Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

It is very important to advertise your service or requirements to get the attention of the targeted audience. The times are changing where the importance of offline ads is declining. Online ads have taken over and everyone is now opting for the same mode to advertise.

When it comes to posting multiple ads, it’s best to have some software that works in collaboration with posting companies. The name that automatically comes up when we talk about ads is Craigslist.

There are many Craigslist posting software for you to pick and start posting your ads.

What is Craigslist?

Founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, the service is an ad posting platform where you can post in any category like jobs, resumes, house, sale/purchase of any item, etc.

There are numerous categories from where you can choose. The service is now available for people to use in almost 70 countries. 

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The service is useful for everyone who is selling a service and the one who is ready to pay for a certain service. You can contact directly through the email provided along with the ad.

The site is also very much aware of removing any and all bot activity. You will need to sign-in to the website using a valid email to see or interact with any ad. There is also a Craigslist app for PC which you can install on your computer. 

Top 10 Windows software to post ads

The site doesn’t require any money from you to view the ads but in case you want to post one, you have to make little payment. Here are some of the software/apps that you may like to automatically post the ads.

ESC AdPoster

This tool is a feature-rich and comes with multiple functions and is available to download on Craigslist Windows device.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The tool lets you create an ad with the option to edit the font and size of text and also you can add any information that is relevant to the topic.

Once you are done with the design and hit Post Ad, ESC AdPoster will post the ad on Craigslist all by itself. 

CL Ad Blaster

This software lets you post the same ad in various cities at once. You should also not worry about the expiring of the time frame.

If you have given all the appropriate permissions, this tool will repost your ad as soon as it expires. It is one of the best Craigslist ad posting software where any ad can be renewed in only 48 hours. 

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

Developers also provide you a trial version to download and check if it’s any good for you. If you like it, you can make the payment and get yourself the full version of the software.

Auto Posting Software

This tool is a combination of multiple ad posting platforms. It allows you to post classified ads on Craigslist, Facebook, and Fiverr as well.

The ad that you want to be posted is designed by the tool present at

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The ad is designed in a very attractive design and will go in top classifieds. Craigslist Auto Posting Software is a tool that will also renew your ad without giving you any stress of remembering the expiry date or anything.

After posting the ad, you will witness significant growth in your business and it will reach the targeted audience in case you are trying to sell a house or a car. 

Clad Genius

The software isn’t free but the amount that it requires is totally worth it. It bypasses all the security checks and logins that are needed if you are going to post an ad on the Craigslist website itself.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

It also doesn’t need you to create and log in with an email address. The tool also creates an account that will post the ads on social media platforms like Facebook. 

There are two versions available of the software, pro and lite. The Craigslist pro for PC offers multiple functionalities like social media posting whereas lite is the one you can use to post on Craigslist itself. 

Ad Missile

The name says it all. This software lets you post the ad on multiple platforms at once. It is able to post on social media and also to sites like eBay and OLX.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

As soon as you post an ad, there are chances that you start getting calls from your potential audience. As the software is in its beta version, you can get it for absolutely free. In the future, it will be a paid one. 

The software has already cemented its place in automated Craigslist posting and it will actually help you in posting the ad and forget about it. 

Bot Pro 2.3

The software lets you get all the solutions for your ad posting, be it professional or personal. You can make use of this software to reach your potential customers with just some simple clicks.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The software is also capable of posting multiple ads at once without creating a different email ID or even signing in to Craigslist.

All you need to do is download this software and enter the details of your ad, choose the design, select the platforms where you would like to post your ads and you are done. 


The best automated Craigslist poster among many which a business can choose to make sure that the business is present online and people know about it.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

This tool will list all the sites that receive high traffic and will let you post the ad. You have to create just one ad, AdPlotter will customize it according to the site and platform. 

The software is integrated with more than 400 classified ad-posting sites and the business will be able to witness some dramatic growth.


A feature-rich tool that includes ad spin service, renewing and scheduling the ad, creating an account on Craigslist, is one of the best software that lets users post automated ads to multiple platforms.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The software is equipped with OCR tech that is able to read and fill captchas for you. Basically, it nullifies the Craigslist bot claim.

There are two versions of the software, trial version, and pro version. In the trial version, you will be able to create an ad and schedule it. You will also get standard tech support if you want.

Whereas in the pro version, that is $100/month, you will be able to post unlimited ads and the customer support is also enhanced and much quicker.

Craigslister eAssistant

One of the quickest tools that you can get to post your ads, eAssistant will only need the details of your ad and will give you an attractive ad within seconds that will be ready to be posted.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The tool also helps you in creating ads to be posted on Youtube. There are multiple services offered by this tool and due to its feature-richness, it is considered as one of the best Craigslist software to post automated ads.

Quick Poster

The tool is used by a wide range of businesses to make their online presence.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The best use of this tool is done by the startup companies that need to start their business by having a good presence in the online audience.

The designing and creating of an ad are much simpler and anyone can get hold of it very easily.

Benefits of Online Ad posting

Here are some of the benefits that are very evident and are enough to convince you why online ads are the better option.


Classified advertising is way cheaper than traditional advertising techniques. The cost-effective nature of online advertising helps a lot to many small businesses. 

Bigger Audience

Online advertising gives you the option of letting your ad reach a much bigger audience.

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

The ads can reach a global audience and it actually impacts your overseas business significantly. Craigslist post tool is a great tool that helps you in achieving that.

Content Updating

The biggest advantage is online advertising lets you update/change the content anytime you like. This feature could never be an option if you go for advertisements in print media. 

On the finishing line…

These software/tools are the best option to start campaigning for your business to the online audience. You can choose one from the aforementioned list and start working to take your business to new heights. However, there is a drawback of ad posting on Craigslist. It tends to delete the ads without providing any good reason. Free Craigslist posting software might be the reason behind it but the site will never tell you the genuine reason why the post got deleted. 

Post your Ads using these Craigslist Softwares for Windows

Even though it has this drawback, the site works as a wonder when it comes to delivering the ad to the masses. More people are opting for it and it’s actually a great tool to help you reach the target audience.

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