Pro Graphic Design Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Posts Stand Out from the Rest

Social media has easily become a game-changer for both brand marketers and consumers in just a few years. According to, around 3.8 billion people are active users of social media, which is close to half the population of the entire world. With over a billion users, Instagram is in the big league, following closely behind Facebook and YouTube.

The number of users on Instagram is not only a big draw for marketers but also a tough challenge to gain adequate visibility and brand traction. For brands to achieve clutter-busting noticeability, it is necessary to implement a graphic design that carries a punch. Some tips from professional graphic designers on creating designs that will click with your target audience:

Decide Your Goal

It is obvious that given the intense competition present on Instagram, posts will need to have a very engaging graphic design to attract the attention of the target audience. No brand will attempt to reach out to all the users of Instagram; instead, the focus will be on engaging the target audience.

This means that brands will have to accurately define the profile of its ideal customer, the message and the emotion that will be most effective, and the action that you want your target audience to take after seeing the post. Once you can have answers to these vital questions, you will have defined the goal of the graphic design and be able to select all the elements to flow naturally from this point onward.

Determine the Exact Dimensions of the Canvas

Every social media platform, including Instagram, specifies the maximum acceptable dimensions of the images as well as the file formats that can be used. This means that when you are developing a graphic design template for Instagram, you should first verify the dimensions and the allowable image specifications otherwise, any design that you develop may well have the most important parts being cropped out and you will have to deal with the impact on the marketing campaign of such folly.

The message needs to be seen fully for the brand to engage with its audience. You can help to boost the engagement level if you use a social media marketing agency to buy 50 likes on Instagram.

Use High-Impact Visuals to Get the Message Across 

It is very easy for users to miss seeing your post unless it possesses a standout appeal that is normally only possible with a combination of an interesting visual accompanied by minimal text. Studies have established that human beings process the information stored in a visual matter far faster and efficiently as compared to text. Since most consumer action is prompted by their emotions and feelings to the subject under consideration, Instagram graphic designers need to select visual elements that can evoke the emotions that brand marketers want their target audience to feel and act upon.

Typical strategies include incorporating visuals of a pain point being experienced by the target audience, a visual indicating the resolution of that pain point or simply invoking curiosity to make the user click through to access the content. Regardless of the message that is sought to be communicated with the graphic design, it is vital to keep it clear and to the point with visually appealing and creative content.

Follow the KISS Principle

If there is anything that most Instagram graphic designers agree on is the need to keep things as simple as possible. Because often you have lots to say, it becomes very easy to forget that at the end of the day the size of the canvas available for working on is very limited and overcrowding it is a strong signal for users to skip it for something that will not need as much attention.

Boil down whatever you have to say in the minimum number of words, limit your choice of typefaces to not more than two, use large and impactful images or graphic elements, and stick to a color palette that does not involve more than two to three complementary or contrasting colors that are carefully picked for best contrast and readability. The simpler the graphic design iforgot apple, the better it stands out in the clutter and the faster is the message assimilation by the user. This means that even though simple designs are harder to create, they have a better impact.


Most of the tips and tricks to create outstanding graphic designs for Instagram are nothing but the application of common sense and a deep understanding of the science and art of creative communications. Keeping the user as the central focus of your activity will ensure that whatever you do will not complicate the design or make it difficult for him to understand and act upon the message in the post.


Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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