Have you ever received a call that displays a strange number with all zeros in it? Do you really know the meaning of a phone call from 0000000000?

Do you hear some eerie noise coming from the other end or do you actually hear the voice of a human being? Well to solve this strange mystery we have come up with a lot of answers. 


If there are some disturbing or eerie noises coming from the other end of the call, then it can be assured that there is some network or communication problem. But in case if you hear some human voice or if someone answers you call, then this can be a problematic and mysterious issue.

This blog is going to be all about what does incoming calls from number 0000000000 means. 


 The telephone number 000 000 0000 is considered to be a mysterious number. Although we have got no proof about it, many people have been claiming that they have been receiving a call from 000-000-0000.

Few of them have even claimed that these calls were generated by some spirits or ghosts.


Often it is believed that a missed call from all zeros has something to do with paranormal activities. They believe that some metaphysical energy is responsible for making the phone call.

While some of the psychics say that the network towers are responsible for directing these calls to our phones from some otherworld. 

The phone call from 0000000000 is a live electronic phenomenon through which the spirits try to communicate with their beloved and loved ones.

In some cases, these calls might be directed to the person who had tried to harm that spirit or the ghost. Through this phone call, the spirit might want to convey his vengeful anger towards that person who harmed him. 


There are also many cases where you do not hear any voice from the call. This means that there is some glitch in the communication system. Sometimes these calls can be generated through internet-based calls and also by some smartphone apps. Sometimes the calls can be encrypted and connected by the government, corporations or by some dangerous hackers.

These hackers come in the way of your personal life and get information about you through phone number all zeros. 

Are the phone calls coming from all zero number ghostly?

It’s a very important question that arises in our mind. Are the spirits able to manipulate electronic devices? Are they able to reach back through the fabric of space and time from wherever they are right now, to influence the communication system through phone calls? 

It seems very fantastic because a call coming from a ghost is not a common one. Researchers who have researched on this topic have determined that these calls usually occur during the next 24 hours when someone dies.


But there are cases when the calls have been received even after or within the two years of someone’s death. This call is usually filled with heavy statics and the caller’s voice is faint as if he is talking from far away. 

The mystery of phone call from 0000000000 can indeed be ghostly. The paranormal Defense agency widely believes that this number means a call coming from some other world or dimension. This is often believed to have contact with otherworldly aliens, ghosts and spirits. 

However, according to the belief of some psychics, seers and mystics, the internet and the telephone towers are responsible for making these calls more rapid. From the beginning of the time, our network has been always connected to our eternity and our future. 


But if you are a person who does not believe in ghosts, then this phone call will not make any sense to you. Usually and most of the time, these phone calls are glitches that occur in the network or the communication system.

Also, as we already discussed these phone calls are often made by hackers who want to gain your personal information. So, it depends upon you how wise you are to skip or attend the call. 

In today’s era, it very easy to detect someone’s number through a lot of apps such as the Truecaller. This app will help you to find the identity of the caller irrespective of the location and time in which the phone call is made.

So what is the conclusion behind all that we discussed above? 

By now we have come to know what all are the possible reasons behind the calls coming from all zeros. So, whenever you receive a call from such a number then it is better to avoid the call or don’t pick up the call. A spirit or the hacker, whoever is there on the other side, may intend to harm you. 

In case you have been receiving such calls for a long time, then it is better to report about it to the police or security offices.


But if you still keep on receiving such calls, then you can change your number in that extreme case. 

The reason behind these calls is still mysterious. Most of the scientists and the communication officers say that these calls occur generally due to the disturbance or some issues in the network and the communication system. In harsh climates, these glitches are more likely to occur rather than on normal days. 

Ruchika Jain

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