Night Vision Camera apps that are perfect for your smartphone

In earlier days, shooting during the night was a real headache. If you wanted to click a decent photo, you would have to bring flashlights from getting one in the dark. But things have changed now.

The night vision mode in cameras have been in existence for the past decade, but now smartphones have multiple night vision camera app that makes clicking pictures in the dark tremendously easy.

You might have already seen these apps available for download, but aren’t you curious which apps are the best?

In this article, you will get the comprehensive details of the top ten free apps for your smartphone that is perfect for night time pictures.

10 night-vision apps that will change your smartphone

Though numerous free apps claim to be flawless in offering night vision, there is only a handful that does so. The following apps are some of the best night vision apps that work. They are:

Night camera photo and video

Night camera photo and video app is not only a night vision application, but it is capable of taking high-quality videos at night too.

You will be able to shoot flawlessly in pitch darkness without any support. The application is quite easy to download also. With 8x zooming, the app lets you click pictures from a great distance too.

Most apps that claim to get you clear images during the night mainly require high-quality and expensive phones, but this app is compatible with most smartphones that are of low price.

You will also be able to click pictures in dimly lit areas during the day. Night camera photo and video app are one of the best android apps that you could get for free because of the reasons mentioned above.

Night vision flashlight thermo

If you often travel during the night and you have to walk sometimes in the darkness, then this app is for you. Through Night vision flashlight thermo, you will be able to have a clear vision even during pitch-black darkness.

This is not only a night vision app for android, but it works for smartphones with iOS too. If you are not comfortable walking with a flashlight, you can always turn on the camera of your smartphone with the night-vision mode and can walk with complete knowledge of your surroundings in the dark. 

Not only can you use the app for viewing the surroundings, but you can alter the brightness and change the color settings. After clicking a picture, you will be able to add filters and effects in the photo.

Night vision cam

If you click pictures by using this app, your friends will not be able to differentiate your image with that of a professional. The photos clicked by Night vision cam is one of a kind because it can turn any ordinary phone into a professional camera with night vision.

Not only does it take brilliant photos in the dark, it offers multiple modes of color as well. The app lets you click pictures in green, blue, and red patterns. When you take a walk at the park during the night, this app will be pretty useful because you will be able to view the surroundings correctly by using the app.

You can use the app during the day, too, if you cannot get optimum sunlight. This app is specially designed for android smartphones. 

NightVision Light

NightVision Light is not only a night vision app iPhone, but for Android phones as well. The app converts the home screen of your smartphone into a red dot. The red sign helps you in making accurate observations at night.

You will not even have to use the camera or flashlight app of your phone to view the surrounding in the dark. By only opening the home screen of your phone, you will be able to get your job done.

There is no requirement of any light source for this app to do its job. You will be able to change the brightness of the app and can alter your view in the dark. 

Color night vision camera

There are several moments in people’s lives when they cannot take pictures of important moments due to a lack of brightness. Through the color night vision camera app, you will be able to capture every moment of your life even during the worst lighting.

Not only this app lets you capture pictures in the dark, but it becomes your helping hand when you cannot navigate your way through the dark. The app also comes with customized effects and different color modes like black, white, red, and green. You will be able to play funny pranks on your friends through the help of this app.

The app allows you to capture videos during the night with excellent quality. This app is specially designed for android devices. 

Night vision camera simulation

If you want to play a real-life spy, this app is for you. Through the night vision camera simulation app, you will be able to locate the slightest disturbance in your house during the night.

The app is noticing the change because it is built through several complex algorithms that can detect the color of the surrounding. With different color filters and live night vision power amplifier, this is a night vision app that really works.

The app can function minutely and discreetly. It offers camera rotations at 0,90,180,270 and automatic degrees. If you want to do surveillance around your house, you can do it through this app. Put the phone near your window and sleep peacefully. You can check any discrepancies in the morning in the app. This app is built for Android devices. 

Night eyes lite

If you hate clicking images using a flashlight, then this app is for you. Night eyes lite allows you to capture fantastic photos in complete darkness without the use of a flashlight. This is one of the best iOS apps for the night vision you will get on the internet.

Not only can you click photos by your rear camera, but you will be able to capture selfies in complete darkness too. There are multiple color filters available with this app, namely, red, green, blue, black and white, sepia, and many more.

It is one of the few apps that lets you capture photos in darkness in both portraits as well as landscape modes.

You will get up to 10x zooming through this app. The quality of the image produced is astounding in the case of night eye lite application. 

Thermal night vision color filter effect camera

If you want to capture perfect night-time pictures with beautiful filters, then this app is for you. Night mode camera is an app that turns ordinary night-time pictures into colorful and happy photos by instigating bright pixels colors in them.

The app mostly uses red and yellow tones when the image is hot in comparatively gorgeous surroundings and uses blue and lilac color modes when the photo is shot in complete darkness. You can avail of the thermal effect by pressing the night vision goggles button.

The app is not an ordinary night vision app, but it is a night vision goggles app. Hence you will be able to get beautiful pictures through this app on your smartphone. The app is built explicitly for Android devices. 

Night camera lite

If you have an iOS device and you want to capture moments during the night, then this app is for you. The app has a brilliant user interface, and hence, anyone with the least knowledge of smartphones will be able to operate the app.

While using the app, you will not be required to use the flashlight of your phone to shoot in the dark.

With extraordinary features like real-time luminance histogram, residual light enhancement, and digital zoom with 6x zoom, this is a great cell phone night vision app; you will get for free. 

Night vision video recorder

In case you want to record HD quality videos at night, this app might be pretty helpful to you. The quality of the footage captured by the app is of professional quality.

Not only will you be able to capture videos through your rear camera, but you will be able to take videos through your front camera also. The app adjusts according to the light available in the surrounding.

You will be able to capture videos with zoom as well as a flash while using the app. The app is specially built for Android devices. 

To Conclude..

There are many moments in people’s lives when, due to bad lighting, they are not able to capture a single photo. Especially during outdoor activities that occur mainly during the night, a good photo is a rare commodity.

Not everyone can afford expensive cameras with night vision, but with the real night vision app android and iOS, clicking pictures at night is not a dream. The apps mentioned above are each uniquely good on their own.

Any of them can accommodate you perfectly by letting your flawless capture picture in darkness. 


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