Kitten diaries: a day in the life of a cat

Cat’s are fiercely independent creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love getting attention from their owners! Their days consist of meandering around by themselves, looking for something to drag onto the living room floor, as well as getting looked after by their doting owner.

They have their scratching post, they have the best cat insurance in Australia, now it’s time to look at some of the things they get up to during their most fascinating days…

They chill outside

There’s a reason why you see so many cats hanging around outside – they simply love basking in the sun! One of a cat’s favourite things to do is slip through their door and head out for some well-earned time in the sun. They will literally follow the sun around if it starts to create shade in the garden, chilling and grooming until they have finally decided to move onto some more, shall we say, lethal adventures…

  • They go for a spot of hunting

So after a cat’s done relaxing outside, they might like to partake in another one of their favourite activities: hunting. Yes, when you spot a cat outside, pacing very slowly and seriously, you can only assume they’re on the lookout for something to pounce on!

It’s more than likely they have no intention of eating whatever it is they catch: a bird, a mouse etc. they just love the thrill of the hunt. They will often do something many non-cat lovers find quite strange about felines, which is…

  • They take their catch inside

For some reason, cats think that bringing in a dead mouse is a really lovely gift for us humans. Sure, cat lovers truly appreciate the gesture, but why couldn’t they go out and catch, say, a new wristwatch or bouquet of flowers? Dead mice just aren’t the best presents to receive, cats – but thanks for going to the effort to show your appreciation!

  • They scratch at something, anything, for that matter!

Cats love scratching at certain materials: it’s a game for them and really enjoyable. But, they will often scratch at anything, including the lounge room sofa or an expensive coat you have hanging on the door – so it’s best to pick them up the saviour of all your personal, scratchable items – the legendary scratching tower…

  • They get some love & affection from their owner

Dog lovers may tell you otherwise, but cats actually do love affection. They love nothing more than having their back patted or their ears and chin scratched. It’s up to you, their owner, to find out exactly the way your cat likes to be patted, but the back, chin and ears are a pretty good place to start!

  • They have a sleep

After a day of sunbathing, hunting, scratching and general mucking around, cats love to have a good sleep. Whether you’re a cat person or not, you have to admit that having a cat all cosy and purring on your chest is pretty darn cute, as you can tell they are really relaxed and in their happy place! We’re all for it!

Well, what a day!

What a day a pet has. They really do their own thing, don’t they? Roaming around, catching prey and hanging out with their owner (often only when it suits them to!), and this is exactly why we love them!

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