Pros and Cons of Magento

Magento, a powerful development company, has been very useful in altering the face of e-business. It has made it easier for people to trade online by just a click on the mouse and the smartphone.

Magento is a huge player in the e-commerce industry, and its many features have helped most online stores increase their revenue and profits.

But, with all this hype Magento has been given, there are definitely some disadvantages as there are advantages.


1. User-friendliness

Magento is totally editable and also very smooth to operate. It contains an intuitive, well-designed user interface. E-commerce requires one to attain and better positioning in the search engines. With Magento, you can modify the web architecture; such as the URLs are modifiable, among other aspects

2. A Huge Users Community

Being the best e-commerce platform, Magento comprises of a variety of specialists who help to develop the extensions and plugins. The forum members for Magento are over three hundred thousand, and a huge number of them are certified developers.

The huge community provides customers with instant solutions to their problems with regard to websites.

3. Mobile-friendliness

Magento is compatible with mobile phones, and hence, makes it easier for you to track your online shop. Most people prefer having a mobile app where they can conduct their sales at convenient times.

With Magento, you can make a mobile site with no difficulty. With this, your customers will enjoy an amazing mobile viewing experience. The mobile app will assist you to increase your sales and reduce the bounce rate.

4. Optimal scalability

Small businesses grow with time, and therefore, they require an e-commerce developer that will grow with them by being able to handle an increased volume of sales and goods.

Most e-commerce developers are unable to handle such growth, which may derail the business’s progress. Magento handles growth with lots of ease from fewer goods to hundreds of them. Therefore you can customize Magento quite easily as it is scalable.

5. It is rich in features

Magento provides numerous features for people to operate their stores. The features include Multilanguage, color swatch, multicurrency, and product types, among others. These features are useful in assisting Magento to stand out among other e-business platforms.

Pros and Cons of Magento
Pros and Cons of Magento


1. It is costly

Although the Magento community version does not demand any payment, the enterprise version forMagento development services is rather expensive, going for nearly sixteen thousand dollars.

When you additional fees for third parties, it becomes even more expensive. Even with Magento being very popular, its charges are a major drawback.

2. Inadequate developers

Being a community with numerous operators and developers, Magento makes it hard to find an authentic developer. With Magento, one is expected to have vast experience and an understanding of its software.

Therefore, finding a willing developer to master all its files and database tables is a challenging task. Even if you find someone to do it for you, they will overcharge you due to the complexity of the software.

3. Poor technical support

When you choose Magento, be ready for unsatisfactory technical support. Their support is overwhelmed with junk as they do not have organized monitoring.

Getting a useful solution from their support can be very frustrating sometimes. As you choose magneto, you should consider this drawback as it can make you lose customers with time.


Magento development platform is an excellent idea if you are looking into growing your online shop. It supports numerous features and allows for scalability to let you develop a fully operative online store.

As you choose a website development platform, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks so that you can be able to select the best one. All of them have flaws. It is, therefore, your duty to find out which platform suits your business needs.


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