New users: The numerous benefits of using a credit card

Most people believe that debit cards and cash are the easiest options for most money-related transactions. Their staunch faith in these two modes doesn’t allow them to try something else.

However, if you are financially savvy, you shouldn’t let any bias or fear dominate your decision. For example, many people don’t realize the benefits of using a credit card. They still operate from the belief that credit cards can spoil their spending habits and make them indebted. That’s why they don’t want to have one. However, in truth, using plastic money can prove advantageous for several reasons.

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Sign-on bonuses

When you sign up for a card, you can expect a welcome gift. Many credit card companies offer this valuable perk. To qualify for the bonus, you may first have to spend a specific amount within the stipulated time. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to be thorough with the terms and conditions.


Some credit cards give back a small amount of cash in exchange for the purchase you made through them. They usually offer one to six percent of rewards on the total cart value. If you keep using your credit card, you can eventually end up building a considerable bonus amount.

Reward programs

Every card can have some unique reward propositions. You have to choose a reward program that coincides with your spending habits or has tied up with a retailer you visit frequently.

Some programs can be points-based, where you earn a certain number of points when you spend; you can cash out these points in the form of a gift card or others. Some companies entice users with travel bonuses, while others offer something on grocery shopping, dining, etc.

Like these, there can be various options. For example, Chase is running Chase refer a friend program, one of the most common yet efficient referral campaigns that keep users hooked.

Transferable points

A few credit cards help you transfer earned points from one card to another. You can redeem them at a considerably higher value. One of the benefits of this is that your points would never expire as long as you are an active user of the card. Plus, you can use those rewards at various places and save money. 

Customer service

A trusted and reputable credit card company excels in providing full customer support through email, phone, and chats. You can get any information related to your account, whether it involves a limit increase or status of your application, etc.

So, if you wish to make the best use of your finances even while spending, you can add this to your wallet. Most credit cards offer fraud protection. And some of them provide excellent perks.

You have to choose something suitable for your lifestyle and shopping needs. Before you sign any of them, don’t forget to skim through the fine prints. You must check whether your card charges an annual fee or not.

After all, why would you go for it when you have multiple other options offering competitive rates without yearly charges? Like these, you can weigh your choices and finally select one.

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