How to Take Full Advantage of Microsoft Teams

Business communication platforms are becoming standard in any industry. They’re faster and more convenient than the traditional email and printed memos. They also come with a variety of features that make work a lot easier. The most popular ones include Zoom, Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

Each platform has its own focus and characteristics, but there are a few things that make Microsoft Teams stand out. It’s the lynchpin that brings Microsoft 365 together. Members of your teams meeting rooms can access and edit Microsoft documents like Word and PowerPoint together in real-time. That is one huge advantage over other platforms.

But there can be some hiccups regarding implementation and use, especially with newcomers to your organisation. Many people use Microsoft teams as any normal communication tool, though it comes with a lot of tools that are advantageous to work. Fortunately, there are a few best practices you can apply to remedy this.

Five dollars a month per user may not be much, but can quickly add up depending on how large your organisation is. It’s best to learn how to make most of the platform.

Customise It

Personalise your meeting rooms to tailor fit your team’s preferences. This can be easily done by changing backgrounds, themes, changing the layout, and more. One of the best things to do is integrate it to a third party app, which may or may not be related to your work. If you’re part of social media management, linking your organisation’s Twitter or Facebook just makes sense.

Productivity apps such as Asana and Todoist are also available to streamline and keep track of duties, or you can add fun apps like Kahoot and Quizlet to break the monotony of work.

You could even add a bot with specific purposes to your channels. Utilise them to whatever purpose your team currently needs. There are bots for creating polls, checking statistics, connect with other communication platforms, and etc.

Streamline communication

You’ve probably experienced receiving work news, memos, and team messages from all sorts of platforms. You drown in emails and spend time looking for a specific message you can’t remember you received. That usually leads to confusion and extension, a decrease in productivity.

Using Microsoft teams as your central communication hub minimises that confusion. Members know where to ask questions, find updates, and keep in touch. An added bonus is you increase engagement and grow your community.


Having a lot of features can sometimes make teams meeting rooms overwhelm a person. Prevent this by creating specific channels or threads for different subjects. This also serves to keep conversation relevant and well-documented, as each channel is dedicated to one topic.

Besides a general channel, you can create dedicated channels for specific topics ranging from 

organisation updates, team meetings, surveys, and even informal ones like quotes for the day and team outings.


The more familiar you are with Microsoft teams, the more you can streamline your processes and save time and effort for yourself. With it, you can stay within a single platform and do productive work. You get more time for less effort and stress while keeping information clear and relevant. Take a few minutes a day to explore and familiarise yourself with Microsoft teams.

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