How To Stop Avast Popups?

Ding! You got an email from your boss.

Beep! Your favorite celebrity tweeted something on Twitter.

Be-doop! Your friend has texted you, asking if you are free tomorrow.

Beep, Beep! You received another annoying popup from Avast Antivirus.

How To Stop Avast Popups?
How To Stop Avast Popups?

Nowadays, it has become difficult to take a breath for even a few seconds without a single message or notification dropping in from your boss, friends, your favorite celebrity, or from the Avast app.

Are you on the brink of losing your sanity and thinking, “Why does Avast keep popping up?” or “Why oh why does this have to keep happening during an important meeting or playing a game?”

It is more shocking when your volume is at the highest level, and the notification pops up, making you a jolt.

So, what comes in mind!

How do I get rid of Avast popups in Windows 10?

How To Stop Avast Popups?
How To Stop Avast Popups?

So, here we go!

What if we tell you that there is an option to mute such notification temporarily? 

We know you badly need this!

So, if you want to escape this hell for a short period, say a warm hello to Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode! With these two helping buddies, you can manage the notifications.

Here we will explain how to stop these notifications and continue to enjoy your game or work in peace while being protected by Avast Antivirus.

Check out our step-by-step guide below!

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Two Ways to Stop Avast Antivirus Displaying Popups

When you install Avast for the first time, it shows notifications like updates, warnings, alerts, scans, and other activities on your computer or laptop screen.

How To Stop Avast Popups?
How To Stop Avast Popups?

These notifications are the best way to stay updated and safe from any malware. However, it can make your life a living hell when you are using other applications.

It can become more problematic when you are doing something important or playing a game.

Are you pondering, “How do I stop Avast threat secured pop ups?

We have discovered two easy options that you can follow to get rid of Avast notifications. The two ways are, The Do Not Disturb Mode and the Silent Mode. 

If you wish, then you can use both of them to disable annoying pop-ups.

In the next section, we will tell you about how to disable Avast notifications & pop-ups. So let’s get started!

1. Avast Silent Mode

Are you wondering, “What is Avast silent mode?” or “What does the silent mode in Avast do?” Then, stop wondering and continue scrolling.

Nobody likes to be disturbed while conducting a business or playing a game, so we understand your emotions.We will help you remove the annoying notifications within a few minutes.

But firstly, let’s find out what Avast Silent Mode is?

The silent mode is pretty much the same as the Avast silent Game mode.

Silent Mode in Avast is designed to manage PowerPoint presentations or enjoy playing games without getting interrupted.

All you have to do is activate the Silent/gaming mode. And voila! Your problem is solved.

Once you activate this, Avast will become quiet, and you will no longer get agitated due to unwanted notifications of popups.

Turn on Silent/gaming mode with few easy steps!

Follow our easy steps to get rid of popups instantly and that too without paying any charges.

  • Step 1:

First, launch the Avast Antivirus by going to the system tray. Then tap on the small Avast icon.

  • Step 2:

Once the Avast interface appears on your PC screen, click on the Menu button at the top ribbon.

  • Step 3:

Now, open the Settings section, and you will see an additional menu appearing on the screen.

  • Step 4:

By default, it will take you to the General tab, which is located above the Protection and Performance tab.

  • Step 5:

Now scroll on and switch to the Notification subsection.

  • Step 6:

Once you do it, carefully check the box next to the following option ‘Use silent mode and turn off all pop-ups, alerts, and messages.’

  • Step 7: 

Also, make sure to uncheck one more option, and that is ‘Enable Avast sounds.’

It will help you to enhance the silent mode experience, and you will be able to play games without getting any clingy Avast popups.

  • Step 8:

Now, you are almost close to your victory, so close the Avast Settings.

  • Step 9:

Once you do it, you will see a message saying ‘Silent mode is turned on’ on your PC screen. It means the app won’t send you any unwanted notifications in the future.

Well done! Give a pat on your back!

Avast popups won’t disturb you anymore.

Silent Mode is not so silent!

Many Avast antivirus users complain that even after activating Silent mode, they are still getting popups.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Are you getting kicked out of your games as well due to this mode?

Is it closing all the opened windows and sending you straight to your desktop, even when the game is still on?

Then, bang, you are dead! A slip of moment can make you lose your game.

Well, we feel sad about losing such a precious time.

If the previous Silent Mode method did not work, then there is another option. It will seriously save you from this misery, and the mode is…

Avast Antivirus DND Mode!

2. Avast Do Not Disturb

The next method involves enabling the DND mode in Avast Antivirus. If the first method didn’t work out for you, then this one will surely do its job.

This mode will disable the notifications for all the apps, which are running on your Windows 10 PC in Fullscreen mode.If you are using such applications, then enable this mode to stop Avast popups.


The first and second step is similar to the method mentioned in the previous Silent mode.

The first and second step is similar to the method mentioned in the previous Silent mode.

Follow these easy steps to enable DND mode:

  • Step 1:

Firstly, open the Avast Antivirus software. Then click on the Menu button, which is located in the top right corner.

  • Step 2:

An additional menu will appear on your screen, so click on Settings.

  • Step 3:

Then, all you have to do is switch to the Performance tab. It is located right below the Protection tab.

  • Step 4:

Tap on the Do Not Disturb Mode, and check the boxes next to the appropriate options.

  • Step 5:

Once you complete the above steps, switch to the Software Updater tab.

  • Step 6:

Now, uncheck the box of this option ‘Notifications about new updates.’

And that is it! You will no longer receive the annoying Avast popups in the future.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. We hope that now you know how to disable Avast popups by using the two easy methods that we have given above. Let us know if you found this Avast article helpful. Do not forget to share this read with the person in need because sharing is caring.

One thing we want to let you know is that you must strictly follow all the instructions mentioned above. If you still are receiving any Avast Antivirus popups then you can take professional’s help.

Stay safe and stay tuned with us for more Avast related articles.


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