Problems Plaguing The Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone is, no doubt, a great invention. It is one of the most versatile, feature-rich phone, and its vast sales is testimony to the fact. However, the wonder device is not without problems. Several iPhone users have been complaining about issues they have experienced with their iPhones.

If Apple wants to save its reputation, it must take care of the problems plaguing the iPhone.

Antenna Reception Problem

The Apple iPhone suffers from antenna problems. The iPhone has an external metal antenna around it. The purpose of the external antenna was to improve the signal strength of the phone. However, it seems to be doing the opposite. When the iPhone is held in the left-hand gogoanime, with the fingers touching the gap in the antenna band, signal strength reduces. This problem occurs when the finger makes contact with certain parts of the antenna band. When the phone is held in the right hand, the problem ceases to exist, and the signal strength remained constant.

This is a rather strange problem. As the signal strength affects call quality, it is essential to take care of this problem and get it fixed through a firmware update.

Signal Bar Glitch

With reports of the antenna reception problem pouring in from all quarters, the signal bar glitch is a slightly awkward confession made by Apple. According to Apple, the drop in signal strength represented by reducing signal bars is a software glitch and not an actual problem. The formula used for expressing the number of signal bars was incorrect, and that was the root cause of the problem. This is rather strange as it is difficult to understand how Apple programmers messed up this simple thing.

Screen Issues

The iPhone screen has been giving a lot of trouble to users. Several users have complained that the screen often gets frozen and refuses to respond to touch. Sometimes only a specific part of the screen-either the top or the bottom-becomes unresponsive. Often users also find some yellowish spots appearing on the screen.

 Power Button Not Working

The iPhone Power button often becomes non-functional. Even if the button is pressed hard, it refuses to work.

For some users, this problem occurred after they dropped their iPhone. There wasn’t any problem with the button itself, as the click sound of the switch could be heard on pressing it, but it did not manage to turn the iPhone on or off.

 Glass Vulnerability

The glass casing over the iPhone is something that makes the device highly vulnerable. It is susceptible to scratching and breakage spydialer. Although Apple had claimed that the glass used was chemically treated to make it stronger and harder. However, there have been too many users who have broken the glass after dropping their phones.

 Proximity Sensor Problem

The iPhone comes with a proximity sensor that detects when the phone is held close to the ear. The purpose of this sensor is to shut off the screen when the iPhone is being used to make or receive a call. This prevents you from accidentally selecting any option that could disrupt the call. However, users complain that the proximity sensor is malfunctioning, and it often drops calls or dials numbers when users are in the middle of a conversation.

Alarm Not Working

The alarm is a useful and straightforward function on any phone. Surprisingly, Apple seemed to have messed up the alarm functioning too. Users who entirely depended on the alarm to wake them up found themselves in an embarrassing situation where they were unable to meet their commitments or perform their pre-scheduled tasks.

 Camera Trouble

The iPhone camera has also been giving users a lot of trouble. It has been found that the screen goes black when the camera is clicked, and after that, the Apple logo appears on the screen. It is only when the power button is held for some time that the unlock screen appears.

It is also seen that after clicking pictures, the images do not get saved in the camera roll. Instead of the film, a gray outlined box appears I place of the picture. On clicking on that picture, the program crashes and brings up the home screen.

The worst part is that FaceTime is not functioning correctly for some users. This is a severe issue as FaceTime is a prime feature of the iPhone 4. If it causes problems, Apple’s reputation is sure to go for a toss. Users complained that the photos of the caller or receiver often do not appear during video calling.

Email Problems

Email problems are not uncommon in the iPhone. It is often seen that users face trouble in syncing their emails with their iPhones. Also, users are often unable to send or receive emails, which creates a lot of unnecessary problems. Sometimes when a new mail enters the inbox, the mailbox freezes. As a result, users cannot check their letters.

 Dictionary Problem

The autocorrect option that corrects the spellings of words while you type text messages is high. However, there could be times when you want to use some slang or naughty words. The iPhone often ends up correcting those words to the wrong terms. Thus, the iPhone dictionary is a little averse to accepting new terms.

 Battery Issues

The iPhone has impoverished battery life. Even with moderate usage of the phone, the battery power seems to drain very quickly. Now, this can get rather annoying as you would require charging the phone oftener.

If you use the WiFi, Bluetooth, or 3G often, be prepared to lose battery power game Pubg pc. Turning these off when not required can help save some battery power.

WiFi Concerns

Complaints regarding the iPhone’s WiFi not working correctly has been received from all corners. Some users had problems connecting to the WiFi network while others had trouble retaining the system.

This problem mainly occurs due to the inability of the device to locate a WiFi network close by or due to the weak signal strength. Henceforth keeping these things at the back of your mind may help you to get a resolution if you any iPhone issues.


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