How To Solve The Error Of Pubg Building Not Loading

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)” is a battle royale game developed and created by PUBG Corporation and Tencent games and launch of this game in PC and Mobile devices created a great revolution under gaming industry. It is a multiplayer game where players are parachuted to an island where they have to find weapons and avoid getting killed by any other player and one who will survive till the end will be ranked “#1” and get “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”.

PUBG game was officially released in Android and IOS in September 2018 as a free-to-play game. And it became so famous in so lesser time that it became a most played game in just 2 months. It also became one of the most downloaded mobile games with active 400 million players in the mobile version and even most-played video games of all the time, selling over fifty million copies by June 2018.

pubg building not loading

Really PUBG has worked very well on its graphics, this game also received lots of positive reviews from popular gamers and critics but yes it also has some technical flaws which are affecting its gameplay experience. And I am going to discuss here one of the most common flaws experienced by lots of players that is “PUBG building not loading” and this type glitch happens when your phone processor is slow or when your phone has lesser RAM than required by game then such kind of graphical flaws (i.e. Building not loading fix, houses not loading, textures not loading, application working slower) takes place and I will also mention some of the ways to resolve this glitch.


Opening Inventory page:-


The easiest solution to resolve this glitch is to force the game to reload its graphics by using the inventory page to force load the buildings around you. To open the inventory page you have to press the tab button, then your inventory page will appear on your screen which will consist of the list of all the weapons and equipment you own in the current game. And then again press the tab button which will take you back to the game. This forces the game to reload the current graphics around your playing character.


By Increasing Virtual memory of your device:-

Virtual memory combines active RAM of your PC and inactive memory on DASD to form a large range of contiguous addresses for better Memory space. Virtual memory is storing some of the data which is not used recently in your Hard disk of the device. It usually creates an illusion that our device has a very large pool main memory. PUBG consumes lots of memory to store all the gaming resources and keep switching these resources back and forth in very limited time and if your device doesn’t have enough RAM to reach the game requirements then you can increase virtual memory of your device for the better gaming experience.

  1. Open the Start window in your computer and search for “Advanced System Settings” in the search box.
  2. Then open the result “View Advanced System Settings”.
  3. Select the “Advances Tab”, and select the “Settings….” under the subheading option.
  4. Then click on the “Advanced” tab again and click on the Change under the Heading of Virtual Memory.
  5. Deselect the option “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and then manually adjust the custom size and both values to 8000. Now confirm the setting and reboot your device and re-launch PUBG.


Moving your game from HDD to SSD:-

Pubg Building Not Loading

Converting your normal hard drive to SSD will surely help you to solve your graphics problems because SSD’s have increased access time and amazingly fast as compared to normal hard drives speed and as PUBG requires faster access times as compared to normal games because it has lots of graphical resources which need to be accessed quickly. Read more:- Firefox keeps crashing

  1. Install SSD on your device or connect external SSD to your device and then launch Steam.
  2. Click on Steam on the upper left side of the screen and then select the Settings option.
  3. Select the Downloads option then a new page will appear on the left side then choose “STEAM LIBRARY FOLDER” under the Content Libraries option.
  4. Then create a new folder in your SSD by clicking on “Add Library Option”.
  5. Now exit the settings and click on the “Library” option present on the above sub-menu line.
  6. Select PUBG from the settings and select properties.
  7. Choose the “Local files” option from the sub-menu line and then select the “MOVE INSTALL FOLDER…”
  8. Now select the SSD directory which you just added in your library and let Steam move the installation folder. Restart your PC completely and then launch PUBG to check if the buildings still don’t


Upgrading your RAM:-

PUBG is a game that has huge files that require lots of Storage working to store its files. So, upgrading its RAM will always be the better option to reach the game file storage requirements. RAM is the main component in running and loading of PUBG because lower RAM doesn’t allow the game to run on its full graphics as the game will try to skip several resources to save and run the game. So if your Device has lesser RAM then 8 GB, then you should upgrade your RAM because PUBG has some minimum requirements to run smoothly.

Update your Graphics Drivers:-

Pubg Building Not Loading

Upgrading your Graphic driver to the latest one will be the best option to make your game run faster and reach your game graphics requirements. Updating your graphics driver is necessary with time because in numerous cases where previous versions of graphics drivers get outdated which causes the issue because the game you are playing is sometimes optimized for running with the latest version of the graphic driver.

  1. Start your computer into safe mode, use the shortcut key Windows + R and then type “MSC” in the dialogue box and press Enter. Then open the device manager, locate graphics hardware, right-click it and select the option to Uninstall device. Now restart your PC.
  2. So most probably, the default drivers will be installed against the hardware. If not, then make a right-click anywhere on the screen and select “Scan for hardware changes”.
  3. Now just start an PUBG match and check weather graphical problems has stopped and if still it doesn’t give good graphical performance then search online for latest driver for your hardware on manufacturers website and install it manually or just restart your devices once or twice and after sometimes your windows will surely start downloading the latest version itself.
  4. Once you are done by the installation of all these graphics drive updates, Then just restart your PC and I expect that after following these processes surely PUBG graphical problem will get solved.


And if you want to become a professional Gamer then I personally suggest you buy a PC with a Good processor and should have 10 GB + RAM and 2GB + Graphic card.

Because these types of computers will always give you a Good Gaming experience for sure.

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