Mistakes to avoid while making a mobile app

In this world of rapid technology and advancement, people love to communicate, shop, earn, and get their food delivered via mobile applications. Using an application might be as easy as a pie, but mobile app development requires planning, working, coding, testifying, filtering, and then launching the application. 

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But if you possess coding skills and have decided to do it on your own, here a few mistakes to avoid while making an application:

Ignoring profound market research:

What most of the app developers lack is patience. Because mobile app development is more than just a great idea. And to get started right away may not be a smart decision, to do so, you first have to plan and research properly. Because deciding by scrolling through some web pages in 15 minutes, is not going to work.

To test the market beforehand, conducting several surveys, and deciding your target audience is compulsory. The next step is to identify what kind of features will be captivating for your target audience. This way, your vision will be clear and it will be easier for you to manage things. 

Not defining your budget:

As an app developer, you must be mindful of the fact that it requires big investments. Before initiating make sure to make a list of your resources and budget. Count in the following things:

  • Material
  • Space
  • Marketing
  • Operating team
  • Development hours. 

By a complete analysis, you will be able to figure out the amount of money these aspects require. Once done, you can proceed to the next step. 

Not considering MVP essential:

The minimum viable product, shortened as MVP, is a process in which a website is designed to have sufficient features to satisfy early consumers. To keep your users updated with your offerings creating an MVP is crucial.

It is accommodating to evaluate the overall performance of your application. To save your time, you can test your app before advancing. It is essential to accelerate the process and help you to evaluate your app based on feedback from customers. 

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Mediocre Mobile UI:

Mobile app developers often make this mistake by not giving proper attention to the user interface. It is the only way in which the user interacts with your mobile application. 

You might have heard how important a first impression is. The key to wow your customers is developing an extraordinary user interface. Out there, hundreds of apps are being uploaded at app stores, to make yours stand out, work on your user interface. 

Here are a few tips to work on while creating your user interface:

  • Make a Clear system status
  • Synchronize the system with the real world
  • Keep a check on User control
  • Ensure an Error-free interface
  • Make is Easy to use and flexible

Adding unnecessary features:

In the process of mobile app development, it useless to add too many features, excess of everything is bad. Doing so will make your app bulky and it will run slow. Try avoiding this mistake to make it comfortable for your users. Focus on adding less but the best features.

Not testing your application:

To satisfy your customers, and make sure that your app is bug-free, do not skip the step of testing and analyzing your application. You may follow these small steps to ensure the quality of your app:

  • Try using it on different mobile phones
  • Take an opinion from a third party. 

Launching Application on various platforms:

If you have done enough research before mobile app development, choose one platform to launch your app first. After analyzing the success of your application, you can opt for launching it on other platforms too. Because launching it on various platforms, at a time will cost you enough money and it won’t worth it. If the feedback is positive, you can decide what other platforms you want to launch your app on. 

Not updating your App:

The cycle of making the best mobile application doesn’t end on launching it. It needs to be updated regularly to attract more audience and fulfill their demands. To get an idea of the changing needs of users, you can keep an eye on the reviews posed by them. This will help you to update your app according to their requirements. Also, incorporating new features will excite your users.

Sometimes, these mistakes can serve as an unseen the barrier between your application and success. The main reason for developing an app is to engage users, therefore, focus on your purpose. Better sorry than safe. 

Carmel Issac

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