your settings.

You’re not sure how to get rid of ads? Then don’t fret! Listed below are some ways to remove ads.

1. Control the Ads You See on Your Computer

First, open up your browser and go to the Google home page and select the little grid icon in the upper right corner and select Account. Click on the ‘Data and personalization’ and scroll down until you see ‘Ad Personalization’, then go to ‘ad settings.’

You can either the button to turn off ad personalization or scroll down and customize and remove ads on specific interests. With the Ad personalization turned off, you will no longer see any ads on YouTube, Google image search, or any website that uses Google advertising. 

While you look through different images, we recommend Spark Adobe to edit any photo your save and help you flip images online.

2. Install Add-Ons

Still have ads and you want to completely block Google ads?

Go to your browser’s settings and look through your extensions, you can download Adblock or Adblock Plus add-on which is the best ad blocker that’s free. It will protect your browser from malware threats and block Google ads like banners and pop-ups.  

If you installed Adblock or Adblock Plus, remember to uncheck the box next to the “I like Ads on Google search results; Show me those” to finish the process.

3. Removing Ads in Mobile

If you’re in the Chrome app, press the three dots in the top right, and choose Settings. Go to Site settings and scroll down to ‘Pop-ups and Redirects’ and ‘Ads’ and make sure they’re blocked.  

If you use the browser, open up the menu by clicking more then go to settings and pick ‘Advanced’ and turn off by sliding the Block Pop-ups slider to the right. You can also download third-party adblockers in the Play Store.

On iPhones,iPads, or iPod touch, you can block ads by going to settings then go to Safari to slide the ‘Block Pop-ups’ option to green. For other types of ads like banners, you’re going to have to download an ad blocker. We recommend the app ‘Crystal’ because it’s the best in blocking out google ads in iOS devices. 

Remove Ads and Enjoy Browsing!

You can now enjoy a better web experience and search through Google without having misleading apps pop up.

Were we able to help you block Google ads?  Do you want more? Feel free to check out and read our other posts for more guides and tips now!


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